DML Sit & Talk May 24, Wed

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Today, DML covers the following:

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I took to Facebook LIVE this morning, albeit a little later than normal.  I started at 8:35amET, and we had a nice crowd from all over the world.  For those of you who are unaware, I have started a new version of the Walk & Talk.  It is now a Sit & Talk, and I do it each morning during my meditation and prayer time.

Each morning, I wake up, take a cold shower and then rub on DML CBD Miracle Me Body Pain Relief Oil from head to toe.  This helps take down any inflammation, and it soothes the skin, and generally relaxes me.  It’s the best product in the world!

I then head out to my veranda outside the bedroom.  Mary and I have a beautiful slice of paradise, and it looks over the Inter Coastal Water Way here in Florida.  I get comfortable in my chair, wearing just my towel and listening to soft spa music.  I say my prayers, do deep breathing exercises, and then turn on the Facebook LIVE to discuss a general topic with my audience.  I DO NOT COVER POLITICS.  I discuss things about life.

Over the past week we have discussed things like “Why do bad things happen to good people,” and the “Power of forgiveness,” and “How to combat loneliness,” and “Are white lies bad, or helpful.”  Today, I discussed the options of moving into a new relationship when a spouse passes.  Is it the right thing to do?  The conversation was inspired by a woman I met yesterday who is facing that challenge.

Below is the replay from earlier today.


  1. Talking about love……and so many of us love you DML❣️. This morning was an interesting & thought-provoking talk. Thank you for all you do. 🙏🥰

  2. Ironic you brought this up today because my husband and I just discussed this less than a week ago. I don’t think I would ever remarry if he went first. He truly is the love of my life; However, I told him, “if I go first, you definitely have to get remarried as soon as possible because you’ll absolutely not survive”. We’ve been married 37 years and I have spoiled him beyond all hope. He’s pure rotten lol. He wouldn’t know the first thing how to do for himself…And he totally agrees lol in fact, he said, “I would have to put out a public apology for not waiting 6 months.“😂 all joking aside, I hope he would find someone to love and someone who adores him as much as I do. We’ve enjoyed a fun & fulfilling 37 years & hopefully many more; But if God has different plans, I would not want my sweet man living out the rest of his days alone and lonely. He deserves everything wonderful that life has to offer, including a “new love”after I’m gone.

  3. God tells us in the bible a marriage is desolved at the death of one of the people God doesn’t want us to be alone it’s our choice I’m a widow and I can tell you I haven’t thought of finding someone else but it could happen I always told my husband if I die first I want him to find someone to share his life with I never want him to feel guilty and he told me the same thing. Don’t leave each other with the feeling of guilt loneliness in older years can cut your life short no one knows how they’ll handle it until it happens.

  4. Agree, Denise. It’s hard to say what you would do. 9 times out of 10, my handling of some tough issues were completely different than I would say…and now, looking back, the ways I did handle them were the best I could have done each time. I’m proud and stronger. I live alone and am content. I’m involved with my family and a few close friends.
    I admire and respect DML, Mary and his children. …they are very blessed.

  5. Your question is difficult, the answer is simple…
    Using my Mom as an example!!!
    My parents were married over twenty-five years. My Dad worked all his life bringing up five
    children on one pay check. They were a dedicated couple to the last day when my Dad passed
    away. My Mother lived another thirty years after his death. She stayed active with friends and
    also dated for companionship. To fast forward, counting my Father see buried two husbands and a boyfriend. Her last boyfriend buried her. She now lays with my Dad who she grew up with an had five children. She lived a happy and free life her hole life with no regrets.
    As a foot note for you, if your in heaven before your wife you won’t be breaking through any clouds.
    At that time you will be completely pure and understanding.
    Speaking from experience no one should ever go through life alone!!!

  6. Happily married 45 years. Husband passed suddenly of massive heart attack. Cremated. I was good to spend the rest of my life with my daughter, mother of 3, now 4 children and wonderful husband and a large family of siblings. I live on an island in SC. Met a guy driving a trolley. Have him my card to help him with his father’s estate and home sale. We became good companions, dinners, movies, boat rides etc. No idea to become married. One day he announced he was falling in love. 2 years after my husband passed, we married. It is a great companionship marriage, because we were friends first. We are very happy and we enjoy our life so much. I’m 71. He just turned 60.
    Beats being alone until my life ends. We will all be cremated.
    The Bible says we are free to marry at the death of our spouse. Also says, We will not be married in heaven.
    God will guide you if you need to make that decision as a widow. We counseled with our minister and his counselor wife.
    Great advice to marry for companionship late in life.

  7. My husband was 57 when he died from melanoma cancer. Diagnosed in November 2012 and passed in June 2013. My daughter turned 14 10 days before he died. I was 49. Just moved to Florida from Ohio. My only friends were the doctors at the Mayo Clinic. After a brief service everyone returned back to Ohio. I was lost because Florida was supposed to be a fresh start. I went from accounting world to full time caregiver. I struggled to find a job. I sold the house in Palm Coast and moved to DeLand Florida. I reinvented myself and drove school bus. My new friends told me about a bus mechanic who was interested in talking to me but was very shy. His name is Dennis. We met for breakfast. Dennis has never been married. I laid all my cards out on the table and he accepted me and we continued to talk. He worked at the same terminal and over the course of time we became friends. Fast forward we were married in March 2019. I/we are truly happy. My daughter gets along with Dennis and there’s no problems. I wish I would have met Dennis sooner but it wasn’t in the cards. I am forever grateful for whatever time God gives us on this earth together. This is my happily ever afterbstory.


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