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Dennis Michael Lynch posted a challenge on his Facebook page with 1.3 million followers.  Here is what he posted:

A little 2021 fun here, end of year challenge. Be sure to share the post. Try to keep your answers tight, one sentence and no more. Anyone who goes past one sentence is out of the running.

CHALLENGE: Answer this question: “What was the worst thing about 2021, what was the best.” I go first. Answer: Joe Biden is the worst thing to happen in 2021, and the best thing was when Rand Paul exposed Anthony Fauci during a congressional hearing.

The answer with the most LIKES by midnight tonight gets a free bottle of whatever they want most on I will personally announce the winner tonight here on Facebook.

To participate, go to and leave a comment.  If you are a DML NEWS APP user be sure to mention such at the bottom of your answer, the same goes for members of

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  1. Worst: Abandoning countless Americans in Afghanistan. The best: People are realizing what a horror story this administration actually is.

  2. Worst thing/ Americans blind compliance.
    Best thing/ So many elite being exposed and knowing there will be many more to come.
    Happy New Year/ May God’s Blessings Rain

  3. Worst thing was Biden as So called President
    Best thing was Finding Republicans really aren’t Republicans. Most were exposed for the Rino’s they truly are

  4. The worst thing is all the lies told by Biden and the best thing is the hope conservatives have for taking house and senate next year.

  5. The worst thing is The direction this country and world is going. And my Family is always the best part of life.

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  6. Best Thing: That we’ve been shown how fake news media, actors/actresses, sports figures & politicians are…
    Worst Thing: All the deaths that have occurred due to Dr. Fauci & Medical Agencies because they have no idea what they’re doing. So much flip flopping & they can’t understand why people distrust them sooooo much…

  7. Worst thing is: ever allowing Criminal Biden Communist MOB to destructively commit Serial Treason against the United States & impose Unconstitutional lethal vaccine mandates in our faces & still remain in office, to our very great detriment ???

    Best thing is: We The People have begun to Stand , Unifying in thought & Prayer for the benefit of the greater good of all!

  8. The best is LGB spreading like wildfire and the worst, Betty White passing before her 100th birthday!

    Went to FB couldn’t find post on page. 😢

  9. Worst Biden – immigration madness , mandates and that monster FAUCI. Leaving Americans behind!!!
    Best: people are starting to finally see the light! God Bless America 🇺🇸

  10. Worst thing- I don’t recognize the country I live in anymore. Devastated

    Best thing – I still notice hope, love and fight left in this country to win it back. God Bless all the patriots like DML. Never give up, never back down and never surrender

  11. The best: The reporter saying they are chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”!!!
    The worst: The fact that people are still using anti freedom of speech sites like Facebook!!

  12. Worst thing… Facebook, Twitter, and Google influencing the 2020 election… Best thing… “Let’s Go Brandon”
    Note: I dumped my accounts on Facebook and Twitter for their bs censorship and influencing the 2020 election…

  13. Worst thing: Biden opening up our borders to every Tom, Dick, and Harry
    Best Thing: Arizona exposing voter fraud by conducting a forensic audit

  14. Worst: Biden opening our borders to every Tom, Dick, and Harry
    Best: Arizona county conducting a forensic audit of ballots exposing voter fraud

  15. Worst: Afghanastan debacle & Evil Demonrats allowing border invasion
    Best: Exposing the lying cover ups,evil and corruption to the unknowing masses.


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