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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 42-minutes for this day, September 2.

DML is back in Florida. He discusses the Paul Ryan interview in which the former VP candidate says Biden won the election.

DML also plays a video from a fan named Joey who is 12-years-old. It’s hilarious.

The billionaire George Soros is trying to buy the California recall election. DML calls for 73 million people to rise up!

DML announces he is a speaker at AMPFest.



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  1. Soros doesnt need to throw in money in Calif. i have been in Calif since 1966. It was once the true American Dream but turned into a shithole after decadesnofnDemocrat and RINO rule.

    We have the BIGGEST illegal alien and immigrant population in the nation. They both vote. Throw in the academia crowd, high tech, and Hollyweird. Less than 30% of California are income tax paying citizens. The rest are weed smoking lazy bums.

    No, Soros can sit back. I think scumbag Newsom will beat this recall.

    Look at the Tralfagar Polls. They show Newsome ahead at about 55%.

    • Normally I would agree with this, but I’m a 35yr old who lives in the liberal shithole that is the South San Francisco Bay Area and I know many democrats who are voting to actually recall Newscum. But don’t get me wrong, I do believe demonic Soros will have his hand in this recall. I also think California is starting to wake up. At least I hope.

    • You do have one or two good repubs Matt Gaetz, Mark Meadows. You are right tho, we have a lot of RINOS, THAT HAVE TO GO! Every single republican should be demanding an investigation of 2020 election, because the evidence is there! It was stolen!

  2. Beyond this: “Same thing Different Day” chatter.

    Please do a Pod Cast. On “ Where” is the: … and Justice For All”. In our Bill of Rights/Constitutional Freedoms. Asking for friends!!


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