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The Dennis Michael Lynch is 60-minutes today.

DML covers an array of topics.

  1. Primary victories are everywhere for Trump on Tuesday. What it means.
  2. Nancy and her trip to Taiwan. The aftermath.
  3. AOC plugged for 2024 run for POTUS
  4. State says 3 years old can transition to transgender
  5. DeSantis snubs The View
  6. DML reads emails

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  1. Trump is the MAN! A real crusader! A big win for all of us! TRUMP2024 DeSantis 2028 to make this country what it was just a short time ago!

    • It’s the same as “identifying” as something. Just because you think so, doesn’t make it real. They can “try” all they want. They’re terrified of Trump and it’s beautiful!

  2. We have to fix 2020 before anymore elections take place. No one will trust either winner until then. They need to have a partisan party or person expose the election fraud, introduce BLOCKCHAIN & show how it is virtually impossible to hack. People do need to remember when they hated Trump in office, they say he stole the election with the help of Putin. So, this concept should be easy for them to understand, that probably until 2016, We The Peoples Voices were heard and put the POTUS in office. The 1st time a candidate wasn’t placed in office. Honesty, I think it was a game to them. They probably bet a $1 on who would win, like Randolph & Mortimer Duke did in the movie Trading Places.

  3. Trump first, then DeSantis. We need Trump first to straighten out the mess Biden made. I hope AOC does run. She won’t survive a debate for 5 seconds. She will look like the dumb dumb that she is.

  4. DESANTIS…..has alot of time he’s young. Don’t need him now. Stay in Florida. Trump will handle all for now. DeSantis later !

  5. Our USA needs President Trump back to hopefully fix in four years what the SOCIALIST MORONS have destroyed in the last year and a half. After the 2022 elections’ Red Wave, they should be slowed down considerably. But the Dems’ raison d’etre since 2014 has been to “GET TRUMP at any/all costs.” To The Swamp, he is the non-politician Uber-enemy. Time to turn the tides back on them…then bring in the Young Gun DeSantis to pull us into the next eight years.

  6. DML I listen to all your podcasts. U got it wrong. President Trump Does Not Have as many haters as u might think. Even though he’s not on social media his rallies are unstoppable! Thousands and thousands are there. I live on Long Island. I didn’t have the money to move to Florida. President Trump won 2020. He will win 2024.


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