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The Washington Redskins are under pressure to change their name, as some activists say it is racist and disparaging to Native Americans. Major investors and shareholders threatened Nike, FedEx and Pepsi asking that they pull capital if the Redskins don’t change their name. FedEx, which has naming rights to the Redskins’ stadium, agreed and formally asked the Redskins to change their team name on Thursday. Later Thursday, Nike took all of its Washington’s gear off its website. By Friday, a PepsiCo spokesperson said, “We believe it is time for a change,” and said they were communicating with the team.

Meanwhile, in an opinion piece for the Washington Examiner, Timothy P. Carney, senior political columnist and a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, wrote, “This is a good time to remind the world that Native Americans largely disagree with corporate America and the elite media on this issue. The most thorough poll of Native American sentiment in the past decade found that 90% of Native Americans didn’t find the team name racist. Only 9% found it offensive.”

We asked you: “Should the Washington Redskins change their name?” 98% of respondents said, “No, the name honors Native Americans and reflects pride. Leave the name alone!”

See the results below.


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  1. We quit watching or buying NFL items during the kneeling glad we haven’t returned and won’t. We used to buy items for gifts

  2. I always thought Native American references were to honor the first Americans and it wasn’t derogatory or insulting them. In fact the term Indian was also not a derogatory term.

  3. If there’s a name change it should sound a lot like the old name, for example “Redskins” change to “Foreskins.”

  4. As a person who is related to Native Americans I have discussed this issue with them..They like the name and are not offended in the least..So let them keep their name and leave the Cleveland Indians alone as well..These huge corporations are simply out of touch with the REAL WORLD..

  5. I believe the poll by DML showed majority did not agree with name change, yet the headline stated majority agree with name change for Washington Redskins! Very misleading but I’m happy to see the majority of DML supporters wish the name to stay the same! Thanks for all you do!!

  6. My friend, who is native american, told me that the Redskins was her dad’s favorite team. I think before they change anything they should ask native americans to see what they think. I’ll bet the majority are fine with the name.

  7. We had a similar situation at my high school. Our name was Indians.
    Somebody without any knowledge of how the name was chosen said it was racist.
    However the name was chosen to honor an Indian who had been one of the first students and who had lettered in every sport.
    I believe they fought off the attacks and kept the name.

  8. Washington,keep the name. How does a corporation figure they can tell someone how to operate their business. Stop letting the few control the majority

  9. I don’t watch or care about football anymore but I do care about the weak,stupid people that give in to the lefts orders👎👎👎


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