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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 57 minutes for this day, Sept 17.

DML covers an array of stories today, they are listed below:

  • Nancy Pelosi calls the GOP and Trump supporters a dangerous cult
  • FDA in a battle with White House over booster shots
  • The southern border is about to collapse and implode forever as a rush of migrants invade
  • FAA turns off ability for news crews to photograph border from drones
  • WSJ exposes lies at Facebook
  • DML gets warning from Facebook about COVID podcast
  • Emergency BOGO deal for DML CBD


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  1. The Democrats DO NOT care about native born Americans. We mean nothing to them. They want illegal immigration for certain reasons: a loyal base to their party to insure their existence and they want to tear down American and rebuild it to their socialist ideals. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops! I watch everyone of Trumps rally’s and he needs to scream it out for all to hear. America is going down the toilet each and every day!!!!

  2. And when it implodes what will happen this is pure unadulterated destruction of the USA and is treason. TRAITOR NANCY should be the last to hang so she gets a real upclose view of what is coming. And she should be gagged for the whole time she is in jail pending execution of sentence.

  3. The chickenshit Republicans need to start calling the dangerous democrats a few choice names. I would jump in front of AOC and any democrat giving their hate speech to the networks and thank them for coming after I dropped a few names

  4. Aww, Nance, when you have nothing else to defend your actions resort to name calling and attacking. Just like her Daddy. Born and bred Baltimore Mafioso mentality. She’s powerful until she’s not. Can’t wait until 2022 when that 80 yr old’s power trip is reduced to nothing.

  5. Piglosi is one of the most vile, despicable, disgusting evil humans breathing, if you can even call her human,,,,,I’m not convinced she is! They rode President Trump from day 1 relentlessly and they know it,,,he did a spectacular job in spite of it!!!!!!!

  6. Oh how much better things would be if the good guys on 6 jan just could have gotten to her… Remember how witches were treated?? Snap crackle pop

  7. Dennis, you should run for office, you’d be great!!!!! We need more like you, Ron DeSantis, and everything you just said about the older folks on social security did make this country the great country it is, or was until 9 months ago!!!! My blood boils daily because of what’s going on!!!! There are a lot of other social media platforms besides Facebook! How about MeWe? It’s pretty decent!!!!! Anyway thank you for what you do!!!! I’ll continue spreading the word about your news app, it’s great & I listen daily!!!!! Good news sources are difficult to come by, Dan Bongino is the only other one I can get correct info besides your podcast!

  8. If Pelosi continues to make literally deranged comments like the one above, she has to be forced to resign. Now she’s not only accusing Trump of fictitious BS but now it’s the entire GOP and all registered Republicans. I think she wants a 1 party government, which is of course, socialism/marxism/communism. Just my opinion.

  9. If FB Cuts Your throat where are you going? GETTR? Keep your fans posted. We will follow you definitely NOT MotherZucker.
    God bless you DML.

  10. The gates of hell are awaiting Nancy. Not only her but so many more of her ilk. I wouldn’t want to be her on judgment day. I wouldn’t want to be any of them for that matter. Karma is gonna bite all of them in the ass. This is evil on steroids.


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