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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 50 minutes for today.

DML is joined by Alec Lace. They discuss a variety of topics, including:

The Buffalo mass shooting and how the Left is blaming Tucker Carlson
Tampons to soon be available in boys bathrooms
The unfair crackdown on parents
Fauci says he will quit if Trump is elected in 2024
Marvel Comics launching new transgender hero characters
2000 Mules the film, and why it’s being censored

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  1. Why doesn’t Fauci quit NOW!!
    Tampons in boys bathroom is utterly stupid
    2000 mules being censored by who?

    • They are sensoring it by the left. The Democrats look like shit in this so it would be easy to see who is responsible for doing it..

  2. I was a wishy washy Christian for many years with a whimsical view of evil and Satan. Today I am 100% convinced and believe Satan is real and he has manifested his acts by using the left and the Democrat Party.

  3. Again, it’s obvious the POS left have something to hide, so predictable, just like…”No fraud….then…no widespread fraud…then…Not enough fraud to overturn an election”

  4. You left a burning question in my mind why is Fox News censoring 2000 mules? Why why why? Nothing makes sense regarding this…..


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