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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 90-minutes today.

DML covers the following:

  1. Trump, and why announcing his 2024 run before midterms would be a mistake
  2. DeSantis suspends Soros funded state attorney, and comments about a run for 2024
  3. Russia gives WNBA player 9 years
  4. Biden admin provides terrorists access to US
  5. DML rants about what he would do about Russia and Mexico
  6. DML plays clips from King of the Hamptons, and King of the US
  7. DML offers explanation about big changes coming with DML NEW APP, DML Podcast

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  1. NO! STOP with the announcing for the run in 2024! That means he Conceded which he has NOT!
    Everyone stop with the let’s move on 2022. If you do not fix 2020 you will never have fair elections! You MUST get rid of mail in and the machines. Wake up!!!! The primary’s mean NOTHING!

    • Waw right on, we all now that we have a fake pos in the White House but the problem is there is lots of republican garbage went silent on 2020 if all the republican said no we would have trump still But there is lots of Judas in the Republican Party

    • Nancy, I agree with you!

      DML, I have a question that I have asked on here before, and never got an answer to! Not blaming you, but WHY is it that every time I listen to your Podcasts which I enjoy immensely, they keep cutting off??? I have to enter my PIN number to reaccess your program and Podcast! Am I being censored by Facebook or what??? This happens even when I have my cell phone plugged into a power source!!! WTF??? This is SO annoying it’s unbelievable! Especially when it happens 15 times or more!

  2. Oh yes Trump should wait. Then give the racists Democrats with dementia asshole Biden a big surprise and son of a bitch dementia Biden is not going to win because he has destroyed our country and allowing all these illegals aliens cartels into our country and I hope Mr Abbott will send the illegals to the White House

  3. I personally think he should wait until after the new House and Senate members are sworn in. With the hope that we take the majority in both and that the Jan. 6 committee would basically be no more. In regards to Kansas, I’m wondering how many people have read how the question was written? I read it over so many times and couldn’t tell you if I would check yes or no because it was so confusing. I also believe that most Americans fall in the middle of this issue, thinking abortion should be legal up to 6/10 weeks, but only performed if medically necessary, after that point. If Kansas was given options like. A. Abortions illegal, only performed when medically necessary
    B. Abortions up to 10 weeks and only when medically necessary after that point
    C. Abortions on demand until birth
    I think the majority would chose B. So, I don’t think liberals came out in droves in Kansas, I think the presentation was lacking.

    • I agree with you. I am against abortion. It should be allowed only incest, rape, endangering the mother and up to only 10 weeks.

  4. He has to wait or his currently growing legal fees will not be picked up by the Republican Party. Once he is a candidate, they stop paying.

  5. President Trump should wait to see if we gain both House and Senate. If we don’t I feel he should let Ron run in 2024 if he wants. Afraid President Trump has too much baggage and the Democrats will never let up on him.

  6. Trump is already your commander and chief…sworn in 1/24/2020
    He represents The United States The Republic. The United States the Corporation
    Has been null and void for quite some time now, the BiDan movie we’re all witnessing will soon come to an end .

  7. Hang in there Dennis, and do everything you need to do for yourself, your health, and your family. We will all find a way to survive with less DML but it won’t be easy! LOL

  8. No!!!! He needs to announce ASAP!!!! They are 100% going to try to charge/arrest him before the election. It will look worse on the DOJ if they have to bring charges against a political candidate running for president than if they simply brought charges against an ex-president/public citizen. He needs to announce his candidacy to cast doubt on the motivation behind those charges/arrest. He will be able to say that they are only trying to keep him from becoming president and interfering with the election!!! If he gets charged before he declares that he’s running that message will be lost. Trump needs to announce ASAP!!!!

  9. I have some of the issues you spoke about in this podcast. Would love it if you could share what you will be doing in the next 90 days to help get your health back.

  10. Love the podcasts. All of them. My main reason is because I totally agree with you on nearly everything regarding this current political shit show. Keep going. I’m not a meter but have been following you for a while. Getting a membership is one of my near goals.
    Thank you for all you do.

  11. Dennis thanks for letting us that’s been with you from the beginning to know what’s going on personally. I know you well enough to know whatever you put your mind to you can accomplish. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope all works out for the news app because that’s the only news app I trust. Sincerely, Francine

  12. Dennis thanks for letting us know what’s going on. I always thought you were one of the smartest men in journalism. I hope & pray you take care of yourself. I’m wondering if you ever tried plant based? It’s turned so many people lives around you probably don’t know what it is but please look into it. Please
    You know I love Trump but that doesn’t mean I don’t like DeSantis. Let’s see what happens. I wish you would educate yourself to plant base food. You will be 100% better and feel better. Love you and your beautiful family

  13. DML, I literally was holding my breath till you went through everything in your podcast. Most important is your health. I am so glad you are finally taking care of you. I’m glad you had the visit with your doctor because it pushed you to make these decisions.

    I am so grateful for discovering you with walk and talks. I will support you with however it makes sense. Would love to hear you even if it was few minutes. I never forget one Saturday afternoon you got on a walk and talk because you knew that there are some people who need that time and routine with you. I was so touched with that. There have been many times like that I was very depressed and your lives probably saved me.

    Look forward to the updated app. Please take care of your health.

  14. Thanks for the update, Dennis. You need to listen to your doctor. Stress kills. Stomach problems can turn cancerous. I’ve had acid reflux since my 20’s, always had burning stomach issues. I have been taking prescription omeprazole 40mg and other meds all my life to control it. My gastroenterologist told me years ago if I did not take the meds and change my diet it could turn into colon cancer. I’m 72 now and I am in good health. I will probably never get off the meds but, it’s ok, I’ve learned to live with it until I find an alternative. I changed my diet and it helped. Sometimes, I eat the foods I want and it’s ok. This is a good move for you. Get your health in order and make yourself fit again. A short Podcast is fine with me. I check in on my TV everyday and see enough of the news! I have to take a few days away from it since it’s mostly bad! I listen to comedy shows often and funny videos about dogs on Facebook to laugh. You don’t need that stress either. You need to laugh, laugh, laugh for awhile! You need a break. Do what you have to do and take care of you and your family. I enjoyed the clips of The King of The Hamptons and The King of The US! It sounds like Theatre and I enjoyed it. I look forward to watching it and the updated app. Do what makes you happy. My prayers are with you for better health. 🙏🏼 Keep in touch when you can…

  15. Ur health is more important to me than anything else. U will succeed in this too because that’s what u do!! Succeed!!
    Thank u for sharing with us. Love and prayers to u.

  16. DML, glad you realize that you need to put yourself first for once. I am sure you will get your health back and listen to your doctor. You love your family and your life and you have a lot to live for, take care. I will pray for you.

  17. I posted a long thought out comment about this Podcast early this morning. I clicked post comment and it never posted. It’s still not posted. Bummer. I have had this happen before and I had a feeling I should have copied it to my iPhone notes just in case to repost. 🤨 Sometimes, it posts a day later. Maybe, it will show up….🤔

  18. DML, you are amazing and whatever you give in your podcast, 15 minutes, 2 minutes, 22 minutes I know MANY of us listening will be hanging on to your every word! You are loved by so many and I am grateful for what you have posted because they have enriched my life and OPENED my eyes up Big Time! I wish you healthy pounds be gone in the next 90 days and to make it a way of life and not something many of us do every year.
    Take care

  19. Finally! There’s my post from early this morning! Yay! No do over! Just got back from a refreshing swim 🏊‍♀️ at the pool all day!⛱ It’s hot out!🔥

  20. DML, take care of you. I will miss your longer podcasts but your health and well being are #1. Thanks for all that you do to keep us informed!😊

  21. All the very best to you Dennis as you get yourself back on track . Do what you have to do that is what’s vitally important . Whatever you do for the rest of us i will very much be grateful , just get healthy!! God Bless and much love …

  22. Dear DML, thank you for the update and awesome podcast! 🇺🇲💪 I will be happy to listen to you or see you on a Walk and Talk anytime. I hope these new changes make improve your quality of life and your families’ , too. You ROCK!!!😎

  23. Love your CBD products. My dog takes it as well
    I too wish Trump would not run and Ron Desantis would but I will vote for Trump if he is our guy.
    Love your podcasts and will miss you but understand what you need to do.
    You are a really great person and I love your ethics and passion. You daughter is a very girl to have a papa like you😊
    I wish you happy health and stop eating n drink No so late at night.
    Looking forward to hearing again from you
    Get healthy.

  24. I listened to your podcast about all the family issues you are dealing with and I definitely will lift you and your family up in prayer. I am 71 years old and never before seen our country in this state of distress. When I was younger and working all the time I never thought about politics, but since I have retired I am appalled at both sides of our Government. I wish there was a simple answer but alas I don’t see one. Unless we get God back into our schools and our life we have no chance. I hope and pray people like you keep people like me informed. Thank you.

  25. Dennis you are a good man. Do not apologize for making the changes that you need to make. There is nothing wrong with reevaluating and turning the page. My prayers are with you.


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