DML Podcast: The 10 things I would do in the first 7 days as President of the United States (ep125)

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 40-minutes for this day, July 17.

DML identifies the 10 things he would do in the first 7 days if he was elected president.

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  1. I like you, DML. But you’re a news aggregator and interviewer who sells CBD. Just because you have a platform and an opinion doesn’t qualify you for the presidency. I have my own attainments but no such conceit. Still, it’s an interesting thought exercise, so let’s do it. Step One, pray for God’s guidance and mercy. Two, convene my national security team. Three, meet with my Cabinet. Four, lay a wreath at Arlington. Five, meet with Congressional leaders from both parties. Six, fire Fauci. Seven, restore most of Trump’s policies. Eight, hold televised hearings, comprised of relevant swing state legislators, to re-litigate the 2020 election, for the purpose of soon invoking E.O. 13848, freezing all Soros and Zuckerberg U.S. assets and declaring any protestors to be “in insurrection.” Nine, have someone I implicitly trust egin to review all sealed JFK files, in order to explain why I shouldn’t release them all, for the purpose of exposing, and arresting, Deep State actors and stripping them of all institutional power, including in the media. And ten, begin the process of restoring God, patriotism, capitalism, family values, and state’s and individual rights to the people of these United States.

    • Release all the sealed JFK files. Like the Pope has sealed files for prior Pope’s. Release them & let the people know what’s really going on.

    • As noted in the podcast, I am not looking to run for office. It was simply an analysis of what I would do. Your comments about me being a news aggregator and seller of CBD means what? Smart people would say, “DML is a successful, honest businessman.” I recall Trump being a businessman. Reagan was an actor. Bush Jr was a recovering drunk. Obama was what? Biden, did he even hold a job? Carter was a peanut farmer. Clinton was a lawyer. Point being, the Founding Fathers wanted everyday people to run for office and then return to their jobs. Perhaps getting more familiar with what you’re talking about is a good thing to do before making public statements that make you look silly. Free advise, spend it where you wish.

    • You are a clueless buffoon. How can a guy like DML put on a daily podcast you moron. It costs money and he uses his CBD business to help that out. If he charged for podcadt membership i am sure cheap buffoons like you would cry about shedding pennies.

      You dont like his news then go to CNN you moron.

  2. President Trump WOULD have accomplished EVERYTHING He wanted to implement IF he hadn’t been attacked on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE by the OTHER SIDE.

    • Susan I agree completely! Trump was the greatest President I’ve seen in my 72 years. Even with fighting every obstacle the left threw at him with all their fake crap they mustered up and the lies they got away with, he still had our country in the best shape it had been in decades and set many new records with jobs, economy, safety to the best of his ability’s when he was fought to back down in every corner! Had I know DMLs prodcast was 10 ways to trash President Trump and not things he would do as President ( that will never happen). I wouldn’t have wasted all the time I’ll never get back listening to that trash. Sorry DML but even though I like you a lot, you blew this prodcast big time! President Trump deserve so much better than everyone always trying to trash him for working nonstop day after day with little rest in between and with no pay I might add! He is only one person fighting the entire deep state by himself! Don’t pretend you like him. It’s obvious how you feel because he didn’t rely on you for his decisions!

  3. DML…I tuned in because this was labeled “what I would do if president”….and I find out (once again) this is just another SLAM TRUMP podcast. I hope beyond hope that your man-crush DeSantis runs for prez & wins. Otherwise, if Trump is the nominee – please don’t vote for him. I’ve had enough of your division

  4. Grow up. Seriously. Get a grip. People like you sound like the crazy lefties we highlight daily. Grow up and realize I don’t give a shit about Trump, I care about my country. I spew FACTS, you spew emotions. You’re the problem and I wish people like you didn’t use my app and listen to my podcast. You don’t have the guts to use your real name. You must be ashamed of who you are, reading your post I can understand why.

    • You are the one spewing emotion by attacking people who disagree with you. Sad, really. Fortunately for us who love this country, I am an activist for straight up Constitutional Conservative values. You don’t know me yet you attack because I bruised your ego. Sit back and complain then. The rest of us will handle this!

      • Again, the fake name speaks volumes. When you are brave and proud enough maybe you will use your real name, until then you are a keyboard cowboy. And you’re rather unintelligent, or so it seems from your post. You did not “disagree” with me. You didn’t post an intelligent counter argument on any one of the points I expressed. Instead, you took the facts I laid out and lamely labeled it a “slam Trump podcast.” The podcast had nothing to do with Trump, slamming or otherwise. You’re one of those tin foil hatters who fail to possess the ability to debate, so you spew falsehoods and baby terms like “slam Trump”. When you grow up and grow a set of guts, post your real name and make a real argument. Until then you’re another poser trying to get attention.

        • Trust me. I do not seek attention. As far as being “uneducated”…that’s a laugh. I have a Masters Degree. I apologize for the “slam Trump” comment but it seems that your podcasts (of late) contain more vitriol to the Trump presidency than of the half-dead wrecking ball that occupies the WH currently. You have my email. Im no keyboard cowboy. Just trying to figure out your angle. Trump has been constantly under scrutiny and hunted by the 3-letter agencies for 7 years but still managed to create a great economy. If I hurt your feelings, maybe you need to listen to us who give feedback and stop taking things so personal. I cannot use my real name. I work in a field of “first responders” and being a Conservative, I risk my job. I do love your work, especially your films. Just relax. I just disagreed.

          • No, I don’t need to relax because I never got worked up. You’re a tin foil hat lowlife with a big mouth, and bigger keyboard and a little spine. My angle, you knucklehead, is to identify issues and present solutions. It says it right at the top of each show, but that is missed by you. As for your MASTERS DEGREE, that means shit. It came from a liberal college, you’d be better off telling me you came from the school of hard knocks. Go away now. You’re unwanted.

            • Of course I’m unwanted because I DARE to question the “smartest man in the room” right? It is you, my friend – that needs to stop the NY school yard bullshit. And no, I did not attend a liberal college. I am a Reagan era Constitutional Conservative. Big mouth? Knuckle head? Really? You are truly despicable. A man-child. I hope all the others who disagree with you prepare themselves for your wrath. You have no class whatsoever

    • It’s not a matter of caring about Trump, it’s a matter of caring about a country that has started hijacking its own elections and persecuting and prosecuting their political adversaries. The Left is scared to death of Trump and could not believe it when he beat the alleged favorite Hillary. (Whereupon they immediately started claiming Russia had somehow stolen the election for Trump by some Facebook posts against Hillary!)

      • I believe that is Mr. Lynch’s concern – not ‘Trump’ as a person, but he brings the Left’s actions to a focal point we can identify.

  5. I think this is great plan of action. All of it… It all makes great sense and it’s doable. Keep it out there as a repetitive idea. Maybe it will rub off and catch on

  6. I would definitely add to your list-

    Remove 90% of entitlements. Why are illegal seniors living in housing paid for by section 8? Why are technicians in the welfare offices who give out the ebt cards to illegals, that approve the section 8 applications, that commit fraud…why is there zero accountability from them? That’s my tax money! No more food stamps, period! Hungry? You get a box once a week from Amazon for enough food for the people who are APPROVED. Powdered milk, eggs, corn flakes in summer, oatmeal in winter. Canned meat, veggies, fruits. Basic food groups, ZERO shrimp, lobster, soda, scratch tickets, cigarettes, steak, candy, bakery cakes, papa Murphy’s! No more! You commit fraud? You go to jail and you pay back the amount you gave away or charged the illegal for.

    No more birthright citizenship. Both parents must be citizens of this country. Since we are now deporting people that are here illegally, this should not be in issue. Pregnant illegals will not come here without the promise of citizenship for their child. That child gives her EVERYTHING! Section 8 housing, Medicaid, food stamps, WIC, etc.

    If you are on welfare, you cannot get pregnant. You will get a job, learn a trade, something. This isn’t meant as a generational family plan. This is supposed to be temporary. Seniors and veterans would be exempt.

    Taxes! Get rid of all taxes except for a 10% sales tax. 1 time, no fees or other bs added. Cities/Counties make due with your property taxes. No more sales taxes, improvement taxes, and the endless list of taxes. People would be able to live on one income! Could you imagine? $100,000 that you take home all $100,000????? You live very nicely on $40,000, not large urban city, and bank the rest? 5 years you have $300,000+ and you just purchase a home outright? Or decide to live in Spain for the year? I mean the freedom! No more paying “a good” tax guy to do your taxes in high anxiety that you don’t owe. How is this good? Penalizing the more successful? And reward the lazy and unproductive? Not working out too well looking at current attitudes and affairs. People wouldn’t give two shits about cancel culture because they would be happy!!! Jobs aplenty because no more illegals driving down wages. If you could keep your whole paycheck and have a side hustle?! You could buy land and rescue dogs! You could grow fields of tulips! You could learn a new language! You could choose where you wanted your money to go. Investments? Real Estate and retire at 40? Live off the rental income? Maybe all of the above!

    Anyway sorry for the rant….election fundraising/spending limits.


  7. Your walls are crumbling down beside you. . Television, CBD , your boat , your fans …

    You don’t see trump offering buy one get one free on CBD lol … This has been over a year now you’ve been saying” you got to get in their fast ” when their gone they are gone . 😂😴

    • He maybe not selling CBD , He is to busy stealing your money at his Mega Trump Rallies !!

      DML made more money on this CBD company then you wound make in 4 life years .


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