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Below you will find the results for DML’s Daily Poll for July 14. Please share the poll results on your social media pages. A new poll will be posted tomorrow on at 10amET. Be sure to never miss a new poll or the poll results by downloading the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Be sure to sign up for our daily email newsletters, and don’t forget to follow DML on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

In the Tuesday poll, we reported that at least 18 left-wing groups applied for federal loans meant to help small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, each supported by George Soros’s liberal donor network Democracy Alliance. Combined, they received between $8.5 million and $20.7 million in taxpayer dollars.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that two of the groups were Media Matters for America, and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

“The political groups that form the infrastructure of the far left rely on contributions from the country’s richest millionaires and billionaires,” one GOP operative said. “Now, those same groups are leaning on PPP loans while slamming the program as a handout to the rich. This shameless hypocrisy exemplifies how hollow and disingenuous their rhetoric is.”

We asked you: Should political groups be eligible for federal PPP loans? The results were emphatic. Poll-takers said: “NO.” One person commented on the poll, saying, “Aren’t they supposed to be non-profit organizations? This money is for citizens that are unable to work because of this bs shutdown. That goes for businesses owned by actors that have the money to take care of their own. This money was SO misused. REOPEN AMERICA!”

See the results below:


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  1. When is someone to get brave enough to take this Nazi down? Not just the USA but every country he has INTERFERED WITH! Please someone tell me that?

  2. Political groups should not get a dime of taxpayers money……and it doesn’t matter what group they are from ….even the libtard soros back of idiots

  3. If these political groups got PPP money they should give it back what’s wrong with everybody? How does this happen? There’s people in the country that have lost their businesses losing their homes can’t eat feed their children can’t get healthcare they don’t have the money for what the heck!

  4. How the heck did those groups qualify to get PPP? The government should make them pay it back with interest, that’s probably how Soros has been funding all the riots! SMH


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