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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 65-minutes today.

DML covers many topics.

  1. Biden kills top terrorist involved in 9/11 attacks
  2. Iran threatens NY with nuke
  3. Nancy and Taiwan, her insanity on full display
  4. Monkey Pox now an emergency in Cali
  5. BLM leader uses donor money to buy a $40k dog
  6. Global group wants to take away your car
  7. Liz Chaney in major political mess
  8. 7 yr sentence handed down to Jan 6 rioter
  9. Alex Jones company declares bankruptcy
  10. Trump supporters send DML crazy messages

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  1. I didn’t listen to one podcast and your upset with me? I agree with you all the time. One time I didn’t want to listen to you bash Trump I am a crazy Trump supporter. I have listened to all your podcasts and walk and talks, I haven’t missed one except for that one. I buy your CBD for my 91 year old Mom. You and my twin sister convinced me to take a chance on Trump years ago. I’m all in. I know he’s not a perfect man. He’s better than the puppet in our White House. It’s kills me to see what Team Joe is doing to America and us Americans. I like his policy of America first! If that makes me a crazy then ok!

    • Don’t post untrue stuff. It’s that simple. And open your eyes. If you listen to me day in and out then you’d be smarter than to post the messages you did.

      • Don’t post untrue stuff? I do listen to you everyday since you left newsmax. I even look forward to your podcasts. I was on team DML. Saw your boat trip I was sad for you that you had to turn back. I was looking forward to listening Monday. I already heard about the golf/Saudi/Trump story. I already heard the truth about Trump from you, it’s just gets old. I can stop listening to you if that’s what you want.

        • Lucille…’re finding out the hard way what DML truly thinks of us idiots who have supported him for years AND purchase his CBD. He thinks NOTHING of being a jerk to us. I’m done. I hope you wake up. You CANNOT differ in opinion or he will call you names….and Trump is bad? Pot meet Kettle. Sadly, I hope this wakes you up!

            • DML…I’m not getting into another pissing match with you. I was replying to Lucille. I find it horrible how you treat people who have not only supported your work (for years) but also purchase your CBD – just because they disagree with you. You HAVE called me names (for disagreeing) such as: keyboard cowboy, Tin-foil hatter, uneducated, low life, etc.
              You’re starting to snap or have snapped. I just don’t like the way you speak to those who have supported you. PERIOD

              • Fake names are for weak people. And if you purchased CBD, you didn’t buy my CBD, you purchased it for yourself. And you benefited, I am sure. Get a real name or remain not credible. And for what it is worth, it’s really lame that you are on this website, app, and podcast when you claim to be treated so poorly. There must be some place else you can go. And no, I have not snapped. But it was funny reading your comment. I thank you for that, and I hope your loneliness finds a friend.

        • Yes. Untrue. I didn’t bash Trump. I told the truth, he took blood money from Saudi Prince and pissed on 9/11 families. You have no problem with that, then you should find a new app.

          • I DO have a problem with that!! I absolutely do. I can take your attacks, but I’m assuming since Lucille is buying your CBD for her 91 year old mother – that she is in her late 60’s or 70’s and probably on a fixed income. You need to treat your “followers” better. I see you commenting on every person who disagrees and name-calling. These people support you and have for years. You don’t have to be nasty.

            • The idea of inserting CBD into a political conversation is so on point with everything I am sharing in these comments. You are mixing food with gasoline. The two don’t go together, no person would ever put them on the same menu EXCEPT if that person isn’t playing with a full deck or a real name.

  2. he brings a cloud to the presidency. I think he has a role in the party but I do not think that he should be running the republican party.

    I was a Trump supporter. But I can’t support a 2024 run. He comes with too much baggage We need a President who has the Trump gumption and the ability to stand up to the global community as well as putting America first. I’m not saying that Ron DeSantis is the answer but I think he needs to be part of the solution. As long as Trump continues to be under investigation by New York and now by other states for illegal activities he brings a cloud to the presidency. I think he has a role in the party but I do not think that he should be running the republican party.

    • No Trump doesn’t. Put yourself in his shoes. He’s been fighting with the Dems and Deep State since before he got into office. There’s baggage, my as… They will trash the next, if Trump doesn’t run. They want control and the Deep State will kill for it. Communism! Better hope he runs Dam , wake up, And DLM cut done on your wine nights . We needs encouragement to keep going. You have stopped giving us hope .

    • Right! I am older person. Watch Trump all my life. The real day I believed in him was when his men inspected the ruins of the Twin Towers. Trump said ,from their investigation, it took more than a plane to take the towers down. Guess what, the fake news and you tube cut the video . If you don’t wake up cloud, they are doing these investigation so he can’t run.

  3. Best podcast today which used to be walk n talks in the last few years, more vigor straight up news, and some Humor which had drawn me to listen in the beginning ! DML we are eye to eye on about 85-90% of issues, that’s ok things change over time, I still back Trump but Also DeSanti, today’s podcast rated ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. The heck with DML. You have become Sensitive and Ignorant, obviously drank the Kool Aid with your CBD.

    The Trump baggage was created by the DEMONcrats and Liberals. Trump has been the Best President putting the U.S. 1st Always and is still in All his senses unlike BiDumb. You don’t support Trump, you got to go Broke like the rest!!! We now know what side you’ll be on during the upcoming Civil War. Expect no consideration (to put it nicely) like the Enemies of GOD and Our U.S. You all fail to see what is really happening and are clueless as most of the world!!!

    • Thank God people like you will be deleting my app. I’m pretty sure the authorities will have a jail cell waiting for you.

    • Right! I am older person. Watch Trump all my life. The real day I believed in him was when his men inspected the ruins of the Twin Towers. Trump said ,from their investigation, it took more than a plane to take the towers down. Guess what, the fake news and you tube cut the video .

  5. WOW is all I can say.

    DML, you seem to be unhinged since your boating trip. Maybe an ANGER MANAGEMENT class? Maybe you’ve consumed too much of that CBD.

    You have a very HIGH opinion of yourself. Anyone who disagrees with you is now an IDIOT, and you insult them. And now you’re going to CENSOR comments on your website (just like Twitter) if comments don’t align with your beliefs??? How childish.

    Maybe it’s time to stop the podcasts because you don’t seem to enjoy it anymore, and you are obviously alienating your listeners/supporters.

    I don’t even think this is about Trump. I’m done. I bet Alec feels the same; he’d be smart to get out now! He seems like a decent guy.

    BYE BYE!!

    • Susan…you are SO right!! Unhinged is the word for it! I was shocked DML attacked Dan Bongino for having sponsors! I’m going to delete this app & listen to Bongino & Mark Levin….clearly the smartest “in the room”

        • But you both keep on staying here. This is not an airport, there is no need to announce your departure. Just go, do it. Thank you. Unhinged… lol. Yes, I am totally unstable reading these comments. I feel like I have fell into a vat of tin foil.

  6. August 2, 2022

    Truth and Good Orderly Direction are NOT complicated! Sickening the Satan PUPPETS in American Government, politics has gone to hell! God knows, keeping the focus on Jesus, He will be returning soon I am thinking, God won’t let this crap continue much longer! God Bless US all!

  7. Appreciate your honesty and Thankyou for keeping us informed if it is good news or bad. Thanks your cbd have change my life You would have to call me to much good to text

  8. DML, as always appreciate you. I love that you list the top news in a numbered lists. I have adult ADHD, this is the stuff that won’t overwhelm my brain. Thank you so much!

  9. Dennis, though I do not always agree with your opinions i find your reporting is is accurate, informative and well done. Thanks for a job well done!

  10. As to Monkey pox, it’s a result of the vaccines, period…don’t be fooled by the nonsense…most people get sick because of vaccines that don’t work and are being blamed on everything else…

    Michael, the Muslims had nothing to do with 911….Everything has Israeli fingerprints….The dancing Israelis? All links back to Jews…
    As to Iran, you are being propagandad by the Jews…it is THEY that wanted the war with Iraq and the did a good job….The Jews are manipulating you big time here…Iran has no way to make a nuclear bomb because they can’t. The minimum for a bomb to be made in the reactors and centrifuges is well below a bomb capacity. You are doing a good job being a propagandist for the Jews and Israel…One of these days you’ll wake up…
    The Jews believe in the Sampson option and they don’t care who gets killed, even their own people, as we have see in the King David hotel killings…
    Your mom bakes a cake, puts it on the window sill to cool, you come by and stick you finger in it…You blame it on your brother who is sleeping upstairs, that’s how the Jews work….

  11. I have to say it is tough to hear the truth. It is painful when you look up to someone for so long and that prrson has done so many things to help people like us. I personally see alot of folks I know in my area that will look the other way just to stick it to yhe democrats. The locals where I live in southern WV despise Joe Manchin and the lunatics from the left. They have gone after our small town southern values and try to destroy the good things we offer (coal and natural gas) to America . They have destroyed so many families with the war on American energy. People lose all they have and end up on drugs or alchahol. A total waste and many children are left holding the bag or their grandparents are raising and providing for them. Far as I am concerned climate change is straight up BS!!! It hurts my soul to see Trump do these things and I have to agree with you alot of the time about these actions in the recent discussions. Anyway I thiught I would give my 2 cents as to why people support him so fiercely. They just see a better future for the modt part with him at least he did do all he could for the hard working Americans that have been fighting for so long to just maintain a normal life and be able to bring a paycheck to their families. Thanks DML

  12. DML, I just listened to the Podcast. Lots of crazy stuff going on in the world today. It’s hard to keep up and try to lead a normal life after the fear mongering sets in. I take it with a “grain of salt” mostly, you cannot change the evil in the world, only hope for the good to overpower it! Pray that there will be no more nuclear war in our future! I watch a program called Story TV that has many historic past events of the world and it’s creators and creations, previous wars, and the men who are scientists, scholars, etc, like Einstein who’s great mind created so many things we use today in the modern world. He was part of the creation of the Atom Bomb along with other great minds. Remember? The one the United States dropped on Hiroshima, Japan? After that one, man created one again 100 times more powerful. When I hear of “Nuclear” war I shudder to think what could happen to us all and our planet. At that time, the US wanted to create a nuclear weapon before the Russians did. We did it, and the destruction was so devastating Japan surrendered under McCarthy! I pray to God we will never see another Atom Bomb! The United States is very powerful in its nuclear capability and military, but, don’t think for one minute that other countries have not made their own. DML, I feel the same you do about 911 and all who perished. I’ll never forget. I have no idea why Trump said what he said. He knew the Saudi’s were suspect. It’s shameful. Maybe, he does not believe the CIA, The FBI, the intelligent sources after what he went through in the Whitehouse. I’m not making excuses for him, but, I think he knows what he’s up against! When he was President he went to meet with the Saudi’s. He took Ivanka with him. They were on friendly terms. That doesn’t mean all Saudi’s are bad and mean to do the United States harm. Trumps Golf event was for charity Trump said. Trump does not look healthy, he is overweight, he campaign’s a lot and still participates in the GOP. That takes a toll on you. He’s getting older. He did have some good policies and he did his part and fought as hard as he could. I cannot blame him if he did not want to run in 2024. Why would he want to put himself and his family through that again? Good for him if he does, I will support him. I feel he has so many clouds over him now that I think a fresh new younger person might be better to carry on the MAGA torch. Maybe, Ron Desantis, a Woman VP? Time will tell. DML, I appreciate the hard work you do finding the news and giving us the truth each and everyday, plus, the podcasts. Running three businesses, and trying to keep up with all the internet followers is truly a challenge. It’s a 7 day week thing. Not everyone is successful at it. I think you are letting some of the negative Trump Train comments get to you. No one should be belittling or calling names to each other. Life is too short. They know how to push your buttons, don’t let them! I have been following you since your Walk and Talks. You should be Proud of what you have accomplished. Maybe, you have taken on too much work load by yourself. I hope Alex can fill in at times, and be of help to you. If you decide to drop the Podcast so be it. Do what you have to do to survive. I am sure many of your CBD supporters appreciate the BOGOS and discounts you give them. I bought the CBD capsules with Melatonin. That was my first buy. I have not been taking them long enough to give a testimony. I am a Senior, just turned 72, so, my income is limited. I know that the CBD Power would help me more. When Dr. Oz had his show he told his audience that if you get too low milligrams it won’t help as much and will be a waste of money. He’s a doctor, he should know what it takes for the immune system. He would be a great guest on your show! You should reach out to him! I have not ruled him out as a candidate yet for Governor.

    • Your comment is kind, but I am not taking the naysayers seriously. I am simply rattling their chain because they have lost their minds. I am certainly not overworked, and I am seeing clear as crystal.

      • Thank you for your reply, DML. It’s nice of you that you take the time to recognize ME out of all your many supporters. I’m glad to hear you are not overworked. Politics can be a very “dirty” business, emotions are always high, and many people are uneducated who never research the candidates, and vote with their emotions instead of their brains. It’s amazing the amount of haters out there and what crazy stuff their minds conjure up! I deleted Twitter because of all the “hateful” and vicious attacks I got just for voicing my opinion. Also, I never argue politics or religion because no one wins. Carry on as you always do, giving us the facts and the “truth” each day on the DML news app. I look forward to hearing from you and Alec whatever changes you make come Friday. I only wish the best for you both and your families.

  13. DML why did you post such a horrible picture of President Trump? Don’t you have bad pictures of yourself??? We all have bad pictures. YOU did that on purpose! And another thing Biden is fragile so please don’t tell me he is physically in shape when he is falling over the place! REALLY. Alec come back please! trump is endorsing everyone and they’re winning Americans love him. DeSantis would make
    Great Vice President I’m with Alec on this one they did so much to TRUMP btw everyone is making money we have know idea what Trumps intentions are let’s see before bashing him. Let’s not forget the Good things that President Trump did for our Country.especially for our Veterans I think that’s ruined now. Don’t be mad at me DML a lot of ppl feel the same way I do now u want to sensor people this is a free Country all options and our ideas. If there cursing I can see that but don’t tell me I can’t speak my mind how I feel I’m w Alec


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