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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 57-minutes for today.

DML covers an array of topics in this episode.
1. Pelosi is heading to Taiwan, claims CNN. What it means to you.
2. Understanding why the recession doesn’t feel like a disaster, but it will.
3. Illegal aliens to get government jobs in L.A.
4. Why Trump did a deal with the Saudi Prince, despite cries from 9/11 families.

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      • First off the picture you picked was terrible of Trump. It’s exactly why I won’t live in Florida, too muggy. I’d look like that all the time. I already heard your Saudi/911 story in another podcast. I had a great 3 day weekend celebrating my oldest Daughter’s birthday. Our first Grandson (2 months) was at the celebration. I was happy this morning and just couldn’t listen to another bad story about the best President in my lifetime. Sorry DML!

          • I have listened to all your podcasts and walk and talks I haven’t missed one except for this one. You and my twin sister convinced me to take a chance on Trump years ago. I’m all in. I know he’s not a perfect man. He’s better than the puppet in our White House. It’s kills me to see what Team Joe is doing to America and us Americans.

  1. Dennis – TY for making me rethink my Trump position. This golf thing is truly unforgivable. Would love to hear Alec take on this.

  2. I have slowly started not caring for trump. He did many good things but I am growing weary of him. Also he does not look good. Perhaps too many cheeseburgers. I appreciate Dennis for his honesty and integrity. I believe him and I only get my news from DML. If its not on DML I don’t trust it. In the final analysis what we are left with is our character, so when Dennis says perhaps some hardline trumpers should step outside of themselves and answer some hard questions. He is correct. Sort of a self-accounting. We should all do this from time to time.

  3. I don’t disagree with you regarding Trump with the Saudis but I do question if the 911 investigations were standup accurate or were they handled like some of the current ones, politically. Just a question in my mind given what we are currently seeing in the FBI and other govt agencies.

  4. I agree with you 💯 on not being able to forgive trump for hosting Saudi’s for money. I will never forget the 1000’s of lives destroyed on 9/11.

    As a Floridian, i would hate to loose our great governor, but will support him if he chooses to run as the next Republican presidential candidate. I’ve witnessed how he runs ours state and believe our whole country could benefit from his leadership.

  5. I think if you give Trump a Chance this may play out with him trying to make peace in his own way to keep us from being shot at or bombed by Saudi Arabia, As he sees Dems and Biden are weak and Stupid. Dennis don’t pull the plug on Trump yet until the plays called, ! Being butt hurt about 9/11 I get it, but the chance of saving us from being nuked ? Nobody knows wtf Trumps up to ? And DeSantis hasn’t committed to running yet either, BTW Obama and bush were in on 9/11 still is the speculation, it was never really brought to fact other then what the Bush administration shoved down our throats.

  6. Frankly, I don’t believe that the Saudi’s were at the heart of 911. I think 9/11 was more of the brainchild of the U.S. gov’t. than we know. DML was never 100% a backer of Trump, even though it was through Trump policies that allowed DML to go into business. And now that he’s all about DeSantis, I don’t figure DML will ever support Trump again. But I suppose DML will always despise the Saudi leadership and people forever. There is an anger & unforgiveness characteristic in DML that has always been obvious to me and that is scary.

    • What a dipshit remark. I’ve been in business since I’m 18. Trump didn’t make me, I made my way….and unlike Trump I didn’t get a million bucks from my daddy. As for forgiveness, I forgive all the time. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have the friends I do, I wouldn’t be married 30 yrs. As for forgiving terrorists and people who do business with them it’s unforgivable. To think differently like you, now that’s scary.

      • But obama said you didn’t build that, somebody else built that. So I opened my own business in 2007 using $25,000 from part of my retirement that I earned over my lifetime. I didn’t take out any loans and paid cash for everything. My store was voted one of the best new vintage stores in our city. After a year when every store around me and up and down the avenue got robbed I shut down when the business owner next to me was robbed with a a damn effing huge kitchen knife. I FAILED to get the best location for me, I will give myself that one but I built that business, I brainstormed it, I created it and when fate hit my doorstep I took it online. I BUILT THAT BUSINESS. My taxes helped pay for the roads and street lights and police that patrolled the area. Not obama, not Trump or anyone else built it. God bless DML, you are a great example of entrepreneurship.

  7. I hope you’re wrong DML. Why would he??? I just want what is best for our Country! I’m not sure about DeSantis are you looking to run for governor. We need Alec’s opinion. Love to hear from him. It just bothers me how you bash Trump so much since you moved to Florida you must know something

  8. One other thing I always don’t forget the good in people. We are human. Is there more good in Trump or bad. Everyone of us have good and bad

  9. Trump plays golf. Obama sends a plane in the middle of the night to Iran loaded with pallets of 1.7 Billion in cash, Bill Clinton knows where Bin Laden is but does nothing, Eric Holder gets away with Fast and Furious, Biden has deep connections to Ukraine and China, Hunter Biden gives new meaning to Naked Gun and New Jack City, Biden let 13 U.S. soldiers die in Afghanistan, Biden left hundreds, if not thousands of U.S. citizens stranded in Afghanistan, Biden left billions of dollars of military equipment and cash in Afghanistan, Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline and destroyed thousands of jobs, Biden opened up our border and should be tried for human rights violations along with breaking our countries laws, the NBA is all in with China and could care less about sweat shops and children making their shoes and jerseys, the NBA could care less China has Muslim slaves. Biden offers to trade a big time Russian Arms trafficker criminal for a female basketball player that hates the USA and he calls her a HERO. The democrats spy on American citizens, take away gun rights, try to destroy Donald Trump with every lie you can conjure up for going on 6 years now, threaten to kill a sitting SCOTUS, and Trump plays golf. I could go on but the Saudi’s backing the golf tournament, are they the same Saudi’s that took part in 9/11? NO. Are all Saudi’s bad? NO. Are these individuals responsible for 9/11? NO. The same thing could be said for many countries the U.S. has dealings and trades with. and Trump plays golf. I choose golf.

  10. During World War II, the U.S. forcibly relocated and incarcerated about 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry, to concentration camps in the U.S. Two-thirds were U. S. citizens. In the 1970s the Japanese American Citizens League pressured President Carter to investigate if the camps had been justified. In 1983 little evidence was found of Japanese disloyalty. In 1988, President Reagan signed into law the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 and apologized for the incarceration on behalf of the U.S. government. Money was authorized to be paid to each former detainee who was still living. The government admitted their actions were based on “race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership. By 1992, the U.S. government had disbursed more than $1.6 billion in reparations to over 82,000 Japanese Americans who had been incarcerated. My point is that all Japanese weren’t bad and the United States government has since become friends with Japan even though they bombed the shit out of us and killed over 2,400 of our soldiers and some civilians. Every citizen of a country cannot be held accountable for the acts of evil done by a few. That does not mean I like or defend the Saudi Govt. but how long should we hate the Saudi Arabian people? Many Saudi citizens probably hate their own government, kind of like some U.S. citizens. Just sayin….

  11. DML.. I cannot take your Trump bashing anymore. Trump still was the best President we ever had and it’s as if your going out of your way to bash him. I know you think DeSantis is the be all end all but he has faults too. Trump is more experienced and tough as they get and needs to be President one more time to fix the nitemare Biden and his gang of evil have done to our country. If you continue to bash Trump.. I will not be able to follow you anymore.

    • The difference between you and a Democrat is not much, notwithstanding your vote. Bashing Trump is a weird statement when directed at me. Bashing is trying to find only the negative and ignoring the positive. What I do is far from bashing. I am like the common sense weatherman who looks outside and says, Today is sunny. Then the next day looks outside and says, Today is rainy. My report is based on what is taking place, without bias even though I prefer the sun. You, like all Democrats, ignore what you don’t want to hear and classify it as bashing. What you really want to say is, DML, I cannot bear to hear the truth about Trump when things are ugly, so please only post pretty pictures of him both visually and verbally. In other words, you want me to look outside and say its sunny when truth is the rain is dropping in buckets. Sorry Lisa, I ain’t that sort of weatherman.

  12. DML may make valid points about Trumps flaws, but people hear him getting trashed enough on mainstream media, they dont want hear it from one of our own.

  13. As long as he is getting trashed I think he has something up his sleeve! Trump has a thick skin so don’t get too upset with what DML is seeing! Just hang on the ride may get bumpy but we must try to see all sides! There may be a lot of things we don’t like that Teump does but he was a good President and if DeSantis doesn’t run we must vote Trump back in! Course none of us may be here if Jesus comes back right?

  14. This thing about Nancy could be much more simple than you might think. Paul Pelosi’s DUI hearing is tomorrow. A quick stop by Nancy in Taiwan could wipe that news right off the map. If that story gains traction, then maybe it snowballs into a deeper look at his stock trades and she finds herself right in the middle of that story as well. She wouldn’t be the first Dem woman who created a distraction to take eyes off her own personal issues.


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