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Written by DML

(SAN DIEGO, May 2018)  I am with my son, my daughter and Dave in my hotel room trying to back track our steps.  We are 45-minutes late to a Memorial Day party being held for myself and members of Team DML who I have never met.  The batteries to my Cannon cameras are missing and I am pissed, let alone tired after driving 9 hours.

Finally, I give up.  We have to go or else I’ll have two disasters on my hands.  The last thing I want to do is miss a party thrown in my honor and upset the hosts, who I have never met.

Dave figures out it was his fault — he left the batteries in Arizona.  So he drops us off at the party and heads to Walmart with hope of buying replacement batteries.

There are 45 people waiting for my arrival, all of them hungry.  We arrive about 90-minutes late and I’m devastated about all of it.  A few minutes later, all the worries in the world disappear as I meet my awesome, longtime supporters. They shower my kids and me with nothing but love.

So it’s time to take a group photo, and the lovely lady standing next to me (I won’t reveal her name as she has not granted me permission to do so) is in a panic because her lipstick has disappeared — she wants to freshen up for the snapshot.  Instantly, I take advantage of this to insert my New York sense of humor.

The rest of the story…. I’ll let the video speak for itself.