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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 23-minutes long for this Saturday, September 18

DML interviews an Army veteran from Texas. His name is Dennis and his mother, Linda, died last week.

Linda, who was 69, was healthy. She was also fully vaccinated. But because she had a low immune system she went for the booster. Days later she died.

Her son Dennis tells the troubling story.


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  1. So many things about this story piss me off. First why are the doctors giving a booster and flu vaccine at the same time to immuno suppressed patient? Secondly why the hell are people since testing with these fake test that have been deemed as such? Lastly, the medicial doctors need to be held accountable!!!

    • You are absolutely correct. More questions: Why are doctors not giving medications that actually work? Why
      are doctors not following the demands of the patients and/or their families and in some cases, even the courts orders? Why is the entire system covering up the number of deaths/complications from the jab? Why are they still untruthful about the number of people who have died. I heard of an interview of an undertaker who stated the following. “The number of overall deaths were in line with previous years when covid started. Once the jab started, the number of deaths increased across all age groups”. Why? Covid is real but it was released intentionally. Only God knows what it will morph into. We can not let these evil people destroy us.

  2. When the hell are people going to WAKE-DA-FUK UP and see that the covid virus is the greatest hoax of all time?!

    Yes, it is dangerous to the elderly and immunocompromised just as the common cold and flu is, which begs the Q: Is the covid virus just a new strain of the flu, something that happens year on year, hence the flu vaccines?

    The so called covid vaccines are something else that have NOTHING to do with this spurious virus politically unleashed upon an unsuspecting people’s of the world.


    WE HAVE LEARNED TO LIVE with the common cold and flu, so what is new?




    • I concur to all that you have stated above. This is a man-made disease to depopulate the planet, and obviously they are leaning more towards the elderly to get it because as the government sees it, they are worthless and cost the government with medical, etc., they don’t work, they are useless. Over 1500 specimens that the CDC gave to a group of top immunologists and virologist from Cornell University, Standford and host of other top universities to test it and none of them came up as positive COVID19…what it did come up as was Influenza A and B. When they asked the CDC why they were given these specimens that didn’t test positive to COVID19, the CDC had not response. Pfizer puts in their vaccine “graphenoxide” which can kill people and in which recently a whistelblower from Pfizer stated that they are testing to see how much more graphenoxide they can they can inject to see just how how much the human body can withstand. This vaccine is nothing more than bioweapon warfare on its own citizens. Who is the government to decide who gets to live and who doesn’t? The mfgs of this vaccine have admitted they have no clue as to the long terms effects this will have in the human body and furthermore it changes your DNA to a snynthetic . When are people going to turn off their TV’s as the media is your worst enemy – they are the virus brainwashing people’s minds, and stop reading in the newspapers about the deaths of COVID19. CDC has already admitted a few times that they have exaggerated the number of deaths due to COVID19. If you keep your immune system healthy, which GOD created and gave you, you can fight it just like you can with the flu. If 98% of the people who get it can get over it, why is a vaccine necessary? People who definitely have a compromised immune system should be taking another route to protect themselves, surely not with any vaccine! The media will never report to you just how many people have died from taking the vaccine and the booster and the flu vaccine! That is not part of their narrative to inform you. It is amazing you never hear about people getting the common cold or even the regular flu anymore! This should be your wakeup call as to what is really happening? The common cold will give you the same so-called symptoms as COVID19! But because hospitals withstand to gain money by putting on the death certificate that someone died of COVID19, they will. Medicine is a “money” making business. Just as Cancer is. For every patient that a doctor gets them to take “chemotherapy”, that oncologist gets a substantial kickback from BIG Pharma.Doctors in medical school are only trained how to write scripts (medical schools are backed by BIG PHARMA). A doctor takes a hippocratic oath to “do no harm”, yet they do…it’s all about MONEY! WAKE-DA-FUCK UP PEOPLE! Take your own life into your own hands, not relinquishing to the government in any shape or form!

    • That’s right WAKE-DA-FUCK UP! COVID19 is a lab created disease. I concurr with your statement. NIH was working on this back in 2002, before releasing it to the public. And it was their aim (Soros, Obama, Clinton) to make sure TRUMP didn’t get relected) to make sure Trump didn’t get re-elected so they let it out during the election year. If 98% of the people who get it can get over it, why do you need a “vaccine that kills?” This vaccine hasn’t had decades of testing to see what it does in the human body as prior vaccines like Polio, MMR, Chikenpox, Malaria, etc. have. This vaccine was rushed out the door in three months. Why would you allow the government to push you into getting it in the first place? What has the government ever done “good” for you? Nada. And why would you trust them with your life to begin with? They are aiming this vaccine toward the elderly because they see the elderly as “useless”, they cost the government in Social Security payments, DSSI payments, Medicare, etc. to rid them to keep the money. The CDC recently gave top immunologists and virologists in the country from Cornell University, Standford, etc., 1500 positive covid19 specimens to test, and none of them tested positive for COVID19. Instead they tested as Influenza A and B. When they asked the CDC why they were told these specimens were positive COVID19 and tested otherwise, the CDC wouldn’t answer them. The CDC has admitted a number of times that they lied about the number of people actually dying from COVID19. When are you people going to stop listing to the media(the news which is the deadliest virus of all, brainwashing you), reading newspapers and start connecting the dots here? COVID19 is bioweapon warefare against the people of the United States. What better way to get rid of the population then to poison them? The germans gased the jews; in America your being poisoned for a slow death. Pfizer vaccines kills (they all do) Pfizer puts in their vaccine “graphenoxide knowing full well it can kill people and they plan on putting higher dosages of this ingredient because they want to see just how much the body can withstand knowing full well that their vaccines kill. “If you have to be persuaded, reminded, and pressured and lied to, and incentivized, coerced and bullied, and socially shamed, guilt tripped, threatened, punished and cirminalized – if all this is considered necessary to gain your complaince – you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.” It is surprising you never hear anyone who has the common cold anymore, the same symptoms of COVID19, if the virus advances to the “regular flu.” Or people sneezing or coughing due to seasonal allergies. Nope you must have COVID19! WAKE UP before we are now in the American version of the Holacaust. God gave you an immunity to protect…not with drugs. You protect it by eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, exercise by taking care of yourself, not by vaccines that harm you. Doctors took a Hippocratic oath – “to do no harm”…and yet they are. Medicine is all about money. Hospitals get a kick back from BIG PHARMA for every case they can put on that death certificate saying it was COVID19, when in fact it wasn’t. Oncologists get a substantial kick-back from BIG PHARMA for every patient they get on “chemotherapy.”

  3. A doctors ( sawbones) as well as a lawyers (mercenary liar) occupations are called practices for a reason… it may not be an exact science in the realm of perfection…but then enter the so-called powers that be as well as politicians the game changes again… so I’ll be damned if someone is going to play “ Russian Roulette” with my life and well being. Our Constitutional Republic Democracy is being tested by people who were elected by the people for the people per se… they are not upholding their oaths to the people and our faltering nation. How can this be unless others let it be? Will there be a second Revolutionary War? So be the devil in Washington DC? The left is constantly attempting to rewrite history to their narrative… but the lessons of history are hard won fights & tribulations… All roads lead somewhere and hopefully not to hell!

  4. This covid is a bit more than just a cold or flu, influenza does kill but this virus causes more and longer lasting in many, not all, people. It can cause long lasting heart issues and damage to the lungs in others. In some cases loss of smell for long periods. The virus isn’t a hoax but what is disturbing is the govt over reach and attempts of taking away freedoms, liberties. I don’t take covid lightly but I also take vitiams to bost my immunity as well.

    • I have just got over Covid-19 and it is nothing to be taken lightly! I personally would rather be in labor than dealing with this . I have lost a month of my life due to the China virus. My sense of smell is 50% back but it effects others differently. At least I have natural immunity now.😉

    • The virus is also causing heart issues in the young. I would rather my kid have Covid than lifelong heart damage from the so called vaccine, thank you.

    • The PLAN is to Combine the Flu & COVID Vaccine in one Shot… And So Far There has been NO Advice From ‘On High’ Not to Take Two Vaccines Together!
      The Idea That They’re Telling/requiring Pregnant Woman, & Young healthy People To Take Jab is evil—clearly they Don’t give a Damn! …
      It’s About Money & Power! Keep Your Eyes Open In How They Not Only Discourage Therapeutics for Covid… They’re making people Go Underground to Get viable Meds!

  5. There has been over 45000 deaths of the vaccine in the USA that the MSM wont report. The CDC knows and wont let the American people know all the side effect of the vaccine . There are over 85 of them ! Yes 85 and the CDC knew about them since October of 2020 !

  6. Very sad and unfortunate. But, she did not get the “virus” and infect her relative. When you hear that she got COVID, she did not get infected with a virus from the vaccine unless the “flu” component of the shot was an attenuated flu virus or recombinant formulation. She developed the over-reactive immune response from the vaccine which manifests as a cytokine storm throughout the body and particularly the lungs with pneumonia. From what was said, she went into respiratory arrest then heat failure or she developed blood clots. It’s difficult to say what triggered the cytokine storm, but the fact that she was immune compromised complicates the pathological scenario.

  7. Oh my God, they are giving the flu shot and the booster shot together???? If you want to stay healthy, stay far from these toxic jabs!!! It’s very sad how good people have lost their lives following the advice of a fraudulent, corrupt, and criminal administration with an evil agenda. People have to wake up before it s too late.

  8. I had flu shot along with Shingrix vaccine and ended up with shingles 2 days after receiving. I reported to VAERS but never heard any response that they even received my reporting. I was told by my doctor that it wasn’t possible because the Shingrix is a dead/inactive virus vaccine. When I showed her the rash, she confirmed it was Shingles but had no answer. Then, I was told that it might be because the two injections were too much for my immune system. When I spoke with a patient representative at GlaxoSmithKlein, they reported that they test giving Flu/Shingrix at same time and had no reported effects. Since I had a different Flu vaccine, they suspected that it might be because the two vaccines were too taxing on my immune. No definitive answer–just speculation. I should add that I am an extremely healthy women in my early 50’s.

  9. Once you even suspect you have c-19, you need to start the programs some doctors (the front line doctors for example) are recommending which included drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, azithromycin, zinc and others. Waiting until you are really sick is when the major long term problems seem to be happening to people. But…, Before getting sick there are many doctors stating the key is D3, zinc, magnesium, quercetin , C, etc..
    If you don’t know there are doctors – front line doctors etc who have good information which you can search the internet. Also, really important is to really decrease your sugar and artificial as nothing intake. All that stuff increases your inflammation and sets you up as an easily target for illness.

    • Yes, it’s all about a balanced immune system and reducing pro-inflammatory conditions in the body with proper nutrition and needed supplements.

  10. What a heartbreak so very sorry for this man and his families uneccessary huge loss. May God Bless his mother surrounding her with all His glory as well as comforting and guiding this grieving family


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