DML Sit & Talk: Say goodbye to the pain

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Today, I took to Facebook LIVE for another powerful Sit & Talk.

This morning’s theme is inspired by an email I received from Dolly.  Her email is below.  Then below the email is my Facebook LIVE.

Dear DML,
I want to express my appreciation for the talks you started about three weeks ago. They have meant so much to me. My husband died 7 months ago. We dated for 3 years and were married for 22years, so we had 25 wonderful years together. I got married when I was 50 years old. This was my only marriage, but it was my husband’s 2nd. Every topic you have covered hit home for me. Three months after he died, I had to have a total Knee replacement on my right knee. I have been sad and lonely and in much pain. It’s a 1 year recovery after you have a knee replaced. It seems that I can hardly wait for your talks because they make me feel so good every day.

The DML CBD MIRACLE ME BODY PAIN RELIEF OIL truly is a miracle because my pain is decreasing too. I’m able to ride a stationary bike for 1/2hour,walk an hour and do an hour water aerobics class each day since I started using the oil.  My friends all tell me how I seem so much happier lately and they are amazed at all the exercise I’m able to do. God Bless you my friend! Keep the talks coming!

PS. I’m having a hard time meditating 🙂