DML Podcast:(Ep184) Trump announces candidacy, can he win? The good and bad of the speech.

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 65-minutes today.

DML covers many topics:

  1. Trump 2024 is announced. DML provides insight on the speech, odds of success.
  2. DeSantis responds to Trump’s verbal assaults.
  3. McConnell to be challenged by Scott
  4. GOP take the House
  5. Dem says Trump not immune from legal problems as candidate
  6. DHS claims border is secure, outrage from DML
  7. NATO ally attacked, by missile came from Ukraine
  8. DML announces DML CBD BOGO
  9. New calls for worldwide order for next pandemic and vaccines
  10. New report to explore the risks of vaccine

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  1. DML we know you don’t like Trump. But he ran this country like a business and what it should be run like. Not these politicians who have no sense of a dollar and think there is bottomless pit of money (we the taxpayers). I don’t care about Trump’s tweet or language. My 401k was making money, gas, food and heating bills were lower and we were able to save some money. Plenty of goo paying jobs. That is why it just baffles me that anyone would vote for a dem. Who are worried about climate change. Which there isn’t any

    • Dg, I agree with everything u said. Trump can win if laws get changed in the swing states to prevent cheating. Like voting for weeks on end & counting ballots for days, weeks & months.

    • DML time to lay off trump. YOU know what DeSantis is backed by. You run those circles. You know what Paul Ryan is! Time for you to call a spade a spade. You have always been against trump. You started out supporting him then you turned on him when you talked about running for president. Now I’m back listening to you and you glorifying DeSantis as if he’s for the people. You cannot be that ignorant. Trump the fighter is the only way.

    • I voted for Trump twice, the majority of my past 6 years has been championing for Trump, and I appreciate things he did and tried to do, but I am for change. I am for DeSantis, and nothing you or anyone says will change that — especially silly people like Julie who write things that make you go hmmmm.

      • I am for President Donald J Trump in 2024, and nothing you or anyone says will change that — especially silly people like DML who write things that make you go hmmmm. I am really glad that you are in the same boat with moronic Never Trumpers and moronic leftists that have suddenly have become in love with desantis..

          • It is not “crystal” clear to me why you have decided to jump in the same shit boat with moronic Never Trumpers and moronic leftists that have suddenly become in love with desantis.. I am so upset that you don’t care about me.:(((

  2. I love Trump but can he win if the elections aren’t rigged? I’m Voting for any republican it doesn’t matter but the establishment both sides don’t want him and the media is already slamming him. They won’t let him win and America will be screwed. I do believe he loves our country but he needs to look at the bigger picture and that’s they hate him.

    • Yes otherwise no Republicans will win because of the cheating. I don’t care who runs they have to win and how can they with mail in ballots and early voting,no voter I D . I feel these Democrats are Satanic

  3. I’m a Trump fan also he can win if the Democrats don’t control the mail in ballots and the republicans vote for him DeSantis won’t win until trump is done after the 4 years Trump is the only one that we have seen already who can put us back on track that’s why he will win, DeSantis will be destroyed they don’t like anybody on are side there trying to destroy Elon Musk I don’t think DeSantis has the money to fight like Trump I’m voting Trump 2024.

  4. Ukraine is bad news for the USA. We gain nothing by funneling them weapons and fighting russia. Ukraine is a corrupt nation who are cashing in their favors from Biden.

    Ukraine wants us formally engaged and declaring war in Russia. I think Ukraine fired that missile into Poland as a false flag operation.

  5. You just lost the respect of a lot of people. You are turning into a politician & that’s a bad thing. We know now that you do not like President Trump, and he deserves this title. Apparently you have forgotten what it’s like to be a regular working individual who’s taxes as well as the cost of food, fuel & life’s necessities keep going up to pay for other countries issues and other people’s support but not Americans.!! Dems love spending money they don’t have. A businessman corrected all their crap in four years, and they destroyed America in two years bc of their hatred and spiteful attitude towards one man.! They show how little they care for America & her citizens!

    • What a dumb, poorly written message. Do you even listen to the podcast, you should go delete the app and move on to a more easy to understand kindergarten level podcast.

  6. I completely disagree with you. It doesn’t matter if the economy gets better some of us are going to have repercussions for years to come. We will vote for Trump with our wallets. You pick at the petty things like flags and songs.

    Trump endorsed 250 people, 19 of them lost. People expected too much. DeSantis lies. He takes credit for things he didn’t do. He calls people names. He is the same as Trump only he cannot fill his shoes. I’m turning off notifications for your newsletter.

    You’ve lost me.

  7. Trump cannot win. The results will be similar to the recent midterm elections. You will have over half the nation plus moderates voting for any one other than Trump.

    Trump is in this for himself and not the nation IMHO. If he is the better man, he should atep aside, annoint Ron and then let us win.

    The democrats have perfected their cheating and the media plus swing states cote counters are all in on the scam. We need an overwhelming win to counteract the cheating. Only ron desantis can pull this off.

    • BS. If you claim we need a ‘overwhelming’ win then they will cheat ‘overwhelmingly’ you really think, if your opinion is correct that they will let DeSantis win??? If they do it is only because they have control through their ‘special’ friends ! E is even anything left of it !
      This country needs Trump, if ther

    • DeSantis lives in Florida and does not have the notoriety in other states as Trump does. He can not beat Trump. Trump already proved what he can do and he did it. DeSantis will be vilified just like Trump has if he runs. The democrats will lie cheat and destroy. Haven’t we learned this already? Trump Will win the next election and he will do more than any other president in modern times. He is a worker, he does not need this job, he does not need the money. He has enough and actually lost money being president. So Dennis you are wrong about alot if things about Trump. You don’t see what the majority see’s in Trump.. you don’t get it

    • So the Dems will cheat to beat Trump, but not so much DeSantis ? ( if he runs) BS, you have to be a shill stating this for DML, or you are letting the pied piper brain wash you ? Trump will win a third time ! Watch. The beating and scams are going to start any day now from the Dems to cripple DeSanits. Again Watch ! If DeSantis decides to run I think it’s pompous and arrogance to even try to go against Trump that’s been campaigning since 2016 and fighting the war daily hourly by the minute with these freaking Democrats for DeSantis to step in now I think it’s chickens**t and wrong, Trump definitely blaze the trail to make things easier on DeSantis in Florida no doubt he backed him and helped him along the way and this is what DeSantis is going to do in return and people don’t expect Trump to say anything about it? DeSantis was losing a few years ago to running up for governor Trump went in and pulled the stops out and still DeSantis only squeaked by with 35,000 votes only after Trump helped him had he not DeSantis wouldn’t have made it this is the loyalty that Trump gets from DeSantis in return doesn’t sound much like he’s game for the party and the people only looked out for himself, he let Trump run the gauntlet and now he’s gonna step in that the smoke is mostly cleared ?

  8. Don’t jump off the Trump Train 🚂
    He Made America Great! 🇺🇸
    He can Save America 🇺🇸 ❤️
    God is in Control 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

  9. I’ll never leave DML…I value what you have to say…even though we dont agree on everything. That being said, DeSantis just doesn’t have the cajones yet. He needs a few more miles first. We need someone whom the rest of the world has a healthy respect/fear of. Plus, we already saw before he can get us out of this. A Trump/DeSantis ticket would be awesome!

  10. I don’t care if Ron DeSantis is the nominee.
    I don’t care if Donald Trump is the nominee.
    I don’t care if Elmer j fudd is the nominee.
    If we have mail-in voting & ballot harvesting, Joe Biden is going to win in 2024.
    Take it to the bank and cash it.

  11. I agree with you totally Dg. I know people that aren’t running for president who have the same demeanor that they say Trump has. Who gives a shit. This is not a popularity contest. It is a run for a president who will once again be for we the people.

  12. I’m sorry Trump is running. I think he garners too much hate anddivides the country. That said, if he gets the nomination I will vote for anyone who is not a democrat. The left wants to bring him down and too much time is spent on this rather than helping America. I am sorry for the state of our country, but don’t Think division and hate is the answer.

    • The country was already divided and Trump is not the one filled with hate. It is his opposition that have caused all the chaos, hate, and violence, even death. Media,tech, celebrities, educators, colleges, late night talk shows, political opposition, they are the ones spewing hate and spreading it around. If they don’t get their way they take the low dirt road. Trump responds, and what should he do, lie down and take it? All the while they are bashing his supporters, his family, his administration. They are evil, all of them. His beautiful wife was not even asked to do a magazine cover, but big mike was on hundreds. They wrote horrible things about his children, and did horrible things to his children. You are so wrong about who divided this country.

  13. I stopped supporting DML because I simply cannot put my money toward someone like him who bashes the best president we have ever had knowing there are a few here who still are Trump fans. Respect yourself, DML, and the few Trump people who are left here.

    • With a name like “p” you should find some respect for yourself, and then learn how to identify the lack of substance in a comment left on my website that claims you’ve stopped supporting me. I don’t want your money, I do not need your money, but you need to find a safe space, to hide from yourself.

      • No one wants to use their real name so they can be found and doxxed and maybe even harmed. You should know and understand that DML. My name IS CJ and I use 2.0 because there is another CJ that leaves comments. But I am not posting my last name.

  14. I do agree. I hear he is so mannered and polite in private. He needs to pivot to a different way of being that wins over the ones who dislike how he acts. He is smart enough but needs to get him self out of the way because he will lose if he does not. And we need him to win for our country. He needs to stop talking about the past and start talking about the future.

  15. DML you said a lot of good things, but I have to disagree regarding the election…Trump did not hinder Oz, Kari Lake, etc. from winning. Remember THEY don’t want anyone that is smart, they want someone THEY can control…why? THEY HAVE AN AGENDA, to bring in GLOBALISM and they are corrupt and fraud corruption brought in their candidates. They will not stop destroying our country, the world, the people…
    President Trump will not win if DeSantis runs for the Presidency, but neither will DeSantis win…remembering the last election where we all know Trump won. DeSantis, if he really loves our country would know if he and President Trump run, this will divide the vote and then with Corruption handling the election, the Demoncrats will bring in THEIR PUPPET.

    • Agree. Trump did NOT hinder any of the Maga Candidates…that’s just a handy talking point for the media, even FOX trying to sway our allegiance. At this point with the consistent cheating in strategic states, we will need a Trump/DeSantis ticket to beat the bejeebers out of them.

    • Trump didn’t cause Kari or Oz to lose, election fraud and theft did. There I said it. Both of those states are corrupt along with a few others where there were losses. Kari won 10 out of 15 districts. She lost Maricopa. When you hear the words Maricopa and Dade county first things that comes to mind is corruption. Massive votes for the Republican treasurer in AZ but oops the Republican voters forgot to vote party line? BS and you know it. Don’t blame Trump and don’t blame abortion. Which Democrat SCOTUS did the leak? Swept under the rug. Our country is as corrupt as Ukraine or any of the others. We keep saying we are the greatest country in the world. How are we great with a country filled with liars, crooks, thieves, cheats, criminals and an illegitimate criminal POTUS who DID NOT get 81 million votes? Anyone who questions it, like True The Vote gets thrown in jail.

  16. It doesn’t matter who the Republican nominee is. As long as they can cheat and no one does a damn thing about it and the election system isn’t fixed; we will have Dems in office. We keep hope alive only to have it crushed. So tired of the last two years and nothing ever changes. Corruption is rampant in our government. Worried about the future for my kids and grandkids.

  17. Just don’t understand why you don’t mention the cheating going on in our voting system. It’s not that people aren’t showing up because of Trump it’s because they are cheating. We have all got to get on the same page or we are not going to ever win again. God bless our country. 🙏

    • So on the money! Everyone is trying SO HARD not to mention the CHEATING. It is real and the American people know it. There are no more election deniers on the GOP side than the multitude in 2016 on the DEM side, when there was actually No cheating. The insanity continues and none of the GOP is willing to step up to the plate. No, we don’t want the same ol’ same ol’, we want someone who wants to FIGHT for what is right and give us our country back!

    • DML won’t mention cheating so don’t wait for it to happen. I’ve noticed that as well. But there is a boat load, crap load, truck load of evidence.

  18. The democrats are clever and want everyone to betray Trump as he still is their biggest threat. Republicans are spineless, with only a few good solid ones trying hard. The rest are do nothing people with no fight, or RINO’s
    Reading many posts of people jumping on the bandwagon of new leaders and Trashing Trump tells me people forgot what he did for this Country, and the good that would still be there if Trump hadn’t been cheated. The Dems will win forever if the Republicans don’t start to get their shit together. The Demorats have us just where they want us. They work together, cheat together, lie together, and agree together. Thats why they are still in power!

  19. DML…first of all. You need to stay in your lane. You have a zero chance of being elected to any political office. Next, you need to understand that the voting base of President Trump is bigger than any of us can comprehend at this time. You have kinda lost your way and continue to push the DeSantis news but your loyal readers / listeners are Trump supporters. The only people pushing DeSantis are the rino establishment the democrats and the fake news media…which one of these categories do you fit in DML???please let us all know.

    • MS…you are 1000% spot on about DML! So glad others are noticing the obvious!

      He (DML) continuously bashes Trump, then when listeners push back, he calls them losers and a host of other insults! He also says he doesn’t need their business…wow, really?? I believe it’s only “mostly” Trump supporters that listen and buy his merchandise…way to go in insulting YOUR customers/listeners! Yes, people make typos, so what…what are you DML…the grammar police??

      And as far as putting our full names…another poster stated it perfectly. For privacy reasons and fear of being doxxed/harassed it’s not wise to use you full name on a PUBLIC forum…you should know that DML! I’ve noticed you have no arguments or civil debate with your listeners, only nasty insults and degrading comments!

      After following you for nearly 7 years, I no longer respect your voice. It’s okay to disagree with people, but the way you speak to people is a huge turn-off. I will also spend my money elsewhere in regard to your CBD products. They are good, but there are plenty of CBD companies as good or better than yours! I predict in the months/years to come, we’ll see/hear DML do several 180s as it suits his cause…whatever! I’ll check in to read replies from time to time for entertainment purposes only lol!! Remember what happened to Hillary when she called half of Americans “deplorables”?? Same will happen to you if you keep calling your listeners “losers”! PS…my full name is in my email address, just sayin!

  20. DML.
    Your audience, the one that is supporting your CBD business is not stupid. You don’t need to mock them or talk down or lecture them. You should give a “rat ass” at what they say. If you are making conclusions about Trump’s possibility of winning based on what the polls said in 11/22 or the bad things he said about candidates of his own party or his tweets or how much the media is giving him credit or not it is petty and you are not different from the media at all. Actually you are like the media when you decide to post only what you think your audience should listen because now you are anti Trump. You are trying to influence me. Example of that was in your regular top stories this morning, you DID NOT include anything about the announcement last night and how it went. That was interesting. So now you are doing exactly what the media does. Your audience noticed and your son Ryan got offended when a person named Done called you out about it. Ryan even called the guy’s comment rude and uncalled for. Wow. Just like the liberals when you give an opinion and they can’t take it. The guy was never rude at all. All the audience agreed with him. That is you now DML. You start insulting the Trump supporters as a cult. We can think and read and make decisions for your information.Those last comments that Trump made about the two successful governors of his own party really bothered me by the way. Trump took the bait from the media. And you too DML. Now your whole goal is to persuade the people to vote for DeSantis. Let the people make their own decisions. Don’t be like the media. The least you want to do is be part of the dirty games and start diving your audience. Exactly what the opposition wants.
    In my opinion it is irrelevant if DeSantis or Trump or other candidate is the nominee. Trump and DeSantis has both done great things. DeSantis as a governor of Fl and Trump as a president If the damn fraud and stealing and cheating in the elections doesn’t get fixed I don’t think any republicans will win any elections again. Period. The Republican Party needs to really figure what to do to win. Too much fraud and cheating with the ballot harvesting, mailing ballots, voting machines, no voting ID, elections that take days or months to count votes, illegals voting etc etc etc. And no. It is no conspiracy theories as you say DML. All that and the bad republicans has to go.
    One more thing that caught my attention when you said that Trump was walking with and inflated ego.
    You have an inflated ego too DML!!!!!
    The difference here is:
    Talking about inflated egos….

  21. DML time to lay off trump. YOU know what DeSantis is backed by. You run those circles. You know what Paul Ryan is! Time for you to call a spade a spade. You have always been against trump. You started out supporting him then you turned on him when you talked about running for president. Now I’m back listening to you and you glorifying DeSantis as if he’s for the people. You cannot be that ignorant. Trump the fighter is the only way.

  22. DML, i hear your voice of sense. But our nation has taken a hard left and combined with a plurality of Hispanic and immigrant Americans, illegal aliens and liberal millennials, the landscape has changed permanently. We are just feeling the death throes of this country. Very sad.

  23. Used to listen to you all you do is promote your cbd which don’t work sorry did it for long time doesn’t work and plus you go with whatever narrative benefits you🤡

  24. I agree with Dan. Ballot harvesting and mail in voting we will lose again no matter who the nominee is. Also, I do feel like people did step up in the mid terms in states that we lost. I believe most people voted for Kari Lake. I strongly feel like that election was stolen as well. I’d bet my paycheck…

  25. Not All Trump’s Fault!

    We cannot dismiss all the voter fraud (mail on ballots) that again took place in key races (Lake, Oz, Zelden, etc) that was a big part of why there was not a red wave on 11/8/22. I was a Trump supporter and would support him again if he’s the best choice for president. I’m hoping someone stronger (and fiscally conservative) steps forward (DeSantis or maybe someone else) but if he’s the best choice, we have to support his as a whole AND fix the mail in ballot problem or we will never will another presidential election!

  26. Dml I really think you should run for Congress! I feel you motivate me to really think about what’s going on in this country, your smart, good looking, great family, and can speak like no other! Do it for Florida, do it for America! We need people like you!

  27. The most votes were for Hobbs in Maricopa County. Which county had the most problems – Maricopa. Arizona has 15 counties and Kari Lake won 10. To date, Kari Lake lost by 16,780 votes. Hobbs 787,402 – Maricopa county, Lake – 749,901 – Maricopa county. Pennsylvania has 67 counties. Dr. Oz won 54 counties, Fetterman won 13 counties. Allegheny, Delaware county, all corrupt. Pennsylvania annually picked as one of the most corrupt states in our nation. Herschel Walker won 131 counties in Georgia and Warnock won 28. This shows all three candidates were the most popular statewide. The ground just rumbled, the Founding Fathers are not happy.

  28. DML I mentioned in one of your podcast about 6 months ago and you said they cannot both run. They will both lose.
    Please stop promoting DeSantis because Trump is running now. DeSantis will have his time. There’s a lot of chatter about DeSantis I’m not liking it. I hope it’s not true. Don’t talk bad about Trump. Are you friends with DeSantis?? What happen to you I thought you loved Trump as a President did he do anything to you personally this is not the same DML u don’t want DeSantis to run now bc you said they will both lose. Clarify if you can I might be wrong but I don’t think so

    • Dee, I asked DML why is he the same boat with moronic Never Trumpers and moronic leftists that have suddenly have become in love with desantis?

      dml response: and here you are on my site, and to be crystal clear, i could care less who you vote for.

      Dee, he will never actually respond.


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