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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 45-minutes for this Tuesday, Sep 21.

DML interviews Alec Lace of First Class Fatherhood. He is an Uber driver and diesel mechanic by day, podcaster at night. And his podcast is amazing. Alec interviews the biggest names in sports, Hollywood, and news. The discussions are always centered on fatherhood in the US.

He has interviewed Sean Hannity, Tom Brady, Deon Sanders, Mathew McCoughney, and a long list of other notables including DML.

The man’s story is amazing. The stats he offers about fatherhood and the family unit is troubling. DML and Alec speak about saving the family unit.


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  1. A big problem with the Father issue especially when the courts are involved is the courts have people running the system in particular, women, that are men haters and they want to punish every man for their screwed up lives….Also a lot of these people involved in Child custody cases are people that are NOT in healthy families themselves and only know how to deal with these family issues by reading a book and not real life experience.

    What we need in America is an overhaul of the system, put people into these programs that really are good examples of living a healthy family life, understand the ups and downs of relationships and probably older ones who aren’t in their twenties but much more mature in the lives maybe even semi retired in these programs…being directors that run these programs that have a healthy fear of God understanding the place God and the Bible plays a part in a persons world view for accountability…


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