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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 58-minutes today.

DML hosts the program on his own, and the theme is hard to swallow.  But it’s a must listen and watch.  Your life in America is about to get worse, he explains why.

Topics covered:
1. Border crisis is all time bad
2. CDC puts out the most stupid warning of all time
3. Fentanyl on sale to kids on social media sites
4. Pride Parade exposes young children to sexually explicit behavior
5. Love dogs, you better not own a gun if you want one
6. Trump responds with 12-page memo regarding Jan 6 hearing
7. Bill Barr makes a fool of himself over 2000 Mules
8. Interest rates about to skyrocket
9. DML CBD bogo announced for softgels
10. DML is taking a long journey and you can be a part of it

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  1. This is all intentional. The really bad part are the stupid Americans who do not get it and think everything is wonderful. They know nothing of eugenics, the Great Reset, One Worlders, etc. Even if you give them the facts, documents, proof, they do not care or do not want to hear them. They have made their assessment FIRST and manipulate the facts to support their fairtale.

    The problem, we are all in the same boat and they are drilling holes faster than we can bail. This is what makes living with other people so tough. We bare the repurcussions of their stupidity. We can no longer have a civil, constructive conversation because our ideology is worlds apart. No divorce, some things you just cannot compromise on.

    Just give the Libs the East coast and Conservatives will take the West coast. 2 countries and they will not be allowed to enter ours and we will not want to enter theirs.

    • Ummm that isnt even a sill reality. Texas, Virginia, Maryland, calif, North Carolina are overrun with tsunami waves of illegal aliens; mostly from central america.

      IMHO, Texas is a massive mecca for latin american illegal aliens. They have turned many areas of Texas into purple and blue zones.

      Dallas and Tyler have the largest population of “American patriated” illegal aliens…these are illegal aliens who obtained permanent residence and USA citizenship.

      It is ridiculous many Americans think calif is the illegal alien cesspool; it is but nowhere close to Texas.

  2. Illegal Immigration is the number 1 problem in the USA Today
    We have enough problems here ourselves without millions of Illegals
    The devastating cost of this is going to be unstattainable
    The consequences will eventually
    Take our country to a place that we will never recover from
    Buckle up, it’s going to be a hell of a rough ride ahead

  3. We know exactly who the people are that would have followed Hitler straight to their death!

    I’m saddened for our country.

    Jesus help us all!

  4. Don’t apologize for your passion. And when you normalize certain behaviors it becomes acceptable! It’s so clear they are indoctrinating our kids.
    This world is so fucked up


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