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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for Monday, September 20, is 45-minutes long.

DML covers and array of topics:

  • Stocks drop, and it’s going to get worse
  • Hollywood provides proof it is made up of professional liars
  • Pfizer gets ready to jab your 5-year-old
  • The death of Gabby and how to keep your daughters safe
  • DML’s Facebook LIVES now being moderated by Facebook?
  • Haitians at the border, Biden lies about deportations. I warned you this would happen.


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  1. These political parasites and higher ups WILL maliciously murder you for profits. The government purposely put Mercury in alchohol in the 1920’s because they didn’t want people drinking. How many towns have been sprayed with experimental pesticides killing entire family’s. The government is an invasive cancer !!!!

    • 100% agree. Doesn’t matter what country you live in, Government does not change. I’m in UK and this government is corrupt as hell, ushering in the WEF ‘Great Reset’.

  2. Sharon Stone comes off very aloof to begin with so I can well imagine she’s quite the #itch! A friend of mine went to Edinboro college while she was there and she thought she was the $hit back then, I have no problem believing this story about her! Who knew hollyweird would go to her head! Go figure!!!

  3. I know how to make every single illegal run home:
    Put your finger on the trigger of a fully automatic M16 and aim it over their heads and squeeze. …….

  4. Hey Dennis, I do not think it will take you very long to build on Rumble. I haven’t watched you on FB in months. I have the DML app, and when I am home I use my computer. If you’re on Rumble, I’ll find you there too. People are thirsty for the truth, and I do believe you were born to do this work as a truth teller. Trust you’ll grow a larger audience off of FB, and shut the door. You’re on a mission, carry on, your audience will find you wherever you go!


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