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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for September 4, 2021, is 48-minutes.

DML is joined by combat veteran and congressional candidate Joe Kent.

Kent served in the military for 21 years, and he participated in 11 combat missions. His wife, who also served in the military, was killed in Syria during the withdraw. Kent is now running for US Congress. He lives in Washington State.

The discussion between DML and Kent starts with the events in Afghanistan. Kent provides a haunting, detailed analysis of what the 13 service members probably thought to themselves at the moment they were killed.

The most concerning part of the podcast is when Kent reveals the reason why the military is going woke, and how the top brass under Biden are using the mandatory COVID shots to weed out conservative service members.


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  1. Well, I’m a contractor working at a military command. Sorry to tell the SECDEF I know Democrats that work with me that are black and won’t take it.

  2. I will go further. I think a fully converted woke military will be used against Americans.

    I can see a day come where a woke leftist military would follow illegal orders and hunt down “angey white people”, anti vaxers and conservatives.

  3. Weed out Conservatives? I’m a Conservative, my family are Conservatives, friends and colleagues all conservative and we’ve taken the vax. I don’t get folks trying to make anti-vaxers a political party affiliate😏

  4. Yes they are working towards taking America down! I would never make it as part of the top military brass- if given an order to do what we did in Afghanistan- I would absolutely not carry out those orders and do what was right regardless of the consequences. Right is right. Wrong is wrong!! It’s not about being a conservative or not it’s about what’s right! The top brass have no balls. They were all operating under a different agenda

  5. Americans need to stand their ground. Fuck Biden & his administration! They are tearing our country to shreds. Enough is enough!!!!

  6. All the new people coming in and 9…11 coming up.. Our Heavenly Americans and other countries…sadness is hard…
    Lots of things are going to hit America…I feel it….something big is on the rise.


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