DML Podcast:(Ep182) Will GOP lose the House too; Lara Trump warns DeSantis not to run in 2024

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 74-minutes today.

DML discusses an array of topics:
– What happened in the midterms, can we still win the House?
– DML disagrees with Mark Levin
– Lara Trump warns DeSantis not to run in 2024.
– Shooting at UVA
– Biden meets with Xi
– University launches attack on White men, DML responds.
– User emails

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  1. Mail in ballots were the main reason we fail AND ballet harvesting, especially in heavily democratic urban areas.
    Parents fill out the kids ballets and send it in.

  2. Universal mail in ballots are killing us. Harvesting is actually legal in 39 states (with I think 11 that have no limits) so it’s a heavy advantage in big cities for the blue.

  3. That’s why we have fraud voting. Getting ballots from dead people in the cementary. This election has been a terrible fraud just when Trump was running for office and they gave Biden all the votes the dumb son of a bitch. Biden will go to hell eight feet under ground. And all this is coming to Biden from asshole Obama and Soros

  4. Great podcast today , many valid and solid talking points and as usual you delivered your unvarnished anti puff way . Thank you .

  5. I really enjoyed your podcast. I was 100% behind Trump in the last election but I’m now 100% DeSantis. We need to have voter ID and no mail in voting in this country. It scares me as to future elections.

  6. You crossed the line. Levin is SO much more intelligent than you. He is NOT an attention whore. As a matter of fact; Levin absolutely DID say Trump (and others) never put money into candidates. It just so happened to be on his podcast that I listen to every night. Why don’t you mention that the Republicans took WAY more of the popular vote, but it’s the gerrymandering that the Democrats set up is one of the main reasons Republicans lost. While I’m tired of Trump and his chaos, please don’t go after Levin. He IS the smartest pets in the room! Now go ahead & be a jerk by coming after me….because you’re nothing but a punk.

  7. Punk for going after Levin. He IS the smartest person in the room. Gerrymandering caused by the left is why the Republicans won the popular vote, yet failed to pick up seats and YES – McConnell only backed Republicans who would vote for him as Senate Minority Leader. That’s a fact

  8. People are taking advantage of using race to achieve their agenda which is very wrong.
    There are too many different ethnic groups in this country and more to come. How will that help?
    As usual, this group doesn’t like other group. Or mostly of the groups do not join the melting pot which was supposed to celebrate what this country stands for and way of life.
    With the culture differences (core), and not educated on why escape to this great country but majority know is the handed benefits…. Etc. no wondering we have such race issues compare to other country. How can you make all happy, in return, for vote?

  9. I wish Republicans would air the dirty laundry in private. Stop it DML. If you have a beef with Levin talk about it in private. Otherwise if you don’t the GOP will never sort things out. The Dems simply don’t do it. End of story. Who cares how Levin conducts his business and who cares if there is a difference in your opinions.


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