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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 52-minutes for this day, Sep 29.

DML speaks to Lt. Col Tony Shaffer about the demise of America under Joe Biden.

The conversation covers many things including election fraud, testimony from Gen. Milley, the possibility of President Kamala Harris, and what we can do to save this country from falling to its knees.


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    • No impeachments. Direct TREASONOUS felony criminal indictments are needed ASAP.
      All guilty co-conspiratory perps including federal/sate government and military and complicit private industry-contractors and media/ Wall Street/Investment bank sector…prison terms and personal asset seizures

  1. We need to get rid of this administration and all the actors in Congress and the Senate who is going along with destroying this great nation! STOP 🛑Socialism/Marxism/Communism!!!!!!

    • We need to split the country there is no getting along with the other side anymore. They’ve lost their minds. Socialist freaks on one side morals and values on the other.

  2. Go after Pelosi first, recall her get her out. Then clean house with the President / Vice President , down to Schumer .
    Reinstate Trump until a fair election can take place .

  3. Btw i work for Pratt&Whitney which is now run by Raytheon, a massively woke defensive company. Raytheon is forcing all to get the jab by jan 1st. Shit makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Absolutely do not get this injection. I am an ER/trauma nurse and I can’t even begin to tell you what we are seeing in the course of our 12hr shifts with respect to patients coming in with symptoms directly related to this injection. Do whatever you can legally. File for either a religious exemption or medical exemption to prevent you from getting this injection.

  4. Love listening to your podcasts and totally agree with everything you have to say. However we need a platform and you would be perfect along with other people like Hannity, Ingram, Mark Levin, Tucker, etc you should all organize major protests throughout the country and the American conservatives need to get out on the streets and protest …what is happening to our country is despicable!!! We can not just talk we need to show up in numbers because action speaks much louder than words!!

  5. Gosh he is saying everything I have been thinking. Sometimes It makes you feel better and less alone to have your thoughts and feelings validated! Please stay strong everyone and keep standing up and fighting back!

  6. will take a people’s revolution to kick out impeach all the Biden Administration and many radical Governors and Mayors or will will never have our country back

  7. School safety is extremely important
    Why not focus on that, this is our future generations why don’t they want to teach them for future


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