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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 38-minutes for this day, Sep 9.

DML tackles two topics:
1) Biden about to set terrible vaccine mandates and suggestions.
2) Afghan refugees now using Ubers to flow around town instead of being watched during vetting process.


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  1. This administration is the most corrupt incompetent I have ever seen that I have to believe this is intentional. Evil comes in many forms and they are evil to the core.

    • I was just thinking the same this morning. There is no way this isn’t and hasn’t been intentional. It’s almost like Biden is showing the world how corrupt our government is so we will DEMAND (as if we haven’t been already) that Trump be placed back in his rightful position as leader of the free world!

    • It is definitely intentional and all by design. They opened the southern border hoping those who got in on the “gravy train” would stay loyal at election time. They let them in for to sway the votes their way since their other ways of cheating have been shut down.

      When there was a legitimate refugee situation in Cuba they refused to take in any people. Why? Because they were coming from a communist regime and they knew they would be conservative and vote Republican.

      They are in China’s pocket and are trying to destroy the heart, soul and values of the country. If you care about keeping your freedoms you will stand up against the tyrannical government and not comply. They aren’t for freedom and are no longer pretending that they aren’t socialists.

      For too long Americans have been passive. We trusted too much, allowed too much. Now all we do is pay endless taxes for expenses that We the People don’t even want. It’s money laundering 3.0. Enough is enough!

  2. As crazy as biden is about the vaccine and quarantine… one would think he would have them all quarantined until tested, and then vaccinated. But I guess that only applies to the rest of us. Idiot.

  3. Gather up all these refugees and send them back to Afghanistan or wherever-stan…just not here.

    Us Americans already have a flood of covid super spreaders, child molesters, drug mules, gang members and welfare suckers coming across ournsouthern border. We dont need terrorists, welfare users, america hating islamists and pedophiles from A’stan coming here.

  4. I’m done, everything I said in 2020 has come to fruition! They can all kiss my ass! I will not comply! And I know many other who won’t either! Biden is on his way out! The American ppl see who he as well ass Fauci! He got caught lying to Congress, arrest him and charge him with crimes against humanity and go after the pharmaceutical companies because there complicit in this charade also!

  5. Worked from home for 15 months. Went back in May. July was delta variant and then in August RSV. Neither were life threatening thanks to DML CBD. But your immune system still needs practice.

  6. No way am I cowering down to this evil regime!!!! Obiden, obummer, piglosi, shitshumer and Kamelcakler ALL need to go to Gitmo. They have committed more crimes against the Americans & humanity really! Screw them……make me bitches!!!!! I’ll give them a run for their money!!!!!!!

  7. 1. It’s not like the shot works…we know, they know, they know that we know and we know that they know that we know.
    2. If you mandate it to the private sector, you had best mandated it to everyone in the white house and anyone that gets a government hand out if we are playing that game!
    But ultimately, I believe it should not be mandated and it should be a persons choice to get it.
    3. Anyone really surprised at the refugees are not getting properly vetted and are allowed to run free and probably not vaccinated. Why aren’t they mandating the vaccine on everybody that is coming in here illegally or as a refugee?

  8. The Covid 19 vax only has a 43% efficacy rate which means 57% are still vulnerable to any covid or variant
    With a survival rate of 99.96 at 67
    So no thank you I will take vitamin c and zinc and HQC or ivermectin
    Screw BIDENs declaration.

  9. At this rate the enemy may do it for us! Just hope they are all there if it happens. Fill our country with those who hate us and…. wait for it…💣🤯

  10. Why as an American are we allowing this ? We’re sitting here we know that Dr. Fauci is a pathological liar but we’re still allowing him to control our lives. Why are we not contacting our representatives and say enough is enough put Biden back into the basement?


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