DML provides update on his condition, will podcast Friday

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Written by DML
Hello my friends.  I will be podcasting today, albeit a shorter program of 30-minutes.  I will be focusing my thoughts on the power of prayer.  If you are a believer, you’ll love this program. If you are a denier, you should listen because what I am planning to share is spectacular from a story point-of-view.

Included in the podcast will be details of my condition, the magic that took place Thursday, and the road ahead.  I will also dive into updates about the DML NEWS APP, TeamDML, and when and how I will be returning to work.

Below is a Facebook post I wrote yesterday.  Give it a read please.  I’ve also embedded a photo from my visit to the hospital yesterday where they wanted me to wear a mask. My podcast will be ready around noon Eastern.  The app will send an alert.


  1. I’m so glad you are feeling better. I do believe in the power of prayers. I will continue to pray for you.
    Can’t wait to listen to your podcast.

  2. I definitely believe in prayer. Many personal experiences. May the Lord be with you today and show you what your part is in further and continuing health you will have. My prayers are with you🙏🏻❤️

  3. Glad to hear you’re doing well. We and the whole country need you Mr. Lynch.
    And as for the mask, it’s a freaking charade, it is worthless, everyone knows it and yet the mask zombies keep on coming…
    Be just as good to wear a ball cap that says ‘I hate Viruses’.

  4. May God be with you Dennis. We are praying for you to a speedy healing. God is there for you and so are we. But he is so much more powerful than we are.

  5. It seems weird to me that when masks are basically no longer required anywhere else medical facilities require them even though THEY should know more than anyone else that Science PROVES viruses can go right through them!! It is purely a control issue plus optics, thinking they are really protecting people by requiring masks. (And I am an RN still in the work force after 53 years) The medical field disgusts me right now! Continuing prayers for your return to health, DML!


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