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The scene in Chicago is crazy, says Dennis Michael Lynch.  “Chicago is a mess, it looks a lot like Portland as thugs and criminals run wild in Chicago.”

Dennis Michael Lynch spoke about the looting and riots last night in Chicago on his DML LIVE podcast on Monday.  The outspoken DML held nothing back when speaking about the Black Lives Matters movement and the destruction it causes.

DML says the Democrats are crazy to think Americans will be willing to pay reparations to the African American community.  “Black Lives Matter should really read Rules Don’t Matter,” said DML. “I know of no American who wants to pay people for the color of their skin.”

DML explained how the divide between whites and blacks is widening because the fringe element is all people are seeing on TV.  DML called upon black leaders standing taller against the thugs and Black Lives Matter.

A portion of DML’s commentary is below in a YouTube video. He asks you to please share this post on social media.

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  1. Absolutely not that they should never get reparations the actual slaves at the time of emancipation received reparations in the form of land life stock and money and then you have to figure out which were white slaves which were black slaves who was owned by a black slave owner and who was owned by a white slave owner what percentage it’s bullshit absolute straight-up bullshit what’s done is done

  2. I’m with you, DML. I DO NOT agree to pay any form of reparation for things done to blacks people hundreds of years ago. The statute of limitations should have long since run its course.

    • Modern day blacks must pay reparations for the damage they have caused to all the public buildings and property in towns and cities across the country. Once they have paid those reparations we can talk about paying reparations for something that happened a couple hundred years ago

    • The only ethnic group that deserves to be compensated is the Native American Indian Tribes that inhabited these lands before they were invaded. All other ethnic groups are the immigrants

  3. I would not give reparations to them. What happened hundreds of years ago is in the past. Who do they think they are demanding reparations? Smh

  4. Ever since MLK led the riots with the black panthers band they left entire towns burned to the ground . They have been given $22 trillion and every freebie there is and free college. My only privilege was to work and work hard . And I had to pay for my own children’s education. Nothing has ever been given to me. No we do not owe them anything. Go back to Africa and sue your people for your ancestors being sold in the first place And by the way blacks were not the only ones who were slaves .


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