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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for Labor Day, 2021, is 40-minutes.

DML steps away from his normal podcast style to deliver a lesson for his listeners on this Labor Day.

The focus of this podcast is teaching people how to produce and deliver powerful Walk & Talk videos of their own.

It’s a great step towards using Facebook to challenge the biased and fake news networks.  The DML NEWS APP is competing now with the big media networks, and so we need you to get more involved.  We can win the battle of messaging.  Such an important podcast.  Be sure to download the DML NEWS APP.



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  1. I joined a group for Voter integrity and am calling and researching names of voters who voted but were dropped from the voter rolls after Nov. 3, 2020. I encourage everyone to search out groups in your states and join Groups who are working on Voter Roll Integrity.
    An example just yesterday’s search, Out of about 10 people who were dropped, 1 died 3 months before the election. Many more moved long before the election and no longer live at the addresses listed on the voter rolls.

    • I hear you…I lost my dad in ’01, my daughter in ’19… both had repeated issues in voter registry being removed in spite of presenting death certs
      My daughter….
      Also kept recieving “stimulus check/debit cards” from #46’s push for HELP THE RECOVERY program
      I contacted ppl regarding this in efforts to quash someone getting it and in essence, stealing the money. I got the first installment and destroyed the card after reporting it
      Whether her “roomie” received anything afterwards no clue but, daughter was definitely issued these entitlements in stimulus.
      I find this soooo frustrating that in spite of providing the required documentation that this STILL goes on
      I’m still watching for voter registry on my dad as well as daughter in these opportunities to falsify voter use aka voter ID abuse
      We’ve all gotta get together and get this stuff OUT AND ERADICATE IT


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