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The DML Special Podcast called The Wine & Talk is 50 minutes for this Saturday, September 18.

DML and his wife Miss Mary speak about an array of topics, they are listed below.

– The search for Gabby. Is her fiance’ Brian the murderer?
– First Class Fatherhood, the podcast with famous people done from inside a closet.
– Facebook and Instagram hurt young girls.
– DML and Miss Mary have a bobcat at their house.

Photos to help your experience.  The podcast is below the photos.


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  1. #1 Don’t leave dog food outside
    #2 Don’t leave dog alone outside
    #3 Buy a trap for the Bobcat
    #4 Ship him upstate New York
    #5 problem solved

  2. The name is pronounced Pas-so Row-bows, the L is silent. Paso Robles
    Hope it helps! It’s about 2 hours away from me here in CA

    I love the podcasts! And I’ve got the DML News App!

    That looks like a Cougar with a docked tail!
    Be careful!

  3. I lived in Vero Beach and had a home on Jungle Trail. We would see bobcats all the time. I remember driving home one day and there was a bobcat with 2 babies. Also remember seeing them on the beach 🏖️. What a wonderful experience 🤠

  4. Fun wine and talk! Thanks for the gabby/Brian story. Hadn’t heard about it. U guys crack me up about the laundry!! If Dennis is like my husband, he has 100 tshirts but only wears 5 of them! Lol

  5. Did you see the lady that said Brian was hitchhiking and wanted pay her and her husband $200 to take him ten miles down the road. They mentioned they were headed to Jackson and he freaked and said just let me out right here and I’ll find someone else to get a ride from.

    Also the caption on the picture of their engagement was creepy.

  6. First time listening to your Wine &Talk. Thank you for getting my mind off all the ugly stuff going on in life. FYI.The grass there is famous for fire ants, yes to snakes in the toilet AND coming through your air conditioning units. I use to live in Orlando, it sucked. I love red wines, I am going to try the one you had. Try these, seven oaks J. LOHR Cabernet Sauvignon, Broquel, that one is a Malbec. Look for low to mid tannins otherwise it will be real dry.
    Anyway, thank you both for sharing a bit of your life, I don’t have one, lol. From Wisconsin

  7. Suggestion-create a pee pad area on the porch for Summer for nighttime duties so you don’t have to let her out. A baseball bat won’t do anything against a hungry wild animal. If you see one, there are more.

  8. Great Wine & Talk. We lived in AZ for a few years. Always walked our small dogs on a leash in the yard due to coyotes, Mountain Lions, Rattle Snakes, Javelina. Too risky. Take care of your sweet dog. Prayers for Gabby.

  9. Hi Dennis, Hi Mary,
    I enjoyed listening to you two.
    I am a native New Yorker (Long Island) living in Florida for 30 years now. I am about an hour south of you.
    We used to see bobcats in our backyard when our yard was on a golf course. Bobcats, gators just call wildlife they will come and get them.
    Keep the screen enclosure!! Sorry Dennis, Mary is right on that one. If the screen enclosure annoys you it is because yours is white. The black frame screen enclosures are easier on your eyes, when you’re inside it, it fades away into the landscape when you’re looking out. The white ones stand out and hinders/interferes with your view. See if you could get that one painted and you will be much happier with your view. Use a black matte finish, you certainly don’t want it to shine. Just thought I’d share that info. Cheers 🍷
    Also, pizza here is good provided the pizza restaurant owner originated in New York. You just have to find one by you that the owner originated in New York. 🍕
    And yes, Florida uses St Augustine grass, not a fan of it. It can have snakes, fire ants etc. we don’t walk on it barefooted.
    It took me about two years to “completely” adjust to Florida, after that you will be great. You’ll be happy you relocated.

  10. My very first Wine and Talks with DML and his lovely wife Miss Mary! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Entertaining and informative. I can’t wait to join you with another glass of wine!


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