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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 50-minutes for today.

DML covers an array of items.

  1. NYC puts out nuclear warning video, is there a hidden threat.
  2. Fauci set to retire.
  3. Gas prices are dropping, but 82% of people say economy sucks
  4. Media star questions if she’s creating damage with reporting
  5. Biden set to give Iran $100B says former Trump team member
  6. Biden gives pass to illegal alien criminals
  7. Covid goes wild
  8. Antifa summer camp for kids
  9. Terrorists funding US campaigns?
  10. Newsom and DeSantis go to war.
  11. DML reads a listener’s email about Trump
  12. New DML CBD GUMMY CHEWS deal announced

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  1. Ron desantis is more ready than most to be president. The only problem then is florida won’t have him as their governor

  2. I think Ron D is perfectly ready. I do think he would be a great President. The only reason I say to wait – is for Ron’s young family. The country could use him now. His family needs him to wait. Just my humble opinion. You never have a normal life again after being President. I know, there have been many young children in the white House.

  3. NYC Video on a nuclear attack.
    1. Go inside close all your windows and wash off radiation dust on clothes.
    2. Retreat to a basement if you have one.
    3. Keep your TV or radio on for instructions.

    4. Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.
    A Air burst of a Thermal nuclear bomb above NYC Would melt NYC, NJ, and Portions of CT The radiation alone would kill for thousands of miles and that’s just one bomb.

    Start sending plane loads of cash to Iran again. Y’all know the people that
    shout death to America. This administration is that stupid. He is pushing us towards a nuclear conflict.

  4. This one is my favorite: “Go inside close all your windows and wash off radiation dust on clothes” ….. Because there would be no radiation fallout in the water……..and because your radio and TV would be working……..because the media and broadcasters wouldn’t be hiding in their basements or washing their own radiation dust covered clothes with the non radiated water, oh, and because you plan to put those clothes back on………because you will be alive to do it………….

  5. I think Ron DeSantis is awesome. But I am going to correct you DML. California’s governor Deukmejian was the best governor our country has ever had in history. He turned a declining state into the best education, lowest in taxes, greatest GNP, best infrastructure, etc. than any state in the Union.

  6. Time to remove Biden by any means. Arrest him for treason. Military do your job. Protect the oath you too to defend the United States of domestic and foreign attacks. This moron is dangerous. He’s brain dead.

  7. DML you have some great points on Ron as opposed to Don. What do you think about Mike Pompio? Do you think he might be in the mix?


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