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After a document dump on Thursday, questions were about an investigation into former President Bill Clinton and his connection to the disgraced financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Clinton was mentioned in 2011 notes from a meeting between accuser Virginia Giuffre and her lawyers where she described people who flew on Epstein’s private Boeing 727 or stayed on his private island in the Caribbean.

Many were outraged that the document dump didn’t get more press coverage given the fact that Clinton was spotted on what has come to be known as Epstein’s “pedophile island.” Fox News reporter Joseph Wulfsohn tweeted, “MSNBC ignores Epstein docs implicating Bill Clinton; CNN largely avoids.” Conservative Mike Cernovich tweeted in all caps, “LIKE HOW IN THE F— IS BILL CLINTON NOT GETTING 24/7 SATURATION COVERAGE HE WAS SPOTTED ON JEFFREY EPSTEIN’S PEDOPHILE ISLAND HOW THE F— IS THIS NOT A BIGGER DEAL.”

DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch said he doesn’t believe Clinton will ever be held accountable. He said, “The chance to put this man in prison with his wife has been there in the past, but the power brokers from BOTH SIDES see to it that nothing happens.”

We asked you if you agree in our Friday poll: “Will Bill Clinton ever be investigated over his links to Epstein?” A majority said, “No,” but some said they do believe he will face an investigation.

See the results below.


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  1. Clinton should be investigated and the parents of this prostttittute underage..and all underage prostttittute should be deported if the are not americans citizens …where the hell their parents at ????

  2. FBI should investigate Clinton….but him and his crooked wife are untouchable…
    This’s disgusting unfair….that’s is the low
    in America…..They do what they want…
    CNN is quiet and MSNBC…Mika and her kookoo Joe….

    • You are absolutely right Linda the Clintons have sold their soles to the devil. I take comfort in the fact that one day both the Clintons will meet their maker and they will have an awful lot to answer for.

  3. Nothing will happen to Bill Clinton. The Clinton’s and Democrats get away with everything. If a Republican jaywalks they make a big deal about it. Vote Trump/Pence 2020

  4. Do you really expect CNN to do ANY coverage of ANY DEMOCRAT, no less Bill Clinton! The Democrats get away with everything and anything. Are the Republicans afraid to pursue any of this for fear it will interfere with the 2020 elections? Democrats sure aren’t afraid of tearing down ANY Conservative. We need to speak up and speak out and get these messages across out there! Republicans can be fighters, too!

  5. No demorat will ever be brought to justice,,,the Clinton’s lied, stole ,cheated in every way you can think of, and nothing will happen…..shift for brains, Pelosi, Schumer a whole slew of others have lied to the country, lied to the fbi and everyone else and NOTHING ,NOTHING will be done

  6. It’s sad to know that republicans are the only other choice . Republicans have never had backbones. But plenty of brown lips. We have this Congress because 42 republicans quit because they too hated Trump . And the fact they put Paul Ryan in as the congressional speaker . He did and gave everything that Obama wanted . And did everything but crawl up OBama and the democrats. I ask this question. How did the republicans set by and let the democrats amass the kind of power they have and not fight . Wussies !!! We have no laws or rules to govern them period . They lie they steal they hire thugs to kill us Give our country away to China . Bring 69 million illegals in on us to keep up and let them vote . Which they do not have a right to do .And pretend we are stupid enough to swallow their crap. Are Americans really that stupid to vote for Biden an Alzheimer’s patient ? Democrat governors and mayors and county councils opened their cities of which they didn’t pay for . Gave them Up to these terrorists to rape and steal and murder and paint up and destroy their city . What they said was . Have at it guys they are all yours to ruin


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