DML Sit & Talk: Taking revenge. Is it healthy, unhealthy, or justified either way?

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I took to Facebook LIVE again this morning, on my personal time, and spoke to a pretty nice sized crowd about the concept of revenge.

I spoke about the topic of seeking revenge using a real issue I am facing with a neighbor.  At one point during the 44-minute chat, the cell service went to flat.  So there is roughly 60-sceonds of a down patch.  But I repeat the words missed, so no loss on that end.

As always, you are welcomed to watch and comment. And as always, if you do not like the format, if you do not like the shirtless view, then I urge you not to watch. If you are going to comment, especially with criticism or hate for me, then I super suggest you find yourself a spine and leave your full name. Otherwise, you’ll the poster child for a radical, chicken sh*t Democrat.