DML Podcast:(Ep185) GOP House declares war on Biden family, what are the risks?

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 58-minutes today.

DML hits an array of topics:
– Amnesty is being called for by Democrats
– GOP holds presser declaring war on Hunter and Joe Biden, is it a smart thing to do?
– Trans people are getting free money in a Ca city
– Brooks sentenced for Xmas parade killings
– DeSantis tells people to “chill out” over 2024
– Trump’s latest challenge in 2024
– Seniors having a hard time making ends meet, having to go back to work
– Sheriffs won’t enforce new guns laws in liberal state
– Mike Pence comments on testifying to Jan 6 committee
– Bad news about 401K balances

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  1. It’s time to step up speak out and declare war on these crooked bastards and the things that they have done to this country and the people of this country were sick of it what’s the risk getting our country back and it’s worth it don’t you think

    • I agree with you the American people demand justice! There should be no questions about risk! Biden has risked our National security and American lives everyday with his open borders.

  2. DML, I think your headline for this podcast is a bit over the top. The GOP is finally doing their jobs by investigating Biden. Truthfully this investigation should be done bipartisan, considering Biden and others have caused a National security crisis. Sold our country out to the highest bidder for decades. Using the word War just seems not appropriate. How about The GOP is finally seeking Justice for the American people.

  3. This is the globalist agenda Dennis. They want our economy to collapse. They want us to suffer with high food and gas for their climate cult. This is far beyond the United States. They want our 401k to collapse. They want us to need THEM! Our country is falling. Snd it’s all intentional. There is no way out of it. We can fight all we want but it’s too late. The corrupt get away with everything and the rest of us are left with nothing. Hence the globalist agenda. Sounds like science fiction but it’s real. They are too powerful to fail.. get ready for our lives as we know it to change drastically. The only ones that will be ok are the elites in this globalist agenda…

  4. I think the GOP investigating Biden and the crime family is a good thing and long overdue. People complain when Republicans don’t do anything then complain when they do. But I will say from the comments on Twitter, no one seems to care what Biden and his family have done. Are we that jaded now?

    • RINO elements of the republitard party want to undermine their own party so they can keep the status quo and enrich themselves. I think a RINO pushed the Roe vs Wade recall to the supreme court early on and leaked it to ensure democrats would beat the republicans. I would motnputnitnost a scumbag like mirch mcconnell.

      This is the same crap pushing the Biden investigation. Anyone with half a brain knows that as long as the current evil emperor has Merrick Garland running DOJ, even a smoking gun will not harm the Bidens.

      Republitards need to focus on remedying high gas price, inflation, unemployment anxiety, high tax, illegal immigration, high crime, declining education. Help fix these things so we can win 2024. Then fire Garland and appoint a bloodyhirsty ruthless AG who wants to go after the Bidens and Clintons.

  5. I think the Biden’s will be taken down by their own party! If he decides to run next term! but I agree about the border and economy, are the most important thing! Who knows maybe Hunter will O.D., it happens every day !


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