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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 58-minutes today.

DML covers the following:

  1. What’s the real goal of the Jan 6 Committee
  2. One year ago, what Fauci said about vaccines turned out to be untrue
  3. China mad at US over a Nancy Pelosi trip
  4. Manchin has COVID

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  1. To get Trump to not allow him to run again to make people hate him . I like him even more if thats possible. The more they push him the more I want them out . The dems have called Trump supporters depolables , racist. Traitors. Nazis terrorists. So they will never get my support ever. I feel the same way about the Rinos too. Its either America First or we are doomed.

    • They are giving him the executive version of a kangaroo court. This must be the sort of thing that Adolf Hitler used against his political foes back in the 30’s. Oh how terrible they are, they must be punished and gotten rid of!
      When I see what the government of this country has become, it scares me to see how many people are blind to what’s going on.

  2. I Agee with Sharon, but I also think the reason is with Trump out of the way the DemonRats can fulfill their agenda to take control of the American people and turn America into a One World Order. We are done if that happens! It’s over then! This is why we Need President Trump!

    • Julie, there are to many people who will not lay down & let the evil corrupt government and its entities take over. Have faith and stay positive. Everyone needs to see how bad the corruption is.
      God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. These comments are RIGHT ON.
    There is war going on between the evil NWO and free republics. I believe the whole world will be shocked how evil the Deep state is in our country as well as who the participants are!
    POTUS45 is one of We The People—loving freedom and the USA!

  4. It’s not that hard to figure out …a blind person can see it. The Jan6 business was all set up to try to get anything they could to put blame on Trump. So far, they have not. I TRUST Trump. I feel that was rigged just like the election was. Stinks to high heaven. We need Trump more than ever. Biden, Harris, etc. are worthless. I also believe Obama is behind all this. Biden is clueless.

  5. If Trump does not run, I love his game. As long as they concentrate on getting Trump, they are not attacking DeSantis with they full brown attacks.
    So let them waste their time going after Trump, meanwhile DeSantis gets stronger,

  6. My thought on this is whether it’s Trump or DeSantis if they beat the Democrat the Democrats probably won’t give up power this time I’d say they’re very high probability of that they’ve gone too far and they know it. But if they do get in then they need to do exactly what I was mentioned I thought the Democrats would do. My thought is that if they can maintain power much longer they will destroy this country completely this may be our last chance we may have already blown it already because so many idiots believe the lies from the left they’ve been indoctrinated their brain dead sheep. Now something else that makes me think the Democrats may not give up power because they’re already setting it up by calling him a Nazi and they’re going to say that he stole the election and we can’t let Nazis in office even though the left is the actual Nazis they are the party of slavery part of your Marxism and socialism the party of murdering innocent babies in the womb so they can worship the devil with the sacrifices of American women.

  7. Trump has run the gauntlet, he’s felt the blows from their BS, DeSantis hasn’t had thrown at him what Trump has, is anybody really sure DeSantis can handle the blows? I still say Trump first and number one, DeSantis number two as a second choice and back up only.
    Sorry DENNIS you are not thinking long term enough logically. If DeSantis were to be elected he would never address the illegal unconstitutional things that have been done and thrown at Trump, because he has not felt the blows directly like Trump has, I say give Trump his pound of flesh, and let him beat the hell out of these Democrats putting back American policies knowing what has been afflicted on him, like I said he’s run the gauntlet he’s felt the pain he knows the issues, DeSantis could probably care less about those corrupted issues Trumps had thrown at him. So let Trump take the next four years 2024 to 2028 to get issues back in line, and then give DeSantis the ball for the eight years after that in 2028 again this would give us a 12 year victory and control, to get the country back up in order. Think Long term Dennis, and you now being in Florida I think your hanging on DeSantiś apron strings to set your future up In the press seat or political run ? Nows not the time first things first !

  8. This will only make TRUMP stronger you morons!!! His voter base has exploded. What a bunch of stupid democrats still trying to make fun of that man. Scared losers. How on earth these people get voted office is beyond comprehension and. Laughingstock of the world. Can’t wait to take this country back and send those stupid Dems back to hell where they belong !

  9. Like Trump says the Demoncrats are after us the fabric of America,the real people who believe in God,Family,and our great proud country and he is just in the way,this is what’s really happening,we know Trump will fight for us that’s why I will vote for him again ,God Bless Donald Trump and he deserves to be our president again,Ron DeSantis is a true patriot too but he must wait his turn.!!!

  10. We know about Trump!!! I don’t care about the Florida governor right now! You have said it yourself that Trump was the best President in your lifetime I’m going with that! I have to stop listening to this podcast right now!

  11. I agree with all of you! Trump has a plan that must be played out. I have watched many of his videos from when he was a young man. He loves this country & God!

  12. I think Ron DeSantis would be a good pick but i believe Ron’s big negative is he may be weak on illegal immigration.

    i don’t think Ron is hawkish enough in stopping illegal immigration and i dont believe he would start increased deportations.

  13. Jan 6th court will win !!

    its bye bye trump .



  14. Kinzinger said” Trump supporters will disappear within the next couple years” So yeah, Trump should feel this is personal. We Trump supporters should feel this is personal.


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