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The DML Podcast is 34-minutes for today July 20, 2022

Webster’s Dictionary has a new definition for the word “girl” as the attack on children and families continues in America. A lunatic teacher raves about sexual orientation conversations with 1st Graders. AOC wears a unique pair of invisible handcuffs after pretending to be arrested. Charges against New Yorker who defended himself in a Bodega are finally dropped. Major crime in NYC is up 37%.

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  1. The boundaries these ” teachers” are crossing is SO horrendous , this is NOT part of thier job description . Indeed enabling the mentally ill has GOT to stop, boy if my kids were near this …….

  2. Webster should change the definition of a liberal to this: “A person too inept to identify the difference between a vagina and penis, and who constantly destroys rural and urban communities by defunding police, failing to teach children educational essentials, lighting buildings on fire, wearing pink vaginas at hats, empowering and pushing for programs that create homelessness, open borders and crime waves, and voting for absolute dingbats.”

  3. America has a cancer. It’s called a Democrat. That’s now has spread into a Socialist Communist party. Its mission is to kill the body of America. Feeding off the younger generation. If this cancer is not destroyed, this nation will die.

  4. Alec can you do a podcast why trump should run for office in 2024 .. we have heard DLM what he thinks about ron .

    love hear to this podcast alec


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