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Written by DML
I just finished listening to Alec Lace’s Monday version of the DML PODCAST. He did great job filling in for me, and I appreciate his time and talent. During the program he mentioned filling in for me again tomorrow (Tuesday). Originally, that was the plan.  But I arrived home late last night.  And so I will be hosting the podcast tomorrow, and then Alec will join me on Wednesday.

As many of you know, I took to the water on Wednesday of last week. It was set to be a 10-day virtual boat tour for members of TeamDML and the DML 99cent Club on Facebook.  The plan was to travel from Florida to New York and make various stops along the way.  My two middle kids, Ashley and Ryan, joined me.  Sadly, due to the dangerous issues we encountered with the boat and weather, the tour came to a sudden end Friday evening.  It took us two days to return to Florida.

So what happened?

In short: It wasn’t more than two hours after finishing a Facebook LIVE Friday evening when the combination of three things forced disaster to strike.  The combination of a sudden storm, issues with the boat, and an incompetent crew at a Charleston based marina made for a hellish experience that left me little choice but to turn around and head back home.

If you watched my Facebook LIVE on Friday from the Inter Coastal Water Way south of Charleston, SC, you’d have never imagined hell was about to strike.  I will provide the hellish details we faced during my podcast on Tuesday.

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  1. I’m sure it was the longest 2 days back to FL of you and your kids’ lives!
    So good to hear you’re all home.

  2. This is typical of boating, always expect the unexpected. I cruised the Caribbean for a couple years on a 42’ Stryker. It was always something! I have friends who deliver boats from the Northeast and they have posted videos of the trip…I had begged to go, thank goodness I didn’t. The clue is to know how to fix all issues with the motor, we had to make an Injector in Jamaica as they wouldn’t allow it to be airlifted in. Had to strain the disel because it was so crude, I tore up pantyhose and used them. All electronics and compasses have to be doubled and tripled as they always go out sooner or later. So sorry you didn’t get to finish your trip…but the stories you can tell! Love you!

  3. Sorry about your virtual boat trip ending so abruptly
    You , family,and crew are home
    Safe and that’s all that matters
    Look forward to your née podcast tomorrow
    Be Safe

  4. Very glad you made it home safely!

    Saw your video going into CHS and ‘the cut’. Thank you for sharing the scenery for us ‘poor unfortunate souls’.


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