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Americans may have to just get used to wearing masks for the next “several years,” according to a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Eric Toner. He said it’s the best defense against coronavirus, along with social distancing, until a vaccine becomes available.

DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch said, “It’s all speculation and fear mongering in my opinion. People spread colds and flu all the time, and we don’t shut down the country or wear a mask. We really need better leadership both in government positions and in the health industry. Meanwhile, when will all these brainiacs tout the immune system? Answer is they won’t do it. Why? Because they can’t make money off healthy people, and nobody makes ‘series’ or ‘films’ about people being healthy. ”

In respose to the report, we asked you: “Would Americans be willing to wear face masks for ‘several’ years?” An overwhelming majority, 94%, of poll takers answered, “No way, Americans won’t stand for that!” 4% answered, “Yes, people will eventually get used to it.” Dani commented on the poll, saying, “I will never get used to or wear a mask for the sake of fear of dying. We know that a handkerchief or $5 dust mask does not stop microdroplets from getting into your system. I’m just concerned that many of us will succumb to the MSM and Social Media’s fear-mongering campaign since it’s all they talk about 24/7. Many of us are sheep, if not all in one way or another.”

See the results below:


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  1. I would do everything I could to protect others and me from deadly deseases that has proved to kill thousands in an ugly agonising death, knowing theres no vaccine. How hard is it to put a mask on, some neat looking masks to.

    • So you’ll give up your Freedom for something that is no more deadly than the flu and a heck of a lot less deadly than any other disease in the world?? Cancer “ABORTION”. I wish you the best but your truly missing the big picture on what is going on. Wake up America.

  2. My thoughts, personally, there is way more to this issue than is on the surface and only time will tell the true story of how I feel, we are all being manipulated. Not only the mask wearing but treatment too. Here is a link to an interview with Dr Richard Bartlett ( I take his outlook and voice of reason seriously), a guest this past week on America, Can We Talk ? hosted by Debbie Georgatos, my favorite person to follow next to Dennis Michael Lynch and Michael Knowles. I had shared her show link on Facebook and today I see Facebook has Removed ! the link to Debbie’s show, so I went in search and found this youtube link to her show on that day :

    • Just watched this video. Very interesting! Bid Pharma doesn’t want this to get out. I shared it on FB but it will probably be taken down.

    • Thank you for posting that you tube reference. What an interesting conversation. I hope this gets out to more Americans. I will try to send this link to my messenger buddies and let them hear the truth!

  3. The deep state won’t win, the US Citizens are seeing through the take over from within! Like Charlie Daniels said, every citizen needs to watch Agenda 21 to see what these globalists plans are. Enough already! Obama, Soros, Clinton, Biden and the rest should be in military prison!


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