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BURNS, OR – Ammon Bundy (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 80-minutes long for today, Sep. 8.

The controversial rancher and family man known as Ammon Bundy is now running for governor in the state of Idaho, He joins DML for an exclusive interview.

Bundy, who served time in prison despite being an innocent man, tells DML his story of battling the government over the past 8 years. The details of his prison stay are haunting.

Bundy reveals why he is running for governor and why he’s been in hot water with the feds. Plus, he explains his latest arrest and why he won’t wear a face mask.

Like Bundy or hate him, you should LISTEN to this very interesting story of survival and standing firm when fighting for what you believe in.

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  1. I watched when things went south for Mr Bundt, hurrah that he’s running for office. It was so unfair what happened to him.

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  2. I live in Idaho and I’m no fan of Brad little and think the Bundy family was unjustly targeted by the Obama administration. Sorry Ammon Bundy but you are not the right person to lead Idaho.

  3. Mr Bundy is absolutely the right person for Idaho if Idahoans want their constitutional rights to be upheld. The Bundy’s and Lavoy Finicum were targeted by Obama and his tyrannical administration for not complying with the overreach of the federal government and look what happened to them. They assassinated Mr. Finicum, open fired on the rest of them and so many other treasonous acts. Look what’s happening in our beloved nation and all over the world! We are getting a bitter taste of losing our freedoms right under our noses and what are we doing about it?! The Bundy’s have stood up against the feds and eventually “won”. Why wouldn’t you want someone like that to be a leader in your state???

  4. One more reason I’m mad with Trump. He released criminals, like his white collar crime friends, but not
    Snowden, or the Wikileaks guy, and now I find this guy also another political prisoner! We have to take back our country and throw out the Dominion machines and arrest the owners and executives that created this cheat machine! Trump could have confiscasted those machines and ordered them arrested but he did NOTHING before he left office. Now he collects hundreds of millions of dollars and has done NOTHING to help the Jan 6 patriots locked up illegally!

    • I do believe Buddy was falsely convicted. But the crap you are spreading on Trump is wrong also. People forget all the great things Trump was accomplishing for our country and want to be negative on him any chance they can. I am sorry President Trump may have not been perfect but are you? You ought to be a little more grateful considering the country we have now and getting worse.

  5. I had the honor of spending time with Mr. Bundy, Mr. Finicum, and the rest at the Malhuer Refuge in Oregon in 2016. This experience was a paradigm shift for me and many others as we got a glimpse behind the illusion that Government is ‘for the people’. We are currently purchasing property in the state of Idaho and will absolutely be casting vote for this man of the rarest caliber and character.

  6. Someone please tell me how you win freedom without bloodshed….our government is not run by the people as it was clearly outlined in this podcast….seriously, call your congressman…really????? There is not one media outlet that with say fight that’s just the way it is. I’m a Christian and know that God says “vengeance is mine” however, no where does the Bible say to surrender to tyranny! Our own military is run by wokeness people….please, give me a break.


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