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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is unusually long today, September 16. The podcast is one hour, fifty three minutes and it’s a must-listen.

DML interviews a doctor who publicly slammed Biden on Twitter this week for his vaccine mandates. The doctor went as far as saying he regretted his vote for Biden.

The doctor explains his position on the vaccines and Biden’s poor leadership. But then DML asks the doctor to explain why he voted for Biden. The doctor reveals he’s a McCain – Republican who wouldn’t vote for Trump.

The doctor claims Trump dumped gasoline on raging fires. But when pressed for explanations to support his claims, the doctor sounds as ridiculous as AOC and Nancy Pelosi, says DML.  The podcast speaks for itself.

You have got to listen to this one.  If for no other reason, we have to ask ourselves if we really know our doctor.

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  1. As in Covid, just as diabetes, you don’t die from diabetes, you die from the complications of diabetes.

    My father had lymphoma but he didn’t die of just it. The lymphoma made his white blood count so high that he couldn’t fight off any illness. So he did die from the complications of lymphoma but he had other underlying issues but couldn’t overcome it due to his high white blood count.

  2. The numbers disprove this doctor on how dangerous the virus is and he doesn’t show good judgment with his insane media talking points and brainwashed media opinions!

  3. It’s time for war people! A revolution is the only way We The People can take back our country! It’s time to rid our country of all domestic terrorist hate groups like ACLU, ANTIFA, BET, BLM, Black Panthers, illegals, KKK, LSCD, Muslims, NAACP, just to name a few…It’s time!

  4. This Doctor is not as smart as he thinks he is. He does not make any sense. I have no respect for McCain. No he was not a great person. His pride ment more to him than the American people.Voting no on the healthcare bill.Trump was the greatest President ever!!!

    • True, when Dennis brought up the achievements of President Trump, he seemed to deny it. When Dennis brought the fact that Democrats, liberals, leftists, mainstream media and RINOs hated him on day one, he has no comments and brought just for his tweets and personality.

      • No. The doctor did say that Trump had great policies, but he clarified over and I’ve that he thought Trump wouldn’t keep his mouth shut, heeded to tone-it-downy. In other words, he wanted Trump to be more “presidential” because he may have hurt other people’s feelings. Well, I wish Dennis would have told him that Trump beat Hillary because they were tired of the “presidential” acting presidents who got the country in the sad shape it’s in now! We wanted someone to fight for America and it’s citizens, not someone who kowtowed to other countries and let them run over us! But, the Doc wouldn’t let Dennis get a word in edgewise, because he didn’t want to be proven wrong.

    • Great article. McCain was the original RINO. He was the founder of the Gang of Eight. Betrayed fellow officers in Viet Nam Prison. Eliminating Obamacare was in his control. His last chance to screw over Conservatives. Rest in Peace CROOK. RETIRED Chief

  5. I can’t listen to this anymore. This doctor isn’t a Republican he’s a Democrat in disguise.
    He won’t listen to anyone I would think that he would listen to you , you are the expert when it comes to politics. He needs to shut his mouth and listen to people that knows more on a subject then he does.

    • Same here. After the doctor said if Trump would have kept his mouth shut he would have won, I knew then he was clueless about the election fraud. After that, I stopped listening.

  6. As intelligent as this Dr. thinks he is he is a dumbass when it comes to “other” stuff when it comes to how President Trump ran his Presidency. He is the typical anti-TRUMPER because he hates that Trump stood up to the BS of the leftists and made changes that made this country great and he won’t answer Dennis’s direct question. This is why he becomes the loser that he is because he does what every other leftist does by making excuses instead of answering the questions…

  7. Folks, a rigged election or not, this Doctor is the prime example of what exactly is wrong with our country. Doesn’t matter the education, the profession, race, the background. The indoctrination and manipulated mindset of maybe half the people in this country will be its downfall. It’s unfathomable to me to realize just how many people like this doctor walks among us. Its truly scary.

  8. Unfortunately Dennis, I believe that you became emotional when this Dr would not let you finish your question. I do believe though, that you are right with your conclusion of the pod cast. The Dr. was listening too much to the kool aid of the Media, who protected Biden and went after Trump, The Drs response to the media, was to become emotional, which is what they wanted, and voted against Trump. The Dr and my own family and friends would not listen to rational conversations about the Good Policies that Trump had and did, but voted emotionally for Biden.

      • 3 minutes in after listening to this guy, I understand why he voted for Biden. You can have a MD, PhD, Master or whatever degree and still are dumb as hell…DML just wanted people to hear what a typical Biden voter sounds like. It was tough for me to stay until the end listening to this guy.

      • I agree 100%. You were not emotional. I thought you handled yourself very well. The Dr. was disrespectful to you, he didn’t let you talk and he talked over you. It was frustrating to listen to. I can’t imagine how frustrated you must have been.

    • Yes, my own sister who voted enthusiastically for Trump the first time and is conservative voted for Biden. She was completely brainwashed by the mainstream media and there was no getting through to her.

  9. Dennis. I completely agree with you and believe you handled the conversation appropriately. He continued to say the same thing over and over, but refused to answer your simple question. I believe he did vote for Magoo for the same reasons you explained. I could care less how many accolades and degrees an individual has, if they voted for Magoo, the are seriously out of touch with reality and logical thought. Thanks for all you do and you CBD has done wonders for my health. Both my wife and I have not been sick or even had a head cold since we started taking your CBD, which has been over a year and a half! Keep it up my friend and I will continue to share your/our message!

  10. I’d never be able to trust what this Dr. says. He does not listen. In order to make a good I formed decision you MUST be able to listen. This guy is extremely irritating, rude and belligerent to everyone who listened.

  11. I absolutely couldn’t stand the Dr not letting Dennis talk! And of course he couldn’t answer DML about Trump, that’s how demonRats are, he refuses to even listen…he’s no Republican!!!

  12. Dennis I wish you could have asked the doctor if he realized that a lot of what he believed about Trump was fake news media b*******

  13. This was a great podcast… It just verified that even “highly educated” people fell victim to the mainstream media brainwashing… DML, you showed more restraint that I could have talking to that Dr… His vote was 100% feelings based instead of policy and now he regrets it?? It made me sick listening to his constant interruptions when you were trying to make a point.. Book smart but common sense ignorant…

    • Haha… I couldn’t stand it either. It was so hard enough to hear this guy’s nonsense on top of how he ends with each sentence with a “right”. It was killing me… haha

      • I agree 100% with Dennis. You were not emotional. I thought you handled yourself very well. The Dr. was disrespectful to you, he didn’t let you talk and he talked over you. It was frustrating to listen to. I can’t imagine how frustrated you must have been.

  14. This doctor was so wrong. Would not answer the question about Trump. He didn’t know the answer what was said in Charlottesville. You handled him very well. I would have ended the podcast long before you did, actually he ended it cause he couldn’t answer your question.

  15. Yes, the basis for this doctor’s vote cannot be defended effectively. His vote for Biden was an error. He had other reasons for his vote. And, now he regrets it. I do agree with the doctor that Trump in so many ways, as he tried to explain and you cut him off, was and is a poor communicator and because of his manner of speaking, the tone he uses and his cavalier attitude about certain sensitive issues was fonder for his opponents to discredit him and cause him to loose the election or as was stated in this podcast that 10% of Republicans voted for Biden instead of Trump. The doctor is not as informed about the corrupt politics and media as you. You did badger him. I didn’t appreciate that. And you continued your disparagement of the doctor after the conclusion of the interview. You took political and broadcasting license to do that and that was disrespectful and unfair.

  16. People like that dr drive me NUTS!!!!!! I can’t stand it when someone constantly interrupts and will not listen to have a TWO way conversation. So many people listened strictly to the media and did not listen to what President Trump actually said in many of his speeches. If they would only LISTEN to the actual, entire words spoken by President Trump. I think you held your cool much longer than I could have!! 🙃

  17. So many times on conservative talk radio shows that I had listened to, there were people who would call in pretending to be republicans and would go on n on like this who ever he was. Eventually the radio host would cut the caller off. This guy was definitely a Trump hater. You started to tell him a list of all President Trump had done and it seemed to go out both ears. I thought you handled yourself very well Dennis, but probably had to let off some steam when you were done with that irritable man. President Trump was constantly stressed and the only way he could get out his opinions was on Twitter because the Fake News would never tell the truth. That was a stressful one for me Dennis. Whew!

  18. I’m sorry 😔, that was the most boring podcast I have ever had to listen to !!
    This Doctor, who ever he is, was so Narcissistic and self bloating it was difficult to continue. DML was able to put this Jerk in his place, but I felt sorry for him for having to even carry on any kind of conversation with him.
    Scary, there are so many IDIOTS out there, and this from a Doctor !!!

  19. This doctor represented the typical liberal with TDS. No matter how much good President Trump did for this country he hurt your feelings so let’s vote for a moron who I know is going to destroy the country. Between voter fraud, media and rinos this is why we are going down fast.

  20. One of your very best podcasts, DML. In my opinion, I thought his insights on Sars 2 was good. But this Dr. went off the rails , crashing and burning when he discussed McCain and the ensuing discussion.

  21. Steve Hassan a famous “Cult expert” wrote a book called The Cult of Trump…The book does a great job talking about the workings of Cults but linking Trump to a CULT leader is a big laugh…

    As someone who has studied Cults since 1991 I can assure you this Steve Hassan Cult expert is off his rocker but I can bet that he is ecstatic that Pelosi is using the term “Cult” I can bet…

  22. This doctor appeared rational and well-informed in his line of expertise; medical paradigm. As soon as he stepped into the political realm it was obvious his insight was no better than a first year of college student.

    However, Dennis, the republican party and our efforts must be focused on manicuring and bringing these type of people back into the fold. People who have our insight and knowledge are few and far between. Sadly I believe the majority of Americans hold this doctors same viewpoint and attitude.

    Yes he was somewhat annoying with his remarks in politics and he appeared to be more of a Democrat than a conservative but again, we need to bring these people back.

  23. This was a very intense and focused interview. The political debate was no different than others about Trump hating and TDS. . Many like this doc have been brainwashed by the fake media and indoctrinated by their educators. Very sad. And thus guy being middle eastern has been effected by racism with his focus on slavery which set off his emotion. You were very professional as you kept grilling him to as for examples. You closed the interview very well in giving your opinion about the doctor and his beliefs and opinions.

  24. Now that I have listened to the whole thing. The doctor should still to medicine. I believe the DML CBD that I have been taken has kept me healthy.
    The doctor was very obviously listening to the media and taking THEIR words as truth not what President Trump actually said but the edited clips which were played repeatedly.

    Dennis the topics you have been highlighting and your outstanding interview style are the reason your podcasts are going up the rankings!

    Keep up the great work! God bless you!

  25. What an intense podcast! DML sure does know how to give a good interview..the Doctor needs to brush up on the Art of Conversation. The Doctor was basically a typical Liberal. Hates President Trump, but can’t tell you exactly why.

  26. I tell people all the time – the main difference (at least in my opinion) between a true conservative and a liberal — conservatives view issues through a logical common sense philter with existential emotiinal backgrounds – liberals do the exact opposite — this Doctor sure sounds to me just like a liberal — just saying Mr. Lynch.

  27. I could understand this doctors’ thinking for the medical and science portions, having a scientific background myself, but I could not believe what I was hearing from the same mouth regarding the political subjects!
    McCain was a RINO who had the misfortune of having had been a POW in Vietnam. But he lost the presidential election because he was NOT making sound, conservative decisions! And therefore I didn’t vote for him. This ‘Doctor’ was not thinking logically, and his use of the word, ‘right’ did not make him sound, nor did it give him any credibility or credible.


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