DML Podcast: The Florida man who thinks he can beat Trump in 2024 (ep99)

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Today, DML covers the following:

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DML interviews a man who is running for president as an Independent and thinks he has the plan to win.

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  1. Still love ya, DML, but no.

    Everytime DeSantis opens his mouth on the national stage, people like him less. He’s down 30% in 99% of polls and he’s talking about how he’s most electable LOL. It comes across as either out of touch or delusional.

    Then you have all of his awkward moments when he’s talking to people, cutting them off, walking away, not making small talk, looking like he can’t wait for the conversation to be over. He makes a billionaire seem relatable:/

    I honestly would not be surprised if he hits single digits.

    The only question is if he’ll drop out before Super Tuesday or not.

    If he doesn’t, everything I said about him being establishment is correct.

  2. The only one that I know that ran for governor as an independent and one was Jesse Ventura volume. I think he’s a clown, but he is smart as a fox he would make an excellent present it, but as he said, I’ve been listening to him there is too much BS to getting the job done I would frustrate the hell out of him

  3. He seems very low energy and they will mop the floor with him I believe. Not trying to put him down. Unless he amps it up . Im watching online but commenting on here. He’s going to have to practice because people aren’t going to listen to him. I’m sorry just my opinion

  4. Yeah right! President Trump is the ONLY one that has a chance to get this country back even tho it’s gonna take a long time & maybe not but all these ‘other people’ running have never been a commander in chief so they could possibly be a VP but they have no clue as to what it takes to be a ‘leader’ for this country. Maybe later on but it’s still Trump period! He’s PROVEN that all the promises he made were KEPT. So it’s Trump 2024. Maybe on down after the 2024 election. Period

  5. It’s not going to happen..

    if trump runs NO WAY the left will let him win So it will be fixed ..

    they still wound have a Biden over trump .. . Sadly trump had his time .

  6. I read Florida man Dan Boronico’s platform for running for POTUS. He states the problems we face very well, but as DML has said, unless Dan can garner national recognition and the money to fight for control of this country to fix our major problems he will not succeed. If I and everyone else could vote TODAY for him and his plan, despite that seemly insurmountable task, it could work. But that will never happen. Trump could have done it. It didn’t happen. We need a charismatic leader on par with JFK and a Reagan-like communicator to do it. And that might start with electing Ron DeSantis POTUS or some other miracle man savior of our country.


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