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DML News App, and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosts a LIVE show at 10:30am eastern exclusively for his subscribers on most mornings.  Today, DML was in rare form as he ripped into former national security advisor, John Bolton.

Using improv and common sense humor like only DML can, the explanations he provides about why the GOP should welcome Bolton to testify in the impeachment trial is priceless.  Good luck trying not to laugh and learn at the same time.

He also tore into Rep Adam Schiff for expressing incredible confidence in Bolton, and pushing the importance of his testimony in the impeachment trial.  Schiff seems to forget how he once appeared on CNN and called Bolton a conspiracy theorist.   DML provides insight to this with humor as well.

Half way through the program today,. DML was all revved up by the time he addressed CNN’s Don Lemon and his insults targeting every Trump voter in America this week.

DML no longer posts his news feed to Facebook because the social media giant wrongfully tagged him with a false news claim regarding drivers licenses and illegal aliens in the state of NY, and how it can possibly impact voter rolls.

DML has hired two lawyers to fight Facebook, but while the attorneys hash it out with Facebook the plan for DML is to focus exclusively on (1) getting new members to and (2) having people download for free his DML NEWS APP from the Google Play Store or the APPLE APP STORE.  Doing so keeps people like you in touch with DML and his popular news feed throughout the day, every day.

We invite you to try for a month for just $1.  Start today and watch DML light up the liberals and Bolton like nobody else can or will.  And don’t forget to download the DML NEWS APP.

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