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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 68-minutes for this Tuesday, September 27.

DML interviews Zandi, a nurse from Kansas who is leaving her job because of the vaccine mandate.

On her way out the door Zandi wants the country to know what is being done to the senior citizens who are subjected to crazy Covid restrictions. She says it’s abusive, DML says it’s criminal.


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  1. These medical centers apparently do not know the truth about the jabs dangers. So education is a mission field. Many Doctors have been getting the truth out and there are many excellent videos available. This jab is to depopulate the world.

  2. Hi, I’m a nurse of 36 years and I did get the Pfizer vaccine back in Dec. 20 / Jan. 21 and then in Sept. this year I did get covid. I’m 61 years old. I agree 100% that it is wrong to force anyone to get this vaccine and I am very against mandating it. It’s a personal choice.
    The reason I got it, and I was hesitant at first, is because I listened to several podcasts and videos from a Dr. Paul Offitt who is an expert doctor. He gave reasonable information and made it make sense to me. After having covid and feeling terrible, but not needing hospitalization, I am very glad I got the vaccine. I’ve understood that I may have gotten a lot sicker if I hadn’t had it. (and it was bad enough). But, honestly, who knows?? That’s why I agree that it shouldn’t be mandated.

    DML it would be great if you had an interview with Dr. Paul Offitt on your podcast, just to show both side of this issue. I completely agree, that there’s so much false and conflicting and confusing information out there and it’s hard to trust anyone. Dr. Offitt was really interesting. I’m not advocating the vaccine, I think it’s a personal choice, but it’s still good to get differing opinions and information.

    Also, I have know people who have died from covid. Mostly older, sickly people. I mean, it’s a real thing, for sure. A fellow nurse in her 50’s with severe asthma almost died. So….it’s all confusing.

    Love you DML!!

    Thanks for all you do

    • I think the reason we got the delta variant, is because so many ran out, and got the vax. A virus wants to live, so it transformed, creating delta. If they would have let it play out, and us get to herd immunity, it would be gone. I am a respiratory therapist.

  3. The last few nursing homes I visited over the years I was so disappointed, I’d been in them many times before. I worked in homes when younger both as an aide and an LPN. What I saw was people that was there for a paycheck, no one cared , no one loved the elders as we did when I worked there years ago. Patients weren’t being fed, rooms in disarray, staff on their phones in the hall, unanswered questions, my fathers care was horrendous !!! I actually SCREAMED in the hall for the supervisor one day ! Dentures on the windowsill ! Skin breakdown, water at the foot of the bed, no bath fir 2 days, fever that no one saw as I entered the room… wait a CNA just walked out !! And you know why ? THEY DONT CARE. And because these places can’t get help, they keep what they have. Few can pass a drug screen ( if they’re even done ) . So I only see this getting worse and sadly more people dying

    • My mother lived in her own home until 90 but had to go to a nursing facility. Going there every day for months I saw what you saw. Young people who were only there for the pay. Don’t get me wrong there were a few older women who did an excellent job and really cared but those were far and in between. These “caregivers” would talk about the patients within ear shot. I had to get this corrected a couple of times because my mom heard them talking about her but she didn’t want to say anything. Obviously it bothered her and I had to pry it out of her and I got it resolved. If my mom had been in a condition to be cared for in her home she certainly would have. But her condition prevented that and she passed away 3 days after her birthday in January 2020.

  4. Truth is…
    most folks who go into a nursing home never come out alive.
    For a variety of reasons it IS a death sentence. I’d rather die at home alone then be subjected to such abuse and neglect. Sad state of affairs. 😰

  5. I just wanted to say I as a can for18 years I worked in California Arkansas Florida and Arizona. Every nursing home I worked in was for the most part the same I was the only one who would fight with administration about working short and the treatment of the elderly, I couldn’t get others to take a stand with me they were to worried about losing their jobs CNA are treated badly as well I worked for the plots in riverside California back in the day they said CNA workers were “ a dime a dozen” not true some of us are very good while others should have been working at McDonald’s. Arkansas was by far the worst when it came to caring about the elderly. They use to make us and the residents get flu shots every year. Or lose our jobs . The elderly would get very sick we lost a lot every winter all administration would say to me I heard this so many times is “ this is a business Cindy” yeah all they cared about was their damn Christmas bonus. I also wired in locked mental health facilities same thing if a person started to get better they played with their medication it still pisses me off this country needs an overhaul for sure

    • Thats horrible and its everywhere. My son and daughter were CNA’s and they same exact things happened where they worked too. They really loved the patients but the people there did not care. My mother ended up at the same facility and we had to take turns being there to make sure they were taking care of her so they really didn’t do anything unless we told them to it was heartbreaking. They both quit.

  6. DML, you are such a great interviewer. As Sandy closes this chapter of her life, I truly feel like God has a bigger plan for her. So sad what is happening to our older generation. We all need to rise up!

  7. This Covid lie has done nothing but make me mistrust Doctors & hospitals as well as all levels of Gov’t. I refuse to go to the Dr or a hospital willingly. All we have now is lying media, Gov’t and healthcare. Doctors are pushing this untested Shot experiment. Thankfully there are a few like this nurse who ARE speaking out with the truth. We need to support the ones who are screaming the truth.

  8. Regarding staffing issues, these homes are all about the $. I’m not saying the nurses are not caring and they have a struggle to get and keep good help. I’m talking about the owners of these homes. The only way to make sure your loved one is getting proper care is to be there from morning to night. Most individuals can not do that. This makes way for neglect and abuse.
    From a personal experience, when my husband was in a rehab/care facility (before Covid) I was with him from morning until night. Had I not been there, his care was minimal at best. There was 1 caregiver, not even nurses for every 14 patients. There was one RN on the floor, the rest were aids. I cleaned, shaved and changed him during the day-I was not allowed to stay with him 24/7. They did not even showered him. They let him go a week without a shower. I raised hell and after that he was showered every 3 days.
    I do feel for truly caring Nurses who have dedicated their lives to care for others. But in today’s world, non-English speaking “aids” are caring for our elderly. Low paid workers for bigger profits. Our loved ones truly have better care at home.

    To comment on Margaret’s post, she was convinced to get the jab. Good for her, it’s her choice, but how Doctors are pushing the jab is exactly why I don’t trust Drs anymore. Those Dr’s are not following the science, they are pushing the jab just like Drs who push drugs. They don’t want a cure. There’s no money in curing illness. There is only money in treating. If the jab does not kill you, according to drs speaking truth, big Pharma has just created millions upon millions of life long customers who will be forced to get boosters because their own immune system has been destroyed by the jab. We have truly entered a very scary and sad time in this World.
    My utmost respect for Zandi and others like her.

  9. DML, you also need to ASK WHY do you need an unapproved vaccine WHEN THERE ARE AVAILABLE LIFESAVING TREATMENTS? You never asked this nurse about HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, ,IVERMECTIN, stem cells , etc . PROVEN to save lives & are SAFE? When we talk about Covid this factor cannot keep being left out?

    • Agree! I had covid and got Monoclonal Antibodies. It changed everything for the better for me. I would highly recommend anyone unlucky enough to get covid to ask their doctor for the Monoclonal antibody infusion. I felt so miserable, then, I started feeling better pretty much right away after the infusion.

  10. My daughter is currently a D.O.N at a local nursing home and the stories are horrifying. Staff are burned out – staff shortage- corporate forcing nursing homes to take in more residents knowing there’s no staff to take care of them- nursing homes being shut down by public health due to lack of care- on and on. Entire staff of some nursing homes walking off the job leaving corporate staff having to work 24-48 hour shifts. It’s all going to come to a head soon. Then what?

    People dying from natural causes without any family or anyone with them. Abuse, neglect, and downright criminal behavior

    • I feel this is simply IN HUMAN all across the board families are being ripped apart and people have GOT to get involved and NEVER back off I have learned this through raising my special needs son i AM his voice !! Great wake the HELL up podcast !

  11. Another great Podcast DML. I don’t have anyone in a nursing home but being in my late 60’s this was very informative. I will share this on Facebook as I have friends with family members in nursing homes.

  12. No. 1. Covid is a virus and not a disease. You can’t irradicate a virus the way polio was irradicated. They will always be with us regardless. Just like the flu, there are different variants and it happens every year. I also read that the PCR testing has been so manipulated, it not only picks up the covid, it also picks up flu, common cold, RSV etc. On another note, my dad was in a nursing home for 3 years. I went to see him almost every day, usually 6 out of 7 days. However, I feel that had I not done that on the regular, he would have not gotten the care he should have. Those folks are underpaid, overworked and honestly, don’t really care. My dad passed away June of 2019 before the covid craziness started. I do know that had I not been able to see him like I always did, he would not have understood that and he wouldn’t have done well with it. I feel so bad for anyone whose family member had to go through the isolation. Those rules were ridiculous and someone should answer for all of it.

  13. School Boards are told that they are personally liable for any adverse events if they take action contrary to local health officer recommendations. All while our governor sits at his kid’s soccer game with no mask.

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  15. If u know anyone living in a nursing home don’t assume their being taken care of because they have plenty of staff looking after them. A nurses aid is given a whole wing an expected to give total care to each of them. It is impossible to do. It can take an hour or more to get just one patients diaper changed, bathed, dressed personal hygiene, lifted out of bed, fed, linen changed etc. staff will cut corners, no bath, no brushed teeth, combed hair, linen change, being fed to fast or not giving complete meal, not enough water and being rough on patient because they need to get to the next room. Patients will lie in their pee for hours before staff checks on them again. When family or friends are known to visit regularly that patient will be given extra attention. Staff would remind each other to check on so patient because family may stop by. I’ve told my children if I need to be in a home all I ask is that they come to visit, even if just for 5 min. I may not know who they are from dementia but I do know I’ll be taken better care of. If u know someone who is in a long term facility, drop in and say hi. It only takes a minute but will make all the difference in how that patient is treated.


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