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In the Dennis Michael Lynch podcast on Tuesday, DML drilled down on serious concerns he has about the Biden administration’s proposal to implement a mandatory Covid “passport”, which would show proof of an individual having received the coronavirus vaccine in order to be allowed into large events or travel on public transportation.

In chilling detail, DML revealed just how far this could go.

DML also provided must-hear commentary on the following news:

  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vows to take executive action against vaccine passports
  • ‘Scared’ CDC director warns of ‘impending doom’ – and Biden demands governors reinstate mask mandates
  • San Diego public school teachers to give migrant kids in-person instruction before their own students
  • Virginia high school teacher seen in video berating student for not acknowledging race during lecture
  • New York health officials were told to prioritize coronavirus testing of people connected to Andrew Cuomo

LISTEN to the entire, powerful podcast below, then hit the share button!

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  1. DeSantis needs to stay in Florida and keep Florida read like he is doing. PRESIDENT TRUMP is who we want to be president and technically should be president right now. They need to overturn the outcome of that election and the states could do it without the Supreme Court. And it still needs to be dealt with or there will be no other president but Democrats. And we will have a war if We don’t get a handle on this.

    • Me either, I will deliberately violate any signed law- (executive order) or otherwise if PEDO joe is involved in the legislation or otherwise. I am ready to fight to save America’s Representative Republic as soon as a savvy, high integrity leader decides to mobilize the conservative patriots across America’s states. We are at the point where we can decide, decide to roll over and pretend everything will be okay or we can decide to look at future generations and how their futures will be impacted. If we decide to fight against America’s current liberal communist socialist driven situation we will be forever remembered by our children which we will leave them with the mindset that America is only one generation from falling into a progressive socialist rule of law. America is today more socialist than any of the signers of the Declaration of Independence would stand for, in fact I believe they would have long ago taken up arms against anyone who stood for limiting individual liberties. Under socialism independent individualism cannot stand, an individual is owned by the government and must do as the government says in order to benefit from the programs that issue the crumbs to a social group. PEDO joe and his progressive wing of idiots are doing their best at eliminating individual rights, we are now seeing the socialist moving to destroy individual identity by dividing Americans into groups. They say I belong to the privileged sector because I am of a light skin color called white.

  2. DML: Why do you say you are against the passport but there is an ad for passport. com on this page? Please help me understand.
    The way I see this going is first the passport limiting where/when you are allowed to go. Then it will be without the passport you cannot enter certain grocery stores. I can see the use of weapons to get things that are needed for survival such as medical treatment and medications.
    This will truly a case of the haves and the have nots.


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