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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 72-minutes on this Tuesday, September 7.

There are roughly 2.5M children — many of them Americans — being trafficked in the US each year. It’s insanely bad, and the podcast today provides an insider’s view.

DML interviews traffic victim Andi Buerger, a survivor of trafficking and abuse. She details what is happening to our children across America, and yet the media ignores it all. President Biden is providing safety to Afghan refugees and yet what is he doing to help American children — DML is outraged!

DML is brought to tears during the interview, and he donates $8,000 by the end of the interview to Buerger’s organization.

Please listen and share:

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  1. Listening to this podcast was not easy because of the subject matter. But this is why I downloaded your app Dennis. The issues facing America need to be explained and understood before they can be fixed. I hope that when Gov DeSantis runs for president that you consider running for his old spot as Florida’s governor.

  2. This is not new It was reported years ago they Pelosi and Hillary And Waters all are the child sex trafficking group plus by now more of them.
    And yet not one of those people have ever had justice served upon them
    They make sure that abortions are on demand They make money off the body parts Democrats have always made programs to kill all blacks off And they get and added bonus with white women. That’s their way of killing off America Think ! They have killed 69 million American babies. Brought in over 69 million illegals Now they are killing the elderly in the open. They are pushing for their useful idiots to kill white people Oh ! Those of you who think your color will save you Think again ! You have always been their targets They know they can control you and give you trinkets to get you to do what they want You will surly be removed as well You see you get the most welfare and everything else. Every program they made for you is to control.

  3. The Washington politicians who open our borders and invite the Dreamers to come here, know full well many of those children will be forced into the slave trade. They either have no soul or they are benefiting from it financially. I suspect both is true. This is an multi-billion dollar industry. It is unlikely that the human trafficking Industry can get such a perfect storm for getting new product each year without greasing some very powerful and influential palms in the US Government.

    • You 100% right. This type of activity has a lot of wealthy people in a lot of high places that continue to make it happen. There was a Georgia state Senator and her husband in 2007 or 2008 that were killed because she was going to out the child protective services across this country for being in the activity of selling kids. Of course the powers that be said it was a “murder suicide” but anyone who knew the senator and her husband said that wasn’t possible.

      We have a lot of sick, twisted, disgusting individuals in our country who prey on children all the time. You can’t rehabilitate these type of people. It’s impossible. The only sure fire way to make sure they never, ever reoffend is to give them the death penalty.

  4. Binden’s mind is almost gone we need to start looking at who is behind all of this madness. They are the ones running the country and of course just want to destroy our government our democratic way of life, our liberty and of course they hate this country as it is and want to replaced it with a communists government. Now is up to the American citizens our patriots to take the US back and fight to prevent it from happening. Next elections are way to far just think what this administration had done in 7 months. The 2022 elections still are way too far, just imagine the damages that can be done in another 14 months.🇺🇸❤️🙏

    • Fight ! Are you willing to lay your life down for the freedoms you enjoy Or ? Do you just want to do what someone else wants you to do. It’s time Either he be a free American or get out of the way and stay in the pasture Dennis knows nothing more than you should know. Waiting for Trump to rid us of our problems while we just read others thoughts is why we are in this mess We each have a responsibility to be free thinking Americans. A right that regime wants gone He can’t take our rights to get rid of them all. We are the power
      Wake up people America is sinking
      👋Warning any Of us who speak out or even try to stand for our rights are on the governments kill list. And Google tags is A lot of us have already been eradicated Pay attention It’s all there for you to see Not in the boob tube
      Just so you know I am willing to die for God and family and country.

  5. DML,
    Thank you so much for taking time to do this interview and bring this to people’s attention. It’s a sobering topic and so many people are so unaware of what is really going on in our country and all over the world. What is happening to children is so tragic and painful to hear and see. I hope you can continue to keep this on your list of topics to revisit. People need to hear this until they get uncomfortable enough to demand change. Also, please inform others to check into local organizations that are fighting human trafficking and get involved by donating or volunteering time and supplies, etc.

    Lastly, is there any way you could shed more light on HOW exactly this is happening in our country? Some have theories about rich, powerful, and elite figures who are enabling this (celebrities, politicians, CEOs, lawyers, BigTech, doctors, judges, etc). I’ve heard theories about kids trafficked in underground tunnels all over the world and also theories about why certain NGOs go into poor countries and islands and build ports (to bring in children and adults). It’s an issue that needs to be investigated. Pres. Trump was doing the most of any president to combat this crisis. Of course, it didn’t get any attention in MSM.

    It shows you where our country is with its moral compass. Shame!! Everyone should be outraged and grief stricken over such news. May the Lord have mercy on the modern Sodom & Gomorrahs of our time. This will not go unjudged by any means.

    • The ship evergreen that was pushed onto the sandbar at Suez Canal was loaded with what authorities called animals, mostly “sheep”, many have perished. Just what the he!! do you think they were talking about?

  6. OMG listening to this made me relive my own experience of being in foster care and being ripped out of my bed every night by the “father”. Their youngest daughter even tried to kill me twice for “stealing her daddy’s love”

    Signs will include recoiling from an adults touch, or possibly being too clingy to a certain adult it all depends on how it affects the child.. Some children are destroyed by the abuse and some crave the abuse because they’ve never known anything else they may have been told that’s how you’re supposed to show love…

  7. OMG listening to this made me relive my own experience of being in foster care and being ripped out of my bed every night by the “father”. Their youngest daughter even tried to kill me twice for “stealing her daddy’s love”

    Signs will include recoiling from an adults touch, or possibly being too clingy to a certain adult it all depends on how it affects the child.. Some children are destroyed by the abuse and some crave the abuse because they’ve never known anything else they may have been told that’s how you’re supposed to show love…

  8. Yes knowing that the predator is no longer on this earth is the only way to find a way to move forward, I recently ran into the daughter that tried to kill me at a mental health treatment center and I remember the moment I saw her I had the most intense panic attack because I didn’t know if the dad would be picking her up or not… I was very blessed that she isn’t mentally fully there because she didn’t remember me.. I was 5 years old when I lived with them.. I was 40 years old when I saw the daughter again but I felt just as helpless as my 5 year old self. I suffer from disassociated identity disorder because of the extremely traumatizing abuse. And I was told it was my fault… that I was just too beautiful for him to control his actions. The oldest daughter is who saved me she told the case manager on my cps case

    • 😳 OMG Barbara, I am SO sorry to hear you had to go through that trauma and abuse! SO glad the oldest daughter spoke up and got you out of that situation, even if the youngest didn’t! (Or maybe didn’t understand all that was going on?). Glad you are still in treatment and getting the help you need and the youngest daughter, too! Wishing you strength to keep dealing with this and the best life has to offer you!

  9. So what’s happening to the unescorted children at the southern border?
    Are they being trafficked by the leftist elitist? I bet all the scumbags are having a heyday with all the undocumented children who are disappearing daily. Karma is a bitch I hope they all pay.

    • Hundreds of children are missing from border facilities. Over 700 and counting that just disappeared. I think rotten border patrol agents are working hand in hand with these ba$tards. Their are towns that they are being bused into in the middle of the night and there are vechicals waiting and they line up the kids and the ba$tards get out and choose one, two, three. Pay the man or WOMAN and drive off with their victims never to be seen again!!!!! There are videos of these pick up places made by citizens of the town’s.

  10. DML there’s a book by Cathy O’brien. Transformation of America. She tells this same story. It is very eye opening on just how world wide this problem is. She writes about presidential abuse of herself and her dtr. It started with her parents

  11. To be honest here, it’s my opinion there are a lot of high profile people involved. How else does this go unseen? Your can report what you see a child like myself can even tell. I grew up with cps involved in my life most of my childhood. When I spoke out and I had the courage to say enough is enough at roughly 15 my mother let this man stay in her life even after she appeared to have frustration with what I went through she still stayed with him. I was 15 when my mother caught the act taking place I was a whore and when you have your siblings saying the same thing is hard to cope it’s hard to understand when your alone and you think there are no saviors in your own story. I thank God I had two men in my life who didn’t know me, but they knew what was going on and they knew it was wrong. They saved me they have me a safe bed to sleep in where I wasn’t touched and I could sleep without concern or worry. Even though all they could do was chase him off and yet I was still stuck with my mother my predator was no longer around. I wish I could find those two men today and say thank you for standing up for me. I keep both close to my heart my oldest son carries both their names because they saved me. they gave me a better understanding for trust. Not all teenage girls are just promiscuous some of them are damaged from acts like these, and society doesn’t know to ask the trigger questions. At the same time an individual needs to know your serious about getting them the right help. We need to help these victims to understand it’s not their fault and they can grow to live happy healthy lives with healthy relationships. Each day we grow we heal and it’s easier when you have someone willing to listen and help you through the recovery

  12. We are awake Dennis.. this trafficking stuff is a huge money maker, and many politicians, business people, judges, law enforcement… have been paid off .yes, our country.. remember Pres Trump put in a law that these people when caught ..their crime against humanity.. would be death.I can’t beiieve you did not know this!But, now that you do.. spread the truth.. cause people will listen to you.


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