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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 75 minutes for this day, September 24.  This is the second podcast for the day.  There will be no podcast on Saturday, September 25, due to a change in DML’s schedule.

DML breaks out of this normal programming: No guest, no news. Instead, DML speaks from the heart about the status of America and how he needs his audience’s support now more than ever before.

Part of the show is providing an analysis of his appearance on The Megyn Kelly Show. He explains why he did it, and how he could have done better.

DML also answers your emails.


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  1. I mentioned this awhile back. I like the original DML with guests like Harlen. If anything for the notoriety. Back then everyone knew who DML Was, now not as much.

  2. Dennis, you owe no one any explanation. Just like I wouldn’t expect you to go to a medical convention and speak I certainly wouldn’t tell you what you can or cannot do. We have to redo the common perception of the Republican Party. This is something I’ve been thinking of recently. We just had a recall election here in CA. The current top Republican in the House of Representatives is Rep Kevin McCarthy. He IS from CA. Where was he for the last 6 wks? Why didn’t he campaign for Larry Elser? Why didn’t the GOP run commercials? Where were the big name Republicans that could have taken a day to come and campaign for & with Larry? Surely just like Gavin Newsom had Obama, Warren and Bernie cutting TV ads, Larry could have had a catchy jingle but more importantly he needed those in Republican leadership positions to spread the word but more importantly he needed the support more than anything. He got zilch from them. If that’s not pathetic, the CAGOP is even more ridiculous. We should really put in the paperwork and have the CA GOP listed as an endangered species. I’m beyond disgusted with them and with how things are here. CA is a beautiful state, it truly is but there just isn’t any will by citizens here to change how they vote. As an ER/trauma RN I have no plan now or in the future to take these injections. They could offer me a million dollars and I still would not take the injection. I see who comes to our ER every day. I’ve worked this pandemic from Day 1. Our facilities yes have been busy but we’ve never been so busy where we had to put our surge capacity program into action. We plan for this because we are prone to earthquakes, flu, terrorist attacks, etc. Never at any time in the last 18 months have we ever been remotely close to activating that program.

    Every day I see us inching away from what America was and towards what “they” (Democrats) are trying to remake it into something else and that scares the hell out of me.

    • The Republican Party failed the people who supported them..some are all talk & no action..Don’t think the Rinos who are silent don’t have much to hide & are petrified constituents will find out..Many have investments going on with some Democratic Politicians & McConnell’s wife has her business ties with China. We better take off the Rose Colored Glasses before we are all eating Rice in camps. It’s a set up deal & all the puppets fell for it.

  3. Great show with Megyn Kelly. I’ve been listening and reading your newscasts since before the 2016 election, this is my first time posting. Thank you for honest straight talk. If the public isn’t afraid after last night, they should be. The cartels are infiltrating the United States and it looks like we can’t do anything about it. Trump tried and received death threats, where does that leave us? Finally, everyone looks in the mirror and thinks they don’t look the way they used to. I’ve got to say, you look pretty damn good from here.

  4. Dennis,
    After watching your movies,
    Come to America 1-2-3
    ( haven’t watched 4 yet)
    I was moved to tears!
    You have something very very special!
    God is using YOU to help America- don’t stop, please don’t stop!
    I will pray fir you and your family – because this evil around us needs people praying like never before!

  5. People can’t believe that our government (traitors) are destroying our country. They can’t or won’t believe that this is really happening. We have become a lazy country and people think having the government take care of us is great. They can’t think for themselves and common sense is gone.


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