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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 44 minutes long for this day, Sep 24.

DML provides insight into a report from the NY TIMES stating Biden won the state of AZ with 99 more votes than originally certified.

DML says the audit results cannot be trusted, and he blames the Republicans for allowing the lies to fester.


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  1. I knew that they would lie and Biden got 99 more votes and I think Trump got -200 or more, that shows they are really lying, I goes where the money goes

  2. The New York time lost credibility as well as many others long time ago. Is well know that media has been the Democrats cover up for the whole Trump administration and will continue until they destroy our country. Media in the US is well known worldwide for lack of trust asks credibility’s. Won’t surprise me, they are the ones in bed with the Democrats and this administration! The patriots in this country will need to take over the government by force before the country is destroyed, sad to said but don’t think there is any other way. We are losing our country and our freedom!😢🇺🇸❤️

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen prepare to defend yourselves. Lock and load….extra extra extra ammo at all times is advisable. Pay close attention to your surroundings is now required. Be under conviction as life does have a 100% mortality rate. See ya on the other side !!! CIVIL WAR IS AT HAND

  4. How does it feel knowing the terroristic government of the United States has been screwing over WE THE PEOPLE for our entire lives ? This 2 party system is a friggin scam…OBVIOUSLY !!!!

  5. Thanks for covering this…without fixing this deep ugly truth we have nothing! We may as well admit we are under a communist regime. Nothing else matters if we don’t expose it! It will take bravery! I am so ashamed of the Republican Party at large!

  6. The answer remains in the CONSTITUTION and I don’t see any way that we get our authority back Without Violence, they will use Violence against us therefore WE HAVE NO WAY TO GET AMERICA BACK WITHOUT VIOLENCE!!! READ THE CONSTITUTION!!! DO WE NOT LOVE AMERICA AS MUCH AS OUR FOREFATHERS DID ????

  7. Dennis question Now that George Floyd’s estate has been awarded millions can his estate be sued by his victims like the lady that was pregnant for the harm and suffering he caused by holding a loaded gun to her stomach? Could all his victims sue the estate.

  8. Both parties are in cahoots! They aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds them. The ”good old boys club”
    will always do whatever is necessary not to upset the generous apple cart.
    The status quo($$$)is always more important than American”deplorables”.
    Truth seekers are few and far between. 🤯

  9. Sorry DML, this is not a case of a few republicans. Can we finally just admit that BOTH parties are working TOGETHER to destroy our nation? It is time for people to wake up and see the big picture. Step away from the team red vs. team blue paradigm!

  10. I enjoyed your talk! Thank you for all you and!
    Sounds like you don’t think there will be mass arrests. I’m very worried about concentration camps, and the loss of all our freedoms.


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