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Billionaire and Tesla owner Elon Musk made headlines Friday morning after he suddenly indicated he might not go through with the buyout of Twitter after all.

“Twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users,” Musk tweeted.

About two hours later, Musk added, “Still committed to acquisition.”

DML News App and founder Dennis Michael Lynch responded in a Facebook post. He wrote:

Elon Musk now claims the Twitter deal is on hold due to a debate over how many accounts on the network are fake. His tweet Friday followed an earlier tweet in which he publicly referred to Trump as a combative candidate. Musk started this escapade knowing Twitter is a cesspool filled with hate, spam and fake accounts. The company is filled with far left radicals who are trying to silence the Right. He knew he was buying a lemon. Now he’s backpedaling over a small batch of bots?

My take: Either he takes the network over as-is and fixes all of it, or he drops out immediately and goes back to his other ventures. The on / off routine is lame.

His recent knock on Trump is dumb. The support he has right now is from the Right, and from reasonable people who believe in free speech. So if his punch at Trump is an attempt to make all sides happy (free speech loved by the Right, anti Trump comments loved by the Left), he’s got a lot to learn about politics.

When you try to appease everyone all that happens is you end up pissing off both sides. Be smart Elon, less talk and more walk. Buy the damn thing, fix it, and then let it find its own way. And remember that Trump would be less divisive if he wasn’t falsely attacked, sued, and accused.

Your thoughts?

On Thursday, Musk had tweeted, “Even though I think a less divisive candidate would be better in 2024, I still think Trump should be restored to Twitter.”

REPORT: Twitter CEO releases statement after Musk says deal on hold

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  1. I can’t tell you how many people feel Trump was who gave our country the biggest improvement in our lifetime but they didn’t like the constant fighting back by calling people names & basically getting down in the dirt with the haters it is exhausting. He needed a czar to handle the haters so he can just fix America.

    • My husband said something similar to what you stated. He said he wished Trump wouldn’t run because of the constant attacks back and forth. I told him that it doesn’t matter if it’s Trump, DeSantis, or Cruz, the left will use their race card, smear tactics, lies, and attack strategies in any Republican/conservative leader to stay in power so they can implement and/or accomplish their socialist/communist policies! The Republican party needs Congress members who will not play nicey-nicey and not play along/vote with Dems on policies that go along with their socialist agendas and go back to America first policiesRepublicans need to fight fire with fire!

  2. No no no Dennis. Musk is playing Twitter like fiddle.

    Imagine offering to hunt an acre of trees where you were promised were 20 turkeys. You’ve heard that number is inflated, but have no way to prove it. So you have some friends walk through the stand and flush them all out to see what the number really is. As it turns out only 5 fly out and your friends find 15. Now you can smartly offer 25% of the asking price for a fair deal.

    Musk is flushing turkeys. Twitter is being redefined, revalued. Just like our property owner above has a new reputation.

    Genius. Regardless of whether he ultimately buys a slimmed down Twitter (or it implodes), it is a notch for free speech either way. Mission accomplished.

  3. I agree with DML but he said neither Trump or Biden should run due to their age. I definitely believe President Trump deserves another term which was stolen from him and he could get us on the right track. But if Trump runs the country is going to stay extremely divided due to the fanatical hatred of him by the left. Maybe it would be better to have Ron DeSantis run. Tulsi Gabbard ? would be a good Vice President. Cabinet could have Mike Rowe for Sec of Labor . Candace Owen should be involved. Get honest people we can trust, not career politicians. Why are all these smart sensible people like Ben Shapiro, mike Knowles, and Mark Levin not helping run the government properly instead of doing podcasts. We need people with MTG’s heart and Jordan Petersons intellect.

    • Excuse me but Our President, Donald J Trump is not a career politician! Where did u get that? And, the lunatic left Is starting to treat Gov DeSantis like they treat DJT. Especially, if he throws his hat in the ring! The demonrats and the lunatics would go ballistic bc they associate Ron with Donald! No, the person to get us out of the mess we r in now bc of Osicko, Killarney, Bush, soros, and puppet brainless, is Our President Trump! He did it before and he can do it again! When we take over the House and Senate, it would be neat if he would be picked Speaker of the House! Then brainless, the ho and the drunk be arrested for Treason and executed and then Our President can take his rightful place in Our White House again! I can dream right?!? TRUMP2022-2024 MAGAA KAG

  4. We are so divided in values that I don’t think any candidate will be different. On every issue, conservatives and liberals see the opposite. Unfortunately, I don’t see an end to this without either a divorce or one side completely crushing the other out of existence. But my wife says I’m often wrong.

  5. I’m a huge Trump fan. BUT… there is such ingrained unrealistic blind hatred for this man put in place over years by the Left I think a candidate like Ron DeSantis would draw even more support, would likely match Trump’s policies at the least, and Disney et al not withstanding, he’d have an even better chance of being elected in spite of cheating and fraud by the Dems. TDS drives a lot of people to vote against Trump no matter what. Biden could fill his whole admin with card-carrying Communists and people would still be too afraid of Trump to vote for him. Thanks, CNN and MSNBC and NY Times.

  6. I agree with Zorvad above after hearing opinions by a few people who seem to have a good grasp of the situation. Twitter misrepresented their user numbers, shareholders weren’t given good info, Musk is exposing it. There’s a billion dollar penalty if either side pull out. Musk can expose all the dirty laundry including cooperation between Twitter & the fed govt to censor political opposition.

  7. I agree with Zorvad also who brought up a great point. Twitter just might not be valued at the price Musk was willing to pay. If there is proof of a lie on Twitter’s end and devaluation, Musk can negotiate for a lower price and can walk away maybe with no penalty. But he started the ball rolling. But who now will make an offer for Twitter. There might be no one to rich enough, but someone can buy them out cheaper.


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