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On Monday, President Donald J. Trump weighed in on two controversial name changes. California Democrats in Orange County passed a resolution last week in an effort to scrub late actor John Wayne’s name from their local airport, citing “racist and bigoted statements.” Then Princeton University announced they would remove President Woodrow Wilson’s name from their public policy school, citing “racist views and policies.” Trump reacted in a tweet, saying the changes showed, “Incredible stupidity!”

Trump’s comment led The Independent to claim he is supporting causes championed by “mostly white” Americans: “Mr Trump’s push back on the protests and toppling of statues of Confederate generals and leaders, and others that protesters view as having owned slaves or otherwise supported racism, appears yet another gesture to his conservative – and mostly white – voting base.”

In our Monday poll, we asked: “POLL: Do you agree with Trump’s comment about decision to change names on airport, school?” 98% of respondents answered, “Yes, I agree with Trump. It’s incredible stupidity!” One person commenting on the poll, Teresa, said, “Complete waste of time and money! Don’t they have more pressing issues to worry about right now than this?” See the results below.


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  1. What went on back in the 17 and 1800, when the majority of slaves were white people. We’ve all been slaves at one time or another. Slavery is still an issue in Africa. Are we asking for Reparations for what they did to our ancestors? They don’t teach about white slavery. It was a big issue and they weren’t treated well at all.

    • The people who are pushing for reparations need to go to the source of the problem ,,,,AFRICA,,,,, and have the ancestors of the ones who actually SOLD the slaves in the first place.

  2. You have people like sorts, gates, Clinton foundation paying people to do nothing more than to look into anyone who might have said something in their past that they can claim is racist…..

  3. Bill Gates is a total asshole, he would be better off if he kept his big mouth shut, he may be smart and rich, but he sure lacks common sense.

  4. Reparations will not come Dems are going to be voted out!!! They are just playing the black people just like they always have in the past. Of course Black Lives Matter because the website is a democrat funding site stealing money from those who think they are donating to the betterment of black lives when in reality they are funding the Democratic Party. If you have donated to this website you can request a refund and donate to a true site.


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