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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 75-minutes for this day, September 3.

Tiffany Justice, the co-founder of Moms For Liberty joins DML to discuss the radicalization of school boards, and how the education system, teacher’s union, and media are hurting our kids. DML and Justice dive deep into a conversation about the forces who are pushing for mandates and the race-baiting CRT curriculum.

The very informative and engaging discussion covers the harm of wearing a mask in school, overblown COVID concerns and how they impact school safety procedures, and the nuances of CRT and it’s harmful impact on young kids.

Justice and her country-wide group of passionate parents are fighting back. Information about how you can do the same is revealed. Therefore, this is a podcast every parent and grandparent needs to hear.  Also of interest, DML tells the story of his 12-year-old daughter, and how he is struggling with the mask mandate at her school. He wants to be louder about demanding her school drop the mandate, but shares concern about the blow back.


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  1. Thank you DML! An avid follower, but don’t get on very often…I.HO, THIS podcast with Typhany Justice is the most important one you’ve ever done!

  2. This is what happens when snowflakes and shitheads and butplugs get in charge Time to flush butthole Marxists out of schools and office!

  3. Very informative session. Thankful for Tiffany’s efforts to impact school districts & community with common sense responses to govt overreach & propaganda in and out of schools.

  4. Explain to me why u wear a mask in a restaurant and sit at ur table and REMOVE it, and schools won’t allow kids to wear a mask to their desk and REMOVE it???????

  5. The Teacher’s and staff all met on Tuesday in the school gym. My grandson has several picture’s of them all sitting next to each other and only 4 wearing a mask out of the 90 plus being present!!! School started the next day and every student had to wear a DIAPER [Mask]!!! This was at the high school where the pictures were taken, but even the K-12 are required to mask up. Both of my Grandsons had the virus in April along with the parent’s. They have antibodies that protect them. They have all been taking Vitamin B12-C-D-ZINK & ELDERBERRY. One grandson is in 10th grade and is special needs, the other is a 12th grader. High school should be a time of fond memories, sadly not being allowed to see your fellow classmates face’s, no dance’s, no graduation event’s!!! My grandson cannot wait to get out of there. He goes to the Tech Center for Diesel class for half the day. There is students there from 20 other School’s and NO ONE WEAR’S A MASK!! So how does this make sense, half the day with a mask and half without. This POWER HUNGRY school needs to stop!

    • Refuse to pay city and county taxes period. If everyome did the same they cannot arrest y’all. Mine are up 16% this year. My pay isnt.

      We need to start making every level of government work for our votes.

  6. Excellent podcast today very informative and proactive it is awesome that it is spreading like wildfire planning on visiting site to see and do more . Thank you Tiffany and Dennis !!

  7. The bullied are now the bullies, with our defenseless kids. And in their sick twisted liberal brains they are craving more, cause they feel they are backed by an illegitimate fucking moron puppet. It really boils down to what side of the fan you stand when Shit hits it.

    • The slightest hint of push back and Slapper Nancy will have Obamas Felons Fags And Freaks units of the military on the streets using the insurrection act. She cannt wait to sit behind biden at the SoTU speech and tear up the constitution.


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