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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for this Sunday is a short 25-minutes.

The DML Report for this Sunday focuses in on Saturday article that throws Biden under the bus.

The liberal rag stages the narrative for replacing Joe Biden as the party leader. In this program, DML explains the article, what it means, how the January 6 hearings are an attempt to save the midterms from going red, and who will replace Biden in 2024.

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  1. It’s funny that the democrats think they can use lies and bullshit to distract from the fact that for going on 19 months their policies have driven or country in the ground. Like Biden is driving a train off a cliff. Our economy is in shambles, on the International stage Biden is a joke and is weak. Need I go on with gas prices and food shortages?

  2. The NYT is full of out of touch probably high paid so called journalists who inflation doesn’t effect. That show was all about showing your face for votes. For most they are right now they’re worrying about other things like how to get to work and feed their family at the same time.

  3. It makes sense that pelosi isn’t retiring because she knows how weak biden is, what a disaster harris is, and she’s still praying for her shot. (Not to be elected president in 2024, but to finish out the current cycle).
    DML, you’re right. They’re looking for someone new. Are you sure they won’t go with one of the “squad”?

  4. The Dems’ problem with replacing Biden is that anyone else in the party with a big enough mouth has already alienated anyone intelligent among the voters.
    Logically it would be Kamala… under normal circumstances, but – ha ha ha ha ha!
    They’ve got NOBODY.

  5. Please take the midterms seriously, folks. The Democrats have too loose the majority in 2022 so we can stop the radical agenda. 2024 is not an option now.


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