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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 24-minutes for this Sunday, September 5.

Typically, DML does a podcast segment called “The Crazy Left.” But after doing a Facebook LIVE on Sunday morning, DML decided to answer emails instead.

This podcast includes information about the DML NEWS APP update.


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  1. If Trump is elected again, can he be President for 8 years, seeing as he is already been
    president for 4 years, or a total of 12 years ?

  2. Hi Dennis,
    I couldn’t help but envy your porch and beautiful view! WOW!! I can understand why you love Florida so much.

  3. Trump knew they were going to try and steal the election. It’s why he was vocal about not doing a mass mailing of absentee ballots. I think Trump did everything he could to fight against certifying the election. There was too much stacked against him.


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