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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 1 hour, 15 minutes for this day Sep 15.

DML starts off by questioning the integrity of the California recall vote.

He then discusses how N. Korea launched a new missile test.

The crux of the podcast is an interview with Clarissa. Her father, 59 and strong, died on Aug 8. His death followed receiving his second jab.


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  1. I honestly don’t care California is a huge s*** hole anyway so let him get what they vote for they vote for an idiot and control let him have any idiot and let them have control. Nothing but a bunch of morons out there

      • California will always be controlled by Democrats.
        There are so many Democrats that live in California that it will never be flipped. They will do whatever it takes to keep California blue. So the people in that state who want a decent normal life will have to move to a good strong Republican state in order to live a happy free life. You can’t change stupidity.

    • You should care. I am a staunch conservative but i still remain in california because this same shit storm will be coming to your state asap. There is no logical reason to escape the lava flow. Newsom won primarily because the illegal immigrants and Hisapnic American population votednto keep him in.

      We have massive unimaginable illegal immigration thatnis mind boggling. Every month, we have illegal aliens coming in that equate to the population of metropolitan American cities.

      They have a high birth rate and their culture directs them to support socialists. They are mostly ignorant and uneducated; perfect gullible stooges for Democrats. The USA has ZERO assimilation programs so these knuckleheads continue their socialistic tendencies here.

      Heed my words. Arizona and Texas will be the next two states to turn into Democrat run horrors within the next 10 years. I guarantee you this.

      So learn feom Califoenia’s debacle and do what you can to expel illegal aliens and support every cause against illegal immigration.

      • Do you not understand that the GOP there did nothing to stop the Dem cheating? That is what is going to happen in 2022. And by 2024, we will be controlled by the CCP Dems and China moving in.

        This is outrageous that the RNP did nothing to prevent this and I hear almost nothing today about it!

      • Henry I couldn’t agree with you more. If you look at the voting is 2 democrat’s to 1 Republican and only 8.3 million voted. Texas will be the next and I think it will be by the next Presidential election!

        • It’s like that in Massachusetts as well. We’re bluer than blue but the actual residents aren’t even CLOSE to all blue I can almost guarantee we have voting fraud here. I’ve NEVER once been asked to show an ID when voting. They ask my address and last name and which ballot (primaries) I need, as I won’t put my name on either side in the voting registry that’s it.

    • Do you not understand that the GOP there did nothing to stop the Dem cheating? That is what is going to happen in 2022. And by 2024, we will be controlled by the CCP Dems and China moving in.

      This is outrageous that the RNP did nothing to prevent this and I hear almost nothing today about it!

    • That is the beauty of their mail-in voting. There are very few ways to actually audit it. How can anyone prove who did or did not fill in the ballot that is received? One person could steal and fill in thousands of ballots, how can you prove it?

  2. I can’t believe anyone expects otherwise… The elections are the most important threat that we MUST fix!!…without a free and fair election we have absolutely nothing… totally screwed! Did anything change in California as far as election integrity?…Thats a NO…I didn’t hear about it and they won’t stop until “they” are behind bars!! Does anyone really think “they” all the sudden got scared because we are on to them?? The only person I hear putting his money where his mouth is …is Mike Lindell!
    I guess you think it’s China now DML….they are for sure in on it…I think it’s BIG MONEY for sure. I am so tired of conservative news people tiptoeing around being labeled as a conspiracy theorist…Call it what you want…It’s real and it happened no doubt and it must be fixed! God bless Mike Lindell!!

    • Evan, I agree, and I feel like we are shouting into the darkness! Seems ALL of the GOP are evil and corrupt. They are NOT helping us in any way to take down the CCP Dems or the Rinos. Yes, nothing and no one seems to care but we the people.

  3. I have been calling it here for months that Newsom would win. A smallnpart of his cixtory may have stemmed from cheating but not really.

    Newsom won decisively because the Hispanic community and illegal aliens dominate ournpopulation; they voted overwhelmingly to keep him. There was some inroads by Elder to caress the independent wavering democrat Hispanics but in Latino culture, they will cutmoff their nose to spite the face.

    They knew Elder was good for the state but they could not get past their machista childish bias against conservatices and ultimately supportingnillegal immigration was more important for them.

    So let this warn the rest od you in other states. You allow massive illegal immigration into yournstate and younwill have a shithole like us in California.

    • NO I do not believe Newsom won at all! There are the millions of fake ballots. caught a woman with a printer in the back of her car making them. The Dem Party thanked the USPS which committed fraud on Nov 6 again for “putting them over the top” Of course there was major cheating and the GOP did nothing to stop it!! Take a look at this and that is what the2022 will look like. All this stupid talk by the Rinos of how they will take it back, send money…all trash talking. they all hate Trump as they are all corrupt and taking from the taxpayer. We need real leaders to step up but where all those in the states that will make sure the cheating stops. No Dominion machines, NO absentee ballots.

  4. Regarding his comment on 9/11 and air plane parts. Nobody denies that even the conspiracy theorists. Whats questionable is who orchestrated it and how the buildings ultimately came down. Conspiracy theorist or not, one can’t deny that the collapse looked exactly like a controlled demolition. That is a lot of where the CS ist focus on.

    • If you find it go back and find the class room bush was sitting in when the planes hit ! Listen and watch what happens when he heard the plane hit the towers.

      This is what the children said in order Kite Hit Steel Plane . then all bowed down at exact moment the plane struck the towers . never heard it before because of the shock but played it last week and my jaw dropped when I really watched it .

      • I watched and what I didn’t see was a normal reaction from a President that his country had been bombed. There is more than enough evidence now that this was a false flag. NO airplane hit the Pentagon, video shows a drone. No airplane hit hte ground in Pa, our own AF incinerated it! no plane parts or luggage or nothing no bodies…just like at the Pentagon. Too many coincidences. A FF on TV testifying to hearing explosions in the towers right before it collapsed. Many engineers from day l forming a group saying that was a planned demolition. Like all the FF it was the CIA and FBI and DoD that did it. Go watch and Amazon Prime doc called “The Looming Tower”..and you will see how Brennan and FBI lied to Congress. The Special FBI Agent that was following those Saudis was fired when got too close and demanded to have the intel from the CIA and FBI….they fired him. Immediately he was offered a job at the Towers as Security Chief. When the attack happened , he rushed into the buildings to help bring people out, went back in and was never seen again, no body found. Nope they killed him as he would have been a whistelblower! And now the info on Silverstein who bought the buidlins cheap and 2 yrs before it happened took out huge terrorism insurance policies. Why? like ALL the wars we got in the Deep State Globalists –money and destabilization of the world!! They keep us poor by pushing us into all these wars. CIA is the most corrupt anti American agency! They were created by the globalists to protect the Fed Reserve and owners. on and on…we are finally awakened to see they have been doing this for over 100 years to us/ Got us into a 20+ year middle East wars–and they made trillions of our tax dollars!

  5. Well they have stupid voting rules. They do not put republicans who run for any election in ballots they chose to not allow And they can print as many ballots at home for themselves
    I still would like to know why Newsoms name was allowed to appear in an election to get rid of him. ?
    All I can say is I feel sorry for those who can’t have scape that I la e Hut Californians stay there You created this monster now Stay and fix it Even if you gave to use your precious bare hands to get rid of these evil vile creatures It appears that’s what we all are going to have to do on the federal level as well
    👋By the time you read this Even if it stays up Google will change the words to make no sense

  6. I saw on the news where a man went in to vote and they told him he already voted!!! And this wasn’t the only one it happened too…but nothing will be done it nothing else said!!!

    • I was sickened to my stomach to see that NO GOP stopped the cheating again. No GOP Rinos or other legislators prepared to stop this; where are the hundreds of thousands of ‘watchers’ they should have had at those polls and in each county election board? Nope I got an email from the Dem Party thanking the USPS again for helping them collect and deliver the mail in ballots that ‘put Newsom over the top” and that was around 11PM EDT!! It was rigged, and there should be calls for audits and recounts and forensic audits!! I hear nothing from the RNP!! That is what the 2022 will look like!

  7. What will California do about all the issues they had with voting? Folks being told they already voted, mailing of ballots not requested, and letting ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS vote?

    What needs to be done!!!???

  8. Have you ever opened and read a bible? As a former Catholic, I know too well the lack of the use of the bible. It will open your eyes.

    • I was raised Catholic also. As an adult I always wondered why they never used a bible. We had ”mistles”for mass and bible stories but I never saw a bible in anyone’s house. Found it strange. First time I ever saw a bible was a Gideon’s bible in a hotel room. We were taught reading anything that wasn’t “catholic” literature was considered sacrilegious and sinful. 🙄🤦‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️ History is a great teacher. Critical thinking and common sense also helps.

  9. Clarissa doesn’t say what her father was given as a drug but maybe I missed it BUT Dr Bryan Ardis had his father-inlaw walk into a hospital mildly sick and in ten days was dead because the hospital pumped him up with remdesvir which destroyed his father in laws kidneys…I was just wondering if her father had that happen to him?
    That is discussed here about that drug debacle incident and the dangers what hospitals do to us….

    • yes, we need to call our local hospitals and ask what is their covid19 protocol. If they say remdesivir then contront them and notify everyone you can. R is a Chinese made drug that is NOT FDA approved, but for emergency use. The trials stopped because it killed 44% of all the humans. It did NOT stop the virus either. It was given to Trump at the Naval Hospital and thank God he didn’t die!! Hospitals must be sued for malpractice for giving this Fauci-Gates protocol that they gave to these hospitals. Sue them and see what happens! They don’t have immunity from remdesivir!! yes they won’t use ivermectin and HDQ?

  10. Never should anyone ever feel this way, but I’m actually happy I only have a few years left to live! What this country is becoming is sick and I really don’t want to be here to watch this idiocy degenerate into Armageddon! Sad, but predicted long ago!

    • Yes Bruce I agree with you In a way it will be a relief when WW3 comes maybe it will wake up some people but the country is so indoctrinated I feel that there is no hope for some people and a lot of them has taken God out of their lives and when you take God out of America God will not be here for us ! Dennis I feel you have to be more open minded to this NWO because it is true ! and if you read Revelations in the Bible you will know what is happening and what will happen !

  11. God is waking up people for He is coming to get Church soon because this world is going to have Tribulation which will be terrible ! Read the Scriptures and get saved !

  12. Dennis,
    I’m not sure how far we are in the “end of days” but as a Baptist Minister’s daughter, I’ve heard all my life things that have taken place. The confusion, Big Government slowly taking over our lives, Wars & rumors of war, what once was wrong is now accepted (we see a lot of that- I’m only 51) I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought I’d see things as bad as they are! God has been taken out of so much but here lately? Whew! I could write a book just of the last 20 years from the time my children were small! The Bible was written basically on a 7th grade level – it’s not a hard read. I’m a Christian & I don’t have all the answers.., the best advice I can offer is to read the Bible- allow it to speak to your heart & it will answer a lot of questions that you & many people have. God Bless!

  13. Just listened to Clarissa. I am a Christian that also believes we could be in the End Times. We have been allowed to see the total EVIL now taking over America and the world. Many still don’t see; willingly, or because they are evil and unrepentant and God allows the sinner to believe in his own sin. Like Milley, he thinks he is above the U.S. Constitution; the Evil believes nothing can stop it now from taking over the Earth, and Evil may be right. God in Revelation and the bible says he will remove the Christians at the right moment and then Evil will possess the entire earth as they will be NO Christians praying for the world and holding Evil back. The main thing right now is to invite Christ into your life, repent of your sins. and turn you life and future over to Jesus Christ. If you do not, then you will suffer the terrible things noted in Revelation for the Tribulation; 7 years of terrible pain, and death. And you will have to be a martyr to become a Christ believer. But, we are praying that God will give us a way to escape this Evil and give America grace and another chance. He may take pity on us and give us mercy to save America. Pastors like Greg Locke are calling for a national revival and a worldwide revival and turning to the God of the Jews and the Christians! That is our only hope.

  14. DML, Your key story really hit home! My key story is a little different and I think you’ll understand that when you read this. I think you’ll see that God truly is in control. He warns us of consequences of bad behavior, & of bad decisions and he teaches us that he loves us and that he wants us to trust him and believe in his message throughout the whole Bible. We can’t trust in man nor government for our livelihood or for others to have our best interests in mind; only God. Yet we can trust God to always have our best interest in mind & to be forgiving & merciful.
    This summer I went on a business trip w/ my oldest son & his kids. We rented a car. We took a detour to Dollywood for the children. At the end of the day, my son realized he did not have the keys to the car. We looked everywhere on our person, the keys were not to be found. We knew we had the keys when we got to the amusement park. Therefore, we knew the keys were lost in the park. What kind of a miracle of mercy would it take to find keys in an amusement park? We looked everywhere, his children went around and looked everywhere, we called the lost and found, and we called the car rental company to find out what our options were. The options with the car rental company was at least 1000+ dollars. The option of finding the keys was next to impossible. But we prayed, and we prayed, and we looked, and i waited by the lost and found office. After two hours+, the lost and found office called and asked us what the keys looked like. The description matched the make of the vehicle. My son ran to the station where they said they found these keys. And God delivered a miracle. So is there time for Americans to repent and change their ways and recognize God as the maker of this universe and the one that will take care of them? I believe there is! But whatever happens, God is in control.

  15. Dennis, CLarissa is right on the money about what time it is. I also, like you, was born into the catholic relgion, but at the age of 30 came out of the church and never looked back ( I am now in my 60’s). I found the Truth through learning God’s Word (the Bible). God will show the Truth to anyone who truly seeks Him whole heartedly. His Word says not to love this world or the things in it. As far as homosexuality, your heart tells you it is wrong because God wrote all of His laws on our heart, and some choose to ignore that and break His commandments. His Word says it is an abomination for a man to lay with a man, this is why you find it repulsive. We as Christians don’t condemn the person, but we do condemn the sin the same as we would condemn murder or anything else His Word comes against. Love the person, hate the sin. The problem is, people like to pick and choose what is sin so they can fulfill their lusts. God’s Word says sinners will not enter His Kingdom, therefore we must repent (change our ways) and turn away from sin, and sin no more. We have a short time here, make good use of what time is left…Seek God with all your heart.


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